• [Video] Former Facebook exec: what we’ve created is destroying how society works
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I would love to delete my Facebook account. The only main reason I use Facebook is the various multirotor groups, I like to follow. There isn't really any other place that has the same stream of content.
It's actually very scary how this shit is such a worst case scenario I had a very comfortable conversation with someone politically opposite of me about this exact thing, and we were talking in total agreement. On another day I had an argument about an entirely different topic and it was heated, it's very clear that this isn't a person I'll agree with on anything, yet we agreed on this stuff. In the grand scheme of a talk about this, it sounds like delusional, made up rambling but it's not a conspiracy theory, this shit is real. It doesn't matter what side your on, it's a mutual problem for everyone. It's also being confirmed more and more as time goes on. just look at this shit https://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-emails-leak-key-details-2018-12 what the fuck
For me, its keeping in touch with old friends, events and local businesses, and news. And I use it to share my photos.
Deleted Facebook about a month ago. Anybody I keep in contact with has my phone number anyway.
Saddest part is this video is from 2017 and nothing has gotten better.
The stuff he talks about here is pretty depressing. I posted a thread for Jonathan Haidt's talk on JRE. It's extremely related to this discussion. [VIDEO] Social media has caused an absolute catastrophic growth in teenage girl suicide and self harm.
Nothing's going to improve until there's a momentary incentive for it
Got rid of Facebook at 16, never needed it when most of my friends are from the internet anyway. I knew Facebook was a slug that sucked on your brain back then when all people did was play phone games.
The fact I need to pay a guy to hide my internet activity from the prying eye of corporations and government still tickles me with schadenfreude.
Cyberpunk without the punk :/
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