• [Nostalgia Critic Editorial] When Did Marvel Villains Get Good?
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With his hit and miss reviews (Though Max Payne was pretty fun), I always look forward to his editorials much like Disneycember. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRGPwppK1Zc
Zemo is the best villian in the MCU fight me.
When Did Marvel Villains Get Good? When they weren't written by Joss Whedon.
To be fair, he IS a good critic when you get past the screaming and bad sketches - which is probably why the editorials work well because it has none of that.
All these years and his thumbnails still look like shit
I'm personally not a huge fan of Marvel films, but I've watched most of the first wave and then random ones here and there when i've had the chance. I'd absolutely love to see a MODOK or a Galactus appearance, but hopefully at a point when they're really going all out with the villains. Mysterio in the new Spiderman is going to be my gauge on how far they'll go with a really 'out there' villain, hopefully soon they'll start dipping into the really weird shit Marvel has to offer that they started with GOTG. I have a theory that Disney has started to down plays the villains because they're trying to sell the squeaky clean image they have as being the good guys. Wether it's for toys or marketing or whatever I don't know. Just feels to me Disney wouldn't be too hyped about making Red Skull a super interesting character then having all the kids crying for the newest Nazi action figure.
why do people still watch this guy's videos
I mean if we want to go there Zemo DID stoke the flames between the accords and the Avengers, but really that was all Tony getting traumatized by the conflicts from Avengers 1 onward. Sure Zemo had the tragic villain background and served to keep the Winter Soldier under control,Tony really wanted Buckey dead while Cap was blinded by his own friendship with Buckey to turn him in.
I don't know if he was blinded by that. I think he recognized that someone who has had their free will stripped from them, can't be blamed for their actions.
If Disney wanted to do that Thanos would not have been planned from the get-go.
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