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Wall of text unrelated to body pillows incoming: This awoke both bad and funny memories from several years ago when I was tasked to assemble a PC for a friend of a friend of a friend at his place, who up until this point had been using a PS4 and a prebuilt PC from like 2010, curious about PC's and PC building. I'd talked to the guy on Skype a couple of times and he seemed like a pretty chill dude, the task meant I had to drive for like two hours to get to his town though, but not only was this in the middle of summer and I'd nothing better to do, I'd get paid a pretty generous amount of money for my trouble and get a 24 pack of nice beer, so eh. Do note that I am, indeed, kind of prudish, I'm almost 25 years old now but talking about sexual interests and stuff has always made me uncomfortable, I'm not really sure why, that's just how I am. About a week and 180 kilometers later I'm on the parking space of his apartment complex, waiting for him to join me and lead me in as I couldn't figure out which of the seemingly five billion doorways I was meant to enter, which I suppose was at least partly because the drive there had been sort of a pain as it was a real warm day and my AC decided to crap out about halfway there, so my brain was kind of soggy, but also because I have the sense of direction of a rock in general. He gets there, we greet, walk and small talk, joke about the AC, yet again he seems like a normal, everyday guy, nothing to note. Then he opens the door to his apartment. It took me a couple of seconds to process what I was seeing, at first it just looked like he had a bunch of colorful paintings in his hallway, but as soon as I realized, uncomfort rushed over me and I flicked my vision onto the floor and pretended like I hadn't seen anything. He'd covered his hallway walls with framed adult furry art. My first thought was to make up some bullshit excuse and get out of there, but I didn't want to be an asshole and insult him while wasting both his and my time, so I kept concentrating on the floor, most likely looking like a stiff retard, while I followed him into his kitchen where he'd unboxed his components for me. His kitchen was 'clean', so to speak, but I was still sort of shocked and weirded out, which made my hands kinda shaky, and on top of that his apartment was really warm, which for some reason caused my face in particular to sweat like crazy, with droplets of sweat running into my eyes, burning like hell. He was in the room with me during the entire build process as he wanted to learn how to do it himself, but didn't dare mess with such expensive parts using nothing but YouTube videos. This helped me a lot as it meant I could forget about the hallway and focus on being a tutor instead, yet again he was just some chill guy and my comfort levels rapidly climbed back towards normal again, I was even having fun. About 1½ hours later the build was complete, we power tested it in his kitchen and it gave us a healthy little beep, nice, just Windows and some drivers and we'd be done. He grabbed the system and walked us into his bedroom/office, which meant we had to cross the hallway again, a swift reminder. The kitchen was, as I said, clean and nice, while the walls of the hallway were a gallery of suggestiveness and nudity, my new workplace was a catastrophe, each wall had several very explicit paintings on them, and we'd just come to the most tedious part. I yet again went into full-focus mode and messed about with unboxing and setting up his new monitor, keyboard and mouse, while he fiddled with connecting everything on the floor. I didn't even notice the massive pair of furry tits right above the monitor until I turned it on and let my eyes wander a bit too far, which quickly made me concentrate on it's flashing orange light instead, pondering on what the hell I'd stumbled into. I flinched a little as he suddenly told me that everything was set on his end, and I told him to power it on. A relaxing hum, a happy little beep. Orange flash. Orange flash. Orange flash. Orange flash. My vast uncomfort and face sweat was returning, fast, and Internally I was asking it to please become blue, become blue, become blue, BECOME FUCKING BLUE AND LET ME GET OUT OF THIS MESS ALREADY. No such luck. With a concerned voice he asked me if something was wrong, and I looked down on the computer and noticed that the HDMI cable was connected to the motherboard rather than the graphics card, with a quick switch the light suddenly turned blue, relief, "Operating System not found". I slapped in the flashdrive and guided him through the complicated process of pressing "next" a bunch of times. We small talked a bit more and observed the tedious process of Windows installing itself, my vision firmly travelling between him, the screen, and the floor, making me a bit more comfortable again. He suddenly nudged me and nodded towards the painting above the monitor, jokingly saying "nice view, huh?". I froze up, and now even more contracted than before my intention was to make a quick little "heh..", but in my state it instead came out as a loud and high-pitched "HEEhhh". He excused himself and said he'd go make us a cup of coffee. I was focusing my eyes so hard on the center of the monitor that they began to hurt while I was considering just jumping out the nearest window and running to my car. This turned out to be unnecessary as Windows had suddenly finished installing, a feeling almost worthy of applause. I