• Shit You'd Like To Confess V7: a compendium of kinks
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Yeah you should be, you damn redcoat
yeah yeah yeah mr colonist
imperialist detected
My ancestors are smiling at me imperial, can you say the same?
I used to think video game plugins were things you literally plugged into your computer. Like you download a plugin for garry's mod or something and they ship a USB to your house and then you plug it into your computer
It took me so long to dissociate "CSS" with Counter Strike: Source
I still say counter strike source and I don't even correct myself anymore.
NOTHING exists out there that doesn't want to either consume you alive or enslave you.
I'm sometimes googling conversation starters or 'top 50 things to ask someone' whenever I hold a conversation with someone. I mean I often get the feeling I talk too much about myself so I try to ask them all kinds of questions and show actual interest only to get one worded responses which I understand as 'fuck off i'm not interested'
I just found out the reason for my mother fanaticism toward higher education. When she berrating me for not doing my assignment (that have long deadline) she told me that she only passed from high school,never went to uni. Because of this,she sort of become obsessed at getting me and my brother to higher education (My brother can handle his stuff already,so its mostly me) The problem is,her "obsession" is becoming a yes man for every changes in education system,with toxic positivity mixed in. I kinda feel bad for her after listening to it,but my other side tells me that i have to teach her about how flawed our system is,while making her realize toxic positivity is also not good. But i do know very well that this will not be easy
I used to watch 7th Heaven
yeah i talk way too much about myself sometimes, but it's just so easy to flip through my long list of anecdotes and shit for conversations. some people are fine with it, some like how much i can ramble on even, but it always feels super one sided when i'm sending like 5 messages in a row about something and the other person is only sending one
Woke up this morning with quite a serious shift in personality. Something I'm at least a little aware of happening, but sudden changes are rare. But I've been having to deal with it all morning and struggling to get out of bed (Which helps just escape it all). Fuckin but the one thing I never expect, Serious autosexual tendencies. Like holy shit. I get called a slut online (thanks taliyah), but this is next level
biting is probably my biggest kink rn god i wanna be bitten all over
How hard? Like an actual bite-bite or more like playful nibbling? Genuinely interested in knowing. I have a few steam content creation-related confessions for you today. To this day this : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=266278994 is my most successful act of content creation on steam. it is not funny, it is not clever, it is just low effort cringe and to this day I still get likes/comments on it to remind me of my stupidity.
both are good but generally, the more of a mark it leaves, the better
I have a bite mark on my arm that's been there for over 3 days now. Girlfriend did this.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/380494/54bc637b-3ace-41c4-bdba-41ccec3d35bf/02816047-290F-4D4D-B1BA-F4B82908DB73.jpeg Ok
What if it leaves a mark not on your skin, but in your soul
do you get off on Jaws?
god that sounds good
I'm getting myself addicted to caffeine every other couple of weeks and I can definitely feel it negatively effecting my mood. And due to my bad managing of going to sleep for 7-8 hours at consistent times, I feel myself getting irritable and 'zombie' like. It sucks, and its affecting my work performance
one time this chick named Sarah bit me in this dude's car cause she thought I was kidnapping her when I was trying to save her from a cyborg and it drew blood and left marks and it hurt cause I'm not a cyborg.
Dang I kinda wanna be bit now
is it possible to learn this power
I obviously know this isn't 4chan but fake greentext is just how this story goes >be me >dated girl A for 5 years >known girl B from high school, way longer than girl A, and B was interested back then. B is an absolute dime. A is wife material though. >years after graduating, girl A and B became friends >girl B left her boyfriend of 5 years >i started dating girl B and she moved down the street >B starts dating some other clown she "likes" but says she loves me 100x, which is fair cause I was dating girl A >still dating girl A and B at the same time (who are good friends) to this day I'm finally kinda happy now guys
Not sure how to feel about it. Sometimes all the nibbling and shit it makes me want to absolutely claw into her, senselessly with teeth and nails. Not out of discomfort or because I don't like her little biting games, but because her behavior is appealing to certain, caveman-parts of my brain that I cannot really explain, as I haven't ever really clawed into anyone.. yet.
don't even get me started on being clawed i like that too
Eating any kind of fish makes my throat tickle.
You sure you took them bones out?
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