• Does FP have any new year resolutions?
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Do you have any "new year resolutions"? I don't.
I hope FP's is to not shut down
crash the forum with no survivors
actually buy a car (just a few more paychecks)
Get into game dev and improve on my art skills.
Do my thing gnome sayin.
Smoke more Drink more End myself
Work out in a pool every morning. So far I'm starting off strong.
Stop smoking.
Eat some fine ass
Run a 5km trail every month.
Start actively dating. It's only been in the past few months that I feel like I'm in a good enough place to have a relationship and god damn it I just want a husband at some point.
Stop being such a fat fuck Improve my baking skills
Every New Year's resolution I have made has ended in failure. GF, alcohol reduction, etc. etc.
End my unemployment.
I hope by the end of the year I'll have successfully transitioned into banditry. Maybe some day I'll even invite some of you people to my bandit gang and we can rob people for $5 at axe point together, it'll be sweet.
To get my art business off the ground. I only have trouble creating and sticking to a proper routine is all :V
I lowered my weight for 16 kg next year. I hope i lower my weight at least 10 kg this year
new year.... new me.... i must be... less racist... less cynical... more importantly.... less angry...
2560x1440 heheheh. heh.
Lose weight and get a job.
My new year started more than 600 days ago
Not going to lie - I really want to get a 1440p monitor upgrade, but they are $$$ for a nice one. Speaking of - I want to meet my savings goal I set based on current finances. If I eat out less and the stock market rebounds I think I can make it.
Work my ass off to be the person I want to be.
Stop working my ass off for others and actually be the person I want to be.
I'm starting a more ambitious gamedev project than what I've done before and I want to have something presentable by New Years 2020.
Keep my job. Like seriously I honestly don't have much I'm working towards, I mostly just want to actually stay employed. Everything else generally follows from there.
Mine is a new job. I fucking hate what I'm doing right now. Sick and tired of getting bitched at every time I turn around, of being away from home 13hrs a day minimum, sick and tired of the long drive. And I'm pretty sure I've found something. I'll know more by the eve. Got an interview today.
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