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I am thinking of incorporating a fishing minigame into my game. I think it would provide a suitable distraction to the main action and fit in very well into the game world (which concerns two members of a viking age hunters-farmers-warriors class). Fishing minigames is also the go-to minigame type for roleplaying games so no new mechanics that are totally unfamiliar to the player have to be introduced. My two main questions right now are: 1 How exactly should the game work (reaction-based, should rods used and bait play a part, guide the line towards the fish you want to catch, stamina meter)? 2 How exactly should the game progress as the players experience increase (able to fish bigger fish with better rods, haul up treasures from the bottom of the lake)? 3 What exactly should the reward be (eat the fishes for health and/or stat ups, get a reward such as money for breaking previous records)? One thing I definately DO NOT want to do is any sort of stamina mechanic where you have to eat regularly to stay alive. Please also note that as far as the interface goes I can do both a sideview and stimulate a very simple 3d POV-shot. Here is some information about the game that can help. The game is a top-down 2d action rpg in the vein of Zelda. The story concerns a viking-like society living on a floating island. The island crashes into the sea when a mysterious intruder posing as a missionary steals the dwarf-made machine that keeps the island afloat. The lord of the island sends two of his greatest henchman, the magician Alex and the warrior Adva, to follow the thief and take the machinery back. Their journey takes them to the dangerous and wild island of Bjarmaland, said to be the home of the gods. I have finished two demos so far. 1 A short first one with the opening cutscene and a trek across the mountains of Bjarmaland. This one is more action-based. 2 A second one that is longer and focuses more on puzzles. The couple arrives in Bjarmaland proper and hunts the thief into a swamp. This one is more puzzle and exploration-based and has about two hours worth of gameplay. There is also a short gaiden game that takes place fifty years after the proper story. One of Alex and Adva’s children seeks out Alex’s grave in order learn his magic in order to defeat a ogre terrorising his village. This game was made for a contest and takes about 15 minutes to play though. I am currently working on the third demo which contains the first dungeon and the fishing minigame. What I chiefly want to know from you guys if you know of any games that have fishing minigames that you particularly enjoyed, what the reward was for beating them and if they had any ”progression” within them. Many thanks in advance on your suggestions and thanks for reading.   
Think Shadow of the Colossus, but if it was fishing minigame.
It might not necessarily translate well to this setting, but Yakuza 0 had a fishing minigame I really enjoyed. Here's how it plays out mechanically. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PvkcgxKQ9k ...So it's just a QTE sequence with cute cutscenes. There's some silly animations for hooking things like boots and suitcases. Fish are sellables, and not a very efficient way to get money compared to simply beating the shit out of everybody. However, the actual reason I enjoyed this minigame is because it links to a side mission in a way that feels genuine. Basically, you have to catch fish to give to a sushi chef, and he lets you try the sushi as he makes it. Gradually you befriend him, and at the conclusion of the sidestory, he makes you the owner of the sushi shop, which links directly into the goofy and quite extensive real estate management "mini"game that permeates the whole game. So basically: if you can't make fishing interesting by its own merits, try linking fishing to something else that is interesting.
https://i.gyazo.com/a852dcde75301f07312a40ba25138e42.png actual advice: you don't have to limit fishing to a rod. You could even use your core mechanic to "combat" fish, albeit with a slightly different spin and preferably lax. "Minigames" need to feel feature complete (thus they are often very simplistic), because the last thing players want is a half-arsed distraction that doesn't correlate to the core loop.
I was actually thinking of having some sort of bonus boss (well telegraphed of course) that you first had to catch like a fish. The Kraken is from Scandinavian folklore (way younger than actual viking mythology though) so it fits right in. Very good advice! In the game fishing is introduced by dwarven workers locked outside their mine/factory (the first dungeon) which the bad guy has taken over. At the start they just fish because they are bored but it would be fun to have a sidequest progression where a dwarven fishing industry eventually develops. Very true. I will probably not do anything more fancy than the fishing game from Link's Awakening with some options for player influence as to what fish appear and how large they are depending on bait used and so on.
edups did a vid on this https://youtu.be/HP3Yy_Nqr3E
Just put fish in your game and I will buy it.
ToonTown has the most enjoyable fishing in any game I've played and would be easy to implement into game with a top-down perspective. Might give you some inspiration. https://youtu.be/izarq5gr-NQ?t=18
Nice! I have some ideas how to make the visual presentation interesting, which seems to be the main point of the video. My game is Free-To-Play. But I can add bait as micro-transactions if that helps I could stimulate a 3d pov pretty easily for this (I kinda want the fishing to take place on a seperate "screen" from the overworld).
I think the reason I enjoy fishing in most games is because of the random chance to get good shit from it. Most notable examples are Terraria and Minecraft. In Minecraft, you have a chance to fish up enchanted bows with great abilities (assuming they haven't fucked it up since I last played it). In Terraria, you have a chance to fish up really lucrative crates and rare fish that sell really well. If you want to get people.... hooked... on your fishing minigame, give people small chances to win big rewards.
that's... most of fishing. It's mundane qte that's basically glorified lootboxes, sometimes the game will make you work for it when the big prize does come along. A lot of fishing in MMO are social AFK spots, to artificial boost active player count, if not getting people to spend on bait. It just works. For single player games it is mostly for players to wind down, while still "earning" something for their primary adventure, also getting completionist to travel to different parts of maps. I personally don't hold padding in high regard unless it is incorporated in design, e.g. you can trade weapon durability for spear fishing, indirectly exchange material (used for repairs) for food; or you only have 3 actions during a camp, fishing (gain food resource) being one of them. You then make full use of the mechanical mastery to get the most out of it. If the benefits of this activity can be (indirectly) achieved by more exciting means, it becomes another one of the systems that I'll never bother to interact with.
Should the reward be completely random or should players be able to influence it in some way? My ambition for the videogame is to create a relaxing experience that the player can come back to again and again. The player may gain rewards to help them on their way but I do not want them to "grind" for upcoming challenges. The game should be balanced so that the player can make it through anyway!
Re-consult your progression's pacing, if it is relaxed all the way, relegating a fishing minigame to optional might be bit of a waste. I'm speaking from a standpoint where fishing activities as secondary engagement loops are often a luxury only afforded by bigger budgets. If it is somewhat required to break up the routine, I'd advice integrating it as seamless as possible (don't make the player go out of their way just to fish, it devalues the system); or, alternatively, it could be of a challenge, as a contrast. It's your game, so I wish you luck on figuring out the best decision!
The dark souls of fishing
You could go either way really. I think adding a way to influence it is fine as long as it doesn't influence it drastically.
Yeah, I think that I need to do that as a next step. I do think the fishing game will work and be well-developed enough (eventually) to work as a optional part of the game with its own engagement loop. This game is no rush job, I currently have a developement time of about five years (me having a full-time job and all) with a budget set aside for things like this. Still, I don´t want to run into any unnecessary snags in development, hence this thread. Due to the game just started being playtested/balanced by people apart from myself, every aspect of the game is already dark souls hard. I will think about it some more to find the best solution. Alright! I think with this and the answers Ihave gotten from a few other forums I am ready to start prototyping. Thanks guys!
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