• Are you a true British citizen who puts milk in their tea?
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Milk, of course. Anything else is heresy. Also a spoon of honey to sweeten up. The best tea type is vanilla caramel. Goodest shit.
Yeah generally I mix the teabag and water outside of the milk cause that would be grim. If pushed for time I'll keep the teabag out of the water with a spoon and run the water through it.
your brit game is weak, i put baked beans in my tea. i,m the brit endgame.
dont forget the ketchup
I drink both, neither should be mixed with milk, though
tried it once, tasted awful rused again by british cuisine
As a member of the Commonwealth I must admit that despite drinking Earl Grey on a near-daily basis, I am allergic to milk And alternatives are too expensive to have every day
I drink my tea black with black coffee in it. Give it a try im not making this up its really good.
That honestly sounds like a waste of coffee.
Proper pompous leaf water doesn't require milk and would be ruined if you put it in! Even with earl grey I don't bother with milk.
I like it proper strong so I have a Frodo with the TINIEST bit of milk in it
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