• h3h3 - Jake Paul & RiceGum Promote Gambling To Kids
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ewyEF3Wd9M Just a bit of classic h3h3 content
The site used to have a view chances button, but something seemed fishy when the ferrari chance in a $15 box was .11%, so they turned it off.
I mean considering you have a 66% chance of getting one or more ferraris from 1,000($15,000) boxes seems like a great deal
Isn't 0.11% chance a bit high? If I were making a honest [spoiler]heh[/spoiler] gambling site, I would set it to 0.0011% so I could at least break even 86% of the time.
Hold up Just clarifying... We have a good h3h3 video?
Feels like a classic ass-blast video with a few goofs. First time I've even remotely enjoyed an h3h3 video in about two years
Wow, selling those full print shirts/jackets or whatever is really one of the biggest scams you can do. I know sites (getonfleek is one of them, their ads pop up on facebook around the world quite a bit) that try to sell stuff like fullprint nutella bodysuits for like $90. This shit is worth fuck all. Aliexpress shops make a profit selling garments like these for $3 a pop with free shipping.... and thats still them making a profit. More importantly how much money do these guys need anyways? I mean once I get to the point of saying this its a lost battle. Idiots like the Paul brothers are going to be stupid and negatively influence children on a viral level no matter how much of it this scumminess is highlighted.
This may be hard to believe, but there was a time where H3H3 regularly put out good content.
Holy shit jake paul looks like an absolute strung-out junkie. Like he's a hop, skip, and jump away from an OD
ethan says that youtube is preventing channels like his from trending when h3h3's "we're pregnant" video is currently trending at #36 OVERALL. i dunno if this happened after he put this video out or not but you'd think he'd check that shit. however ricegum's video is now trending at #6 in gaming.
There is seemingly a fair bit of fuckery with trending, where videos that gain millions of views in a day are absent yet videos with a small fraction are sitting near the top spots. Sadly as with most things people are just gonna trend towards more conspiratorial answers when youtube remains tight-lipped about how literally anything on their site works. Also kinda being driven by people pissed off that youtube has been on a campaign to clean itself up wiping out channels like mumkey jones while this fucking bullshit advertising gambling to kids sits on trending.
The entire mystery brand website reeks of google translate. Just reading the faq site should be enough to give people alarm bells and the “couriers” they use are in China. MysteryBrand My my favourite part of the site has to be: “After you confirm your willingness to receive your package, delivery service starts working on it. All you need to do is to keep track of your delivery and wait for the courier to come:” Fat fucking chance. “We honor even the bitcoins” Our 2019 gods have arrived.
Can guarantee that jake pretended to put money into it as he got sponsered or whateve then the actual stuff at the end is just what he bought from actual shops with real money, just taped up in a box
this is the best h3h3 vid ive seen in age im proud of him also fuck these cunts promoting this hsit
I really appreciate that they found back to what I initially liked them for: being the voice that calls out bullshittery.
People who use the weak to their advantage are the most disgusting wretches. I can't believe I've lived my entire life in the same city that the Paul cunts were raised in.
Ah yes, Jake Paul and Ricegum. Two of the finest gentlemen Youtube has to offer.
I wouldn't really call it good, but it's pretty no-bullshit.
he responded to it... https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/222955/fb70b5ce-69b9-42e1-8405-3e14aa26a90c/image.png what is he even trying to do here??
It's called cocaine
hes on drugs defintely
He's either unraveling or has already unraveled. Imagine his kids seeing this video and tweets when he's in his 70s. How pathetic.
For real though, as much as I dislike the Pauls, I really hope the people close to him are keeping track of his drug habits. The way he's acting in this video is pointing towards possible OD if he keeps it up.
Jake Paul playing the "if I act happy and stupid and like I don't know fuck all about what I am doing" he can get away with it. Hope some sort of authority nabs his ass in jail.
I think it's more "say what you will YouTube ain't gonna touch me so I might as well flex" which I wish honestly he was kicked from the platform, him and his idiot brother.
"WOW, he went after the slime kid?"
This post is not at all suspect
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