proceeded by installing Firefox and the relevant drivers, and just as he returned with a steaming hot cup of coffee for me everything was finally finished. My job here was done. I said thanks but no thanks to the coffee, and that I unfortunately had to leave now. We returned to the hallway where I waited for him to get the beer and money, I grabbed it, stared him in the eyes, and just said "was nice meeting you", he asked me if I really couldn't stay for the coffee "Nah'sfine", he thanked me for the help and wished me a pleasant travel home, to which I just replied with a short "yep". I darted out of his door and more or less powerwalked back to my car. Firing up the engine felt great, even though the car's interior had turned into a sauna, and while I was still confused and didn't really know what the fuck had just happened, I was real happy that it was over. This is also when I looked at myself in the rear view mirror and saw that not only were my eyes completely blood shot, my face was really red and it basically looked like I'd been crying. The guy's legitimately nice although quirky, but not necessarily in a bad way, and I've talked to him and laughed with him about this afterwards, and we've since become pretty good friends. His reason for having porn proudly on display is that "I'm tired of being shut in, and people only enter my private space either if they're invited, or if they force their way in, in which case they can go fuck themselves, and people who enter my private space should also instantly get to know the most private and personal facts about myself, and whether they reject or accept me is up to them. Most people tend to think it's funny, others have just walked out and cut all connections with me". He obviously noticed how uncomfortable I was, and while finding my behaviour hilarious, say that he admired me because I still did my best and just rolled with it. This is the most bizarre, awkward, and generally uncomfortable situation I've ever gotten myself into, but the upside is that it gave me a good new friend.
https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1439/4138/products/kingsnake_large.png?v=1519494243 I bought this at Magfest last week.
It's sort of nice to hear that you remained friends afterwards, but I don't think you're a prude. Not in the negative sort of way that I view that term, at least. There's nothing wrong with being uncomfortable with a subject. For a LOT of people, sex is one such subject. It's so common that every single adult is aware of this social fact. I understand his not wanting to feel repressed; that's a huge part of why I enjoy my own sexuality with such decorations. However, there's miles of difference between being uncomfortable with someone's private interests versus treating someone poorly because they have those interests. You respect that his hobby is his business, so bravo to you. His attitude was terribly immature, though. He should not have put you in that situation with no easy way out without giving you the heads-up. He erroneously equates people not wanting to see his porn with some sort of bigotry. I think he knows all of this though, and was simply using you as a means of getting PC help. Maybe he also got a childish enjoyment out of watching you feel sexually awkward.
It's finally here. As promised, a picture. https://files.catbox.moe/tf1usj.jpg thanks facepunch for auto-rotating my picture.
I entered this thread expecting one or two weird looks, but wow. I'm glad that the posters forcing a sequel to "need help with a few models" have settled down or left. I have a doujin cover of Kaho from Blend S. I sleep a lot better now. Can't post it for obvious reasons, nor can I find it on Google images. Anyway I live alone and this purchase guarantees I stay that way lol
so i got myself a cover that came pretty fast, took only a week it feels cool and good, really like the texture
The only dakimakura i want is a full-sized Shaq pillow.
Would you say he's your Shaqfu?
i wanna buy a chiaki cover next but i cant find a decent one smdh
I entered this thread expecting the usual "lol what" responses and never had an interest in Dakimakuras but have to say that reaching page 7 this thread is yet another example of what makes Facepunch so great. I never expected to learn so much and see such great positive interaction from a thread about Dakimakuras.
https://i.imgur.com/9O822jb.jpg https://i.imgur.com/O5u5a5C.jpg It's so hard to find decent dakimakuras with cute bois on them 😔
I had one commissioned for my friend entirely so i could justifiably call her a weeb at all times. Honestly though, it kinda makes me want one. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/223764/875aef20-1920-4ac5-9e9b-f5cfd14e5359/lu.png
Just ordered another one https://www.etsy.com/listing/674217013/manfox-dakimakura?ref=shop_home_active_4 and I plan to get this one(nsfw) next month.
Yep, thats a dick.
Scatch that, this design has been sold out and now I'll have to wait for the restock in may
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/786/b04af73b-8ca4-4dfd-ab0e-4cdfc402d2ab/IMG_20190316_120726.jpg I just picked up my pillow case from the post office. The material is realy comfy, feels like something in between peach skin and two way tricot. Now I own 7 degeneracy pillows
The sequel: Yep, thats a bulge.
you ever regret making a thread????
You should feel proud, people will talk about this thread for years to come till facepunch gets killed
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