• [Video] Ocasio-Cortez is the Left-Wing Trump
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Dude just dont post TJ...cmon. Also its just a dumb point, ocasio cortez is still working within established political norms. She didnt advocate ending capitalism or something, shes a liberal/social democrat who was elected and hasnt attacked any democratic institutions. Trump on the other hand is a vulgar nationalist who blantantly is anti democracy and attacks normal election institutions. I fail to see the link.
Dude must have started showing bananas into his ears if he thinks the complaints about Trump didn't have neither merits nor weight. And the potassium-40 must have damaged his brain if he thinks the complaints about Trump and the complaints about AOC are the same
Honestly, can the American media please stop calling her a democratic socialist? She's not a socialist, nor is Bernie. She is a social democrat. She doesn't want to overthrow capitalism. She just wants regulation and a welfare state.
haha banana
He's got chocolate sauce for brains that's for sure.
For an atheist, he sure looks amish.
Jesus fuck, that's what he looks like now? He looks like him and his cousin Buford are about to muddin'.
The analogy is that she uses peoples attacks and brushes them off, but tbh I ended up not really caring when he posted it originally. Just seemed like a dumb analogy because there is waaaay more that comes with it
Plus Ocasio Cortez is always just defending herself against ridiculous shit when she attacks.
And the main difference is that Trump goes on insane, deranged shitposting spree's and Cortez just basically laughs at them
Knew this video was going to be shit from the instant he puts on a fake accent and mocks her name and says "I guess that's how it's pronounced"
Quality content from Amazing "Banana Boy" Atheist. Truly an enlightened one.
Funny since Amazing Atheist is basically a Bill Maher who shoves bananas up his arse and pours boiling water on his dick and balls.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/113002/6783bfa1-bba8-4e9d-ac8c-63d5dbc2d75b/Untitled.png 10/10 defense in response to people calling her out on lying about her upbringing.
would you like to explain how that's dumb
I mean I hate the word mansplaining and would really like it if that word didn't enter serious political discourse.
In America, Democratic Socialist means Social Democrat, and Socialism means Democratic Socialism, and nobody uses the term Social Democrat.
Ok she used the mansplaining card, way to lower yourself to their level. She needs to thicken up her skin to the namecalling and put forth some more mature ways of articulating herself. God that wors is annoying, one way ticket to not being taken seriously.
I really don't understand why anyone should listen to Mr Tells-Rape-Survivors-To-Get-Raped about anything political.
I dunno, perhaps the completely unnecessary insertion of retarded e-activist identity politics terms. The reduction of the unfortunate fact that the US political and economic establishment is so entrenched that people professing things as simple as "corporate tax and maybe don't let people die of preventable illness" are labelled as far left extremists and slandered at every turn to something as ridiculous as "mansplaining" doesn't exactly inspire confidence, either. Frankly, I don't trust any politician who's first response to slander is to get into a Twitter argument, either.
I didn't even know the amazing racist was still making videos, he really shouldn't, the guy peaked at pouring boiling cooking oil on his own nipples anyway.
Amazing atheist now doesn't only talks like a guy raving on the corner, he looks the part too. Give the man a coffee and a dollar. It's hard times for the homeless this time of year.
you're honing in on a single word used and ignoring what she's actually saying and the meaning of it. if you replace 'mansplaining' with 'condescendingly explaining from a position of perceived authority and power' it's still a good tweet.
usually when people use mansplaining they use it to mean "a man, explaining literally anything" this is the actual correct usage of mansplaining, get over it bucko, new words enter the common vocabulary all the time
internet people told me i'm not allowed to like certain words and by gum i'll die not liking certain words! beardy mcfuckass told me so!
Look at your mustacheless beard, do you expect me to take you seriously? Left wing Trump would be some crazy communist who excuses Stalin, shut your mouth.
Mansplaining fits because its always old republican white men telling her how she should act, or constantly mocking her.
The only people who get upset at the word "mansplaining" are people who do that shit all the time.
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