• All changes made to Star Wars: A New Hope
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNbzSH84mj0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvbrVFP_f0w Jabba should have kept the Scottish accent tbh
I just want to shill for something I love There's a pretty neat project called 4k77. Basically an original film reel was cleaned up and scanned at 4k, and the result is a very impressive image quality w/o the special edition changes. Though, there's only ANH and ROTJ (called 4k83) at the moment. For empire strikes back you'd probably want to go find the despecialized edition. Although, it'd still be cool if disney were to re-release these movies with only minimal changes. Like some of the space effects, lasers, etc. are vastly superior in the special edition.
Debate me, Some of the changes are fine such as: Implymenting deleted scenes that were cut due to time issues, Digitally improving minor details or otherwise making the Battle of Yavin sequence not seem as rigid Improving on the orignal Matte paintings Making shots more consistent such as the one where Vader's saber wasn't glowing or the rods they used weren't properly rotoscoped Lore consistencies such changing the letters to the SW alphabet Dewbacks are fine-ish However there are some bad changes: Han shot first. End of story, Greedo never shot CGI Rocks look weird Removing the Orignal and even the 2004 Krayt Dragon call was a bad move, the Blu-Ray one sounds horrid Some of the added scenes are too jarringly CG The Rontos were uneeded
Maybe it's because I grew up watching the Special edition video tapes, when a lot of the changes had already been made, but I never noticed just how terrible some of the minor additions really looked. Like, the scene where luke's speeder gets held up at the imperial checkpoint before the ~these are not the droids you are looking for~ bit. Why the fuck would they completely obscure the neat little green and white astromech droid prop by filling the frame with a giant cartoon dinosaur's ass?. Don't get me wrong, I can totally see the thinking behind certain additions, but hoppy shit this is a pretty good reminder that all of the jokes about Lucas not knowing when to stop are completely justified.
That 2011 call out with Kenobi though, that's honestly quite a creepy version, the reverberation of a strange voice, I'd be running if I heard that shit from someone approaching. Also the guy in place of Jabba isn't Scottish, he's Irish. Some stuff is like random detail just added in and it looks weird, whereas a lot of the shots do enhance some of these scenes.
I actually agree on all accounts, except for the deleted scenes part. Literally the only scene deleted from the original theatrical version that deserves to be there is the brief moment on Yavin 4 when Luke says hi to Biggs. Jabba scene is terrible and ruins the big reveal of the Falcon. I am absolutely fine with polishing the special effects. In fact, the thing that pisses me off the most is that there are still errors in the OT that hven't been fixed, while they've wasted money on terrible CGI garbage. I wouldn't even be opposed to adding a few more tie fighters to the initial shot when they dive upon the x-wings. It bothered me even as a kid that they sent a grand total of six to fend off twice as many rebel ships. (However, the shot and the whole scene should otherwise be unaltered. That shit a youtuber did with adding an entire swarm of tie-fighters and playing the Empire's theme over the whole scene was appalling.)
Super-cut of New Hope is just the clip of Han Solo stepping on Jabba the Hut's tail and awkwardly have Jabba scream in pain in the middle of the conversation.
Correction. For ESB you want the Grindhouse Transfer
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