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Ever since playing Syberia, I've got a hard-on for games involving long travels with a train.
Did they have to evacuate the metro?
Story is kinda lackluster and the fact they have to base it entirely on the 'opinions' and 'pov' of the 'daughter' makes me cringe really hard. Why do all new games really have to include obnoxious female protagonists, and cling to their 'destiny' for no other reason than 'different plot achieved'? And taking into account the Metro harsh environment, this version went full SJW!
Missing the /s at the end there, man
You're that dr.haxxx dude aren't you? Surprised you're still around.
Full SJW? Did you ignore the part of Anna being in the Rangers in Last Light as their sniper or the fact that its Artyom's wife? Like what's wrong with having her perspective in a trailer? Why do people get so upset about a woman being in armed conflict like its gone down hill and not realistic, in a fiction setting of all things.
"women in x setting/combat scenario is unrealistic, i'm just depending history #BIOTRUTHS" is always a really transparent and flimsy way to try to justify your hatred of women in video games. Bonus points for "i only hate it when it's for SJW political purposes!" and then being unable to produce an example of non-forced female protagonists outside of games where the women are just there so you have big tits to stare at.
In case you've missed like, all information about the game: You still play as Artyom.
Well that didn't take long for this thread to become derailed. Honestly guys, just ignore and stop feeling like you have to say something and talk about the video instead.
heh derailed
I was going to come in here asking when someone would complain that the protag is female. Turns out it was the third post, neat! Anyways, this game looks like a great new romp through the metro universe, I just hope the mechanics hold up against the previous games whilst bringing something new.
Metro kinda gone mad max i see.
IIRC, with the Metro 2035 book being an actual sequel to Last Light and being the basis for Exodus, not much time has passed at all, and It's more a form ofeveryonein charge being in on a tyrannical conspiracy due to being descendants/remnants of the ruling elite, government, and otherwise politically powerful who want all the power and comfort for themselves with the worker base to do it. And since they control every major faction, they can kill, capture, or otherwise silence anyone who finds the truth that the outside world is relatively habitable since that would threaten their little Epiphanic Prison that they run, and I assume a well known hero of the Rangers and his co. escaping can instill such dangerous knowledge as 'hey yeah there is an outside world lol' and thus ruin their comfy little power base that they have going and is why they're trying to kill him.
The novel exodus is based off of iirc, had Artyom discovering a secret part of the metro which wasn't falling apart and housed survivors from the original government which guided the various inhabitants of the metro from behind the scenes as a shadowy illuminati-esque group, and they also prevented any and all radio communication from coming in and out of the metro, hence making the metro inhabitants believe that no one else survived the apocalypse.
Sounds like Deus Ex, which of these came first though, this book or Deus Ex and it's Illuminati?
As far as I know the russian illuminati's influence only extend to the metro/moscow, Anna and Artyom ended up escaping with a train in the end and I think it was just them, It's been a while so someone else might be able to tell you more if they've read it recently
Slight correction, they escaped in a diesel car that his friend managed to recover.
except instead of mad max it's angry artyom
If a woman fucking breathes on anything in nerd culture then "enlightened gentlemen" in the fucking comments everywhere claim that there is some lesbian sjw agenda taking over or something. its really telling that as soon as women get a tiny fulcrum of the representation men have there is extreme backlash, same with race relations in america and people thinking that civil rights is somehow over.
Of all the dumb things in this post, why the fuck is daughter in quotes?
not gonna lie that watch is sick
metro exodus be out here like "stonker" i want it
Is it weird that I want this game just to hear people yell "ArtYOM" again?
I couldn't reply as I was banned for triggering people... Anyway, check the trailer @1.50, the npc (important to the main story plot) mentions that the 'experiments' affected his wife and her daughter. For me, this trailer has the same effect as the BF5 one released a while back. It's not a question of whether games should exclude or include female protagonists, but if the trailer starts with audio(files) from the perspective of the daughter, it's understandable that the plot has important parts that feature the 'daughter'. In the spirit of Metro environment, I think that conjuring a 'female' out of thin air to aid the plot is a crutch what-have-you. She says at 0:29: "I have no recollection of life before the blast', meaning either she wasn't born at the time, or too young to to understand and perceive the horrors that her parents mentioned in the past, because she was living sheltered from all of it (0:21). DO I HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS? Fuck no! But if I prefer a strong female co-lead in games, I prefer the old Bioshock version, heck, even a female portrayal of the God of War only child. It would serve the plot in an innovative manner, would not be a crutch (npc following you around, useful at times, or annoying content filler between waves of enemies). Plus, let me add another speculation to the mix: coop play, one of the protagonist being the girl. Overall, solo play is what Metro is all about, escape the real 'prison', go out, explore, get scared and freaked out with the lights off, headphones to 200%, waiting for the footsteps or audio queues. If I get banned again for this opinion, that's that! I cannot apologize for what I speculate to be highly probable: slow and episodic degradation of a game IP.
So after getting unbanned you're first response is to be a huge edgelord? Seriously, was that first sentence really needed? I fail to see the correlation between Artyom having a wife and kid and the degradation of the series. You just sound like a nutter tbh
You have already decided to hate this game because the woman in the trailer talked a certain way? hahahaha
God damn this looks great. Loved the previous games
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