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Alright, I'll bite. Why haven't you posted pictures yet?
Good news everyone, 3-ish more days and I can show off mine. Getting one of those pillows without a girl of dubious age and/or origin is similar to drinking non-alcoholic beer on an off day.
I had an accidental snag when putting this one on https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1826/b36d2cc4-e133-4711-b16b-569a5349732b/lol.JPG
Maybe confusing you for someone else with a similar name then.
I want that Nath bodypillow, I absolutely love Nath
CuddlyOctopus, Peroperopiroo and Dakimakuri(You'll have to send an email) are the legit and cheap places to get good quality custom prints. Dakimakuri is a good one if your country gets fucked by import fees, as they consistently undervalue their packages. If you really want cheap, there's semi-legit aliexpress/taobao pages i could PM, but you don't want to print original art on them unless it's a meme image like a GPU, as they're all guaranteed to steal them. Don't custom print on chinesium sites you find by googling. They spend their money on SEO, not the covers, so you get the cheapest material they could find at the price of actually good chinese-made covers. You'll get a passable result, but it's not worth it.
@Reagy oh fine. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58081/9c6641e4-8bbb-48e8-ac8d-527030204427/20170902_222432 (1).jpg
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1826/5e5ec327-c967-4c8d-894f-199f9a3638cb/IMG_1889.JPG https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1826/08447e57-f8d1-434b-82ce-59893e6cb76d/IMG_1890.JPG Idunno, most are pretty lewd, but you can find some really cute and wholesome ones if you search for them. This is one of the artist's best sellers, even.
I should've gotten one years ago.
It's not too late to start! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1826/320aee5b-c6fc-452b-9ecf-8018cd83fb43/image.png nsfw source I can't believe i don't have a good image of this one. This is the cover that made me buy a daki and made me continue buying covers, and it's probably still my favourite.
Are they really that comfortable to sleep with, and how does one muster the courage to buy a pillow base? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/227019/8f33c177-515b-41cb-9af4-07d8418db195/tumblr_nc2slngCBZ1tyjbijo1_400.jpg
So I've decided I want a daki, but all the guy ones seem to have 5 dollar footlongs on them, like, seriously nobody makes SFW male ones
They're just standard bolster pillows, nothing special other than the size for printed covers. No one will question a bolster pillow being bought, seriously. Like this was the last inner I bought and I'm planning on actually getting another because its really fluffy, then with a velvet cover, its just bliss.
Just glue a spare pair of jeans on it
They do make sfw ones, you just gotta go hunting because they don't really sell that well. I wonder why.
I mean you already have a daki, might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.
I'd take a few with some selected members from the cast of Dramatical Murder. If they have big ol' schlongs on them then I guess that's a sacrifice I'll have to make On a completely unrelated note: Why did the Facepunch NSFW subforums have to die? My engagement with the Facepunch forum had never been so high.
https://twitter.com/CoffgirlDAZE/status/926399234160476160 You could try to ask her for full res pic if you want to get it printed on daki sheet
Here is where i do my custom prints: https://cuddlyoctopus.com/product/custom-print/ The quality is good and the price is pretty reasonable. As a added bonus i made you a very own 2080 custom daki with front and back: Front: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/255544/6ea93daf-44ac-43cb-8aac-14404ad16dc2/2080_on_bleed.png Back: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/255544/6a65c773-ce4d-4f79-98f6-5653cc1bfec9/2080_off_bleed.png
Actually, found this one after a bit of searching, but IDK about ordering from ebay/china https://www.ebay.com/itm/Touken-Ranbu-Dakimakura-Kogitsunemaru-Anime-Hugging-Body-Pillow-Case-Cover-02/292473172825
To answer the first question: For the second: Do you really need to muster a lot of courage to buy a pillow? I'd imagine the courage would get spent on buying a waifu/husbando You don't really find these things retail, at least not at standard sizes. You want to order them online. You ideally want a 160x50cm pillow since it's the standard for most covers and the pillows are generally better, though you can get some covers at 150cm. The best ones are japanese made (unsurprisingly), and they're leagues ahead of competition. They're pretty expensive, though, mostly because shipping from japan is like 60% of the final price. If you want a really awesome pillow, grab something like a DHR6500 off of amazon.jp using Buyee. This guide also explains how to get a japanese inner. If you want something good but don't want to break your bank, grab a non-slip cover off of Dakimakuri and fill it yourself. They can fill it on request, but i imagine the shipping is gonna suck. They'll also have a Japanese equivalent pillow in a few months for cheap, but i don't think there's a point in waiting for it unless you're unsure about wanting dakis. You can get a cheap one like the one Reagy linked if you're not sure you want to commit to it. They're okay, especially if you don't have a top-end inner to compare it to. Just don't pay more than 30-40 bucks for one, as the better chinesium pillows should be around $29 from source. I personally went all in to begin with since i was gonna sleep with this thing every night and had wanted a daki for a few years. The cover i posted above tipped me over the edge. Your interest and wallet capacity will vary, ofc.
