• xkcd Earth Temperature Timeline
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why does this need its own thread??? Everyone has seen it already
Did you forget to post like 90% of it?
I guess the embded isn't working for you. For me it has a scrollbar. I'll change it, or you can just close the thread if it's that late.
TIL horses came from prehistoric North America.
No they haven't, some people are younger than you. And it is worth reminding people things are going to to go south in ways we haven't seen before, so best to start preparing.
So we are posting threads for singular images now? He should at least be posting something like scientific studies. A single image isn't going to inform people alone and it already gets posted very often in global warming discussions.
why is this angering you so much wtf
Since fast threads is gone we don't have many options for posting something like this. Thinking about it I could bump Aux pics but that usually amounts to necro posting. Why are you so upset? It's like you are personally offended by an image.
Literally punched my monitor god I'm so ANGRY!!!!! That is simply how I type and convey words. What is that unreasonable about my post?
Hello Curls, I've never seen this and am glad he posted it, though aux pics would have been a better idea as you both said.
Scientology is insanely serious as a topic, and very important. So is global warming. There is mountains of evidence for it. Why not post that for a discussion.
Fuck if i'll waste my time to create a checklist of all the things you could have done instead
I guess it wasn't working right on mobile for me. This isn't the news subforum so there's nothing wrong with posting "late" content.
general discussion is fast threads now. Ask garry.
Fuck me, I didn't realise it only took around 100 years for us to raise the temperature higher than it has ever been in recorded history. The Human race is impressive in how well it can inadvertently Terraform the planet.
the lesson is that global warming is good as it prevents our cities being covered in a mile high mountain of ice
we're using facepunch the way god intended, like reddit
Yeah we'll just replace it with melted ice instead.
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