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https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/256739075/movie480.webm?t=1547132164 Catherine Classic on Steam Disappointed they didn't wait a while longer to do the re-release but oh well. Maybe we'll get SMT/Persona if this does well so you won't have to rely on emulation (despite them emulating near flawlessly)
SEGA expressed a great interest in bringing Yakuza and Persona to PC as well. I recently played Catherine on a PS2 emulator, if I hadn't this would be an instabuy for me - really interesting game.
It's awesome to see Japanese devs slowly warming up to the PC as a platform. Platinum, Kojima Productions, and many more have been releasing games on PC, and I guess we can now add P-Studio to that list. I wonder if the upcoming Persona 5 re-release will include a PC version as well as the likely Switch port.
"“We hope to have more exciting news to share from Sega/Atlus in regards to publishing on PC in the future,” says Sega." PUT GOLDEN ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN VITA PLEASE
Catherine isn't on PS2 (you probably meant PS3 emulator)
persona 5 on pc would be insane
It'd probably be locked to 30 FPS (but in this instance I'd give that a pass, honestly)
Why would it be locked? Every recent Sega port has been great and the only issue with playing P5 uncapped is the in game cutscenes that advance automatically play at 2x the speed. Doubt it would be very much effort to fix it.
rather play it at 30 than not at all (and this is coming from someone who bought a 144hz monitor)
Same exact boat bruh
It wasn't though? I played through it on RPCS3 last month and when I had the 60fps mod enabled the menus and UI would run at 60.
ye my bad
I wonder if they will release Catherine: Full Body on PC as well.
Katherine is still the correct choice. Fight me.
I still can’t believe that P4G never got rereleased, it is just objectively better and basically doubles the content of the game. then again, Persona 3 has to two different versions with vastly different content that’s exclusive to a particular edition
Nah man, space is the correct choice.
And I've noticed that some people get irrationally pissy about what version you play.
Well, neither version is objectively superior. P3P gives you the female protagonist but axes the cutscenes, among other changes, and overall I definitely prefer FES for the inclusion of those cutscenes.
Apparently SEGA is releasing this version and not Full Body because they want people to experience the original first; https://www.pcgamer.com/catherine-classic-is-out-now-on-pc-and-more-atlus-games-could-follow/ We wanted to give the PC audience the opportunity to experience Catherine for the first time as it was originally released, And Catherine Classic is the perfect way to accomplish that goal. I could see them releasing Full Body as a separate game (and hopefully with discounts for people with the original) or maybe even DLC later on.
I'm also pretty sure that P3P is non-canon while FES is canon. Don't quote me on that.
Unfortunately FES has the archaic uncontrollable party members alongside a shitload of other really weird choices. Persona 3 just needs a remake. Full stop. Tartarus sucks, and the epilogue, the Answer, is awful
its not that bad if you install a controllable party member mod, i also didnt find tartarus that bad other than the table people really shit on the answer and as much as it is a grind i liked the story
The uncontrollable party is why I have never actually completed P3 and likely never will.
i didnt mind the uncontrollable party members. p3 is still my fav tbh
The uncontrollable party members were mostly fine, the main thing is you don't start with all the commands which is stupid. Though once you get them they really aren't hard to control at all. Also Tarturus still somehow manages to be better than Mementos, fight me
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