Yeah with the cheaper inners you just have to work off reviews, usually go for the mid priced ones not the cheapest of cheap because those will always be terrible. If you've got disposable income though, just go all out, it doesn't hurt after all, its just a pillow in the end.
A lot of cover designs are drawn in China, especially if the character is more obscure. The vast majority of covers on ebay are bootleggers, though. Most bootlegs are kinda awful, and if it was originally a chinese or western release, you can usually get it cheaper or around the same price from the legit source. Ebay and bootlegger sites aren't a bad way to find out which Chinese and/or popular covers exist, but they're not a good place to actually buy. Give me a moment and i'll see if i can find the source for that cover.
Can't shitpost about this without putting my money where my mouth is. What's worse, that your first daki is incredibly lewd on both sides, or that it was a surprise gift from your own brother? Which he gave to me in front of his wife. Had to dig it out of my moving boxes, so forgive the wrinkalage. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/527/7f1b3f35-1823-43c1-8c2f-727250529d4e/Snek1.jpg NSFW Second cap says Hora Hora
I bought my cover from an AliExpress chink, the seller goes by "Love Anime." The art on it was made by some random artist and uploaded away into the depths of the internet, so the art is "as genuine as it gets". I went with the 2wt option and the chink says to hand-wash it only, kind of a bother but I'd like to hear out from you about washing them. I hope I spent my 40 buckaroos equivalent in a good place.
I got most of mine from HobbyHeart which lately rebranded into Moe Market, the guy who owns it does legit make most of his money off bootlegging and custom prints but they've also hired on a few independant artists and also work with other artists to print their stuff. More expensive than usual though but they offer a lot of different materials, people will call me a sinner but seriously velvet is so fucking nice to have that I really couldn't give a damn about 2wt anymore.
I can't find that specific cover, but there's another one made by a circle called MaltyTown/EB. Their pixiv is here. Their taobao is here, and should have a male category if you scroll down a bit(i think it's this?). The same character is here. You can buy off of taobao if you can google translate your way through it, but i prefer using SuperBuy. It adds about $15 to the price(including shipping and such), but i've had issues with all three of my taobao orders that they had the language knowledge to fix, so it's better than having to send them back to china for replacements. If you really want this design in particular and can't find it anywhere else, fuck it, buy the bootleg. I try to give focus to legit alternatives as much as possible because every sale makes a huge difference to how many new designs they can afford to sell(especially of that franchise/character), but if there's no better alternative, there's no better alternative. Just keep the example i posted earlier in mind for what you're actually getting, as bootleg previews often lie. Never buy peach skin. It's really not worth it. 2WT is the gold standard. Get the best 2WT you can get if you're buying off of places like taobao. There's nothing wrong with other alternatives like velvet, but they're an acquired taste, and you should have some 2WT to compare it to before getting them.
warms my heart to see my OC floating around reacting to degeneracy
I have peach skin and two way tricot covers and I always wash them in the washing machine at 30°C and the lowest rotation speed. After over a year of washing them atleast once a month they are still in good condition. Just don't wash them only once a year like some people suggest, thats gross and I think it does even more damage to the print.
If you want cheap custom prints, there's a few chinese circles on taobao that sell velvet(自然绒) for $15-25. They usually don't charge extra for custom prints compared to regular ones. I sent a message to the english branch of one of those shops. I'll update you once i know more.
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