• [Video] Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 Trailer
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrLhP5sK2wI I know it's probably getting cancelled but at least it looks like it's going out with a bang.
I'm glad it looks like he's finally going to start punishing people. Jigsaw doesn't look nearly fucked up enough however.
I do wish they had more fucked up but I guess they wanted to be realistic with it.
Jesus fuck, Billy really doesn't even look nearly as fucked up as he should. Major disappointment. Who's the guy telling Billy about the 'mutual acquaintance'? He looks incredibly familiar but I don't know where I recognize him from.
Billy looks pretty good for a guy who had his face dragged and smashed on a broken mirror. Like you can see huge gashes and glass sticking out of his face and he comes out looking like he cut himself shaving.
Does this tie into the MCU? Like does 50% of people suddenly die? That'd be pretty amazing
Considering that this and Jessica Jones are likely going to be cancelled after their next seasons, it's more like 100%.
Twice, mind you. Both sides of his face got that treatment. It's kinda sad when Punisher War Zone outdoes you, even if just one department.
That movie was amazing don't talk shit about it
bitch i will talk shit about it as much as i want what you gon do bout it Ray Stevenson was a pretty decent Frank Castle but everything was just trying so hard to be dark and edgy and COOOOOOOOL.
Not even trying to be. It was. It predated a lot of the grimy grungy "reboots" we saw and I firmly believe it set a tone that was mimicked in tons of properties afterwards, despite being a commercial flop. it's the definitive "Punisher" IMO.
I don't know if I'm really going to bother with this, even I really like the character. It doesn't help that I did watch the whole first season and I was pretty much BORED OUT OF MY FUCKING MIND. Feel free to call me a member of a tasteless audience, but if I'm sold a TV series about the Punisher I expect it to be about mass killing spree against criminals and the related consequences, not a corruption into the FBI plot. And yes, Jigsaw's apparence bothers me far more than it should and may be an additional reason for me to stay away. It's not even about supposed realism: as noted above, the guy's face was forcefully dragged around a nest of pointy glass shards and you are expecting me to believe it's all fine and dandy except from few bruises? I may understand if they wanted to preserve Ben Barnes' scenic presence and not hide his facial features under practical effects or CGI, what the fuck
Disturbing lack of Mirco tbh.
As bad as Warzone was at least the dudes face was fucked up. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/554/298dd412-5c8b-4d6c-b5d5-983b0d9aa393/image.png
Didn't he get thrown into some glass recycling/crusher machine? Regardless though, netflix could have done better on that. He did get really fucked up on the carousel.
It looks like they couldn't be bothered to do scare make up for more than 15 minutes and just called it a day.
Having to wear that extensive of a make up / detail caked face for so long shooting scenes, getting them applied again and again every day could have something to do with it, actor could have veto'd it or something, Im guessing. Still slightly disappointing, but its not that much of a deal breaker to me.
I read all the comments in this thread before watching the trailer and was still majorly disappointed by Jigsaw.
Season 1 had a shit ton of useless padding but their interpretation of Born was pretty damn nice. Good to see they won't be backing down on Frank being too far gone either.
i want frank castle killing people. season 1 barely had that. it had 3, maybe 4 episodes of vague violence except for a few brief scenes and then the rest was just bullshit about Micro and his family or the fucking inhumanly awful B-plot of that fucking cop or fbi agent or whatever she was doing absolutely nothing useful up until the very end
Maybe an unpopular opinion, but as someone who dislikes TV series that go on forever with no planned ending I would have loved it if Frank had died at the beginning of the first season or they'd just ended it there. I like the idea of having him appear throughout Daredevil and fucking shit up, killing a bunch of people and generally being kind of insane, then he has his own series to explain his back story and give him some character on top of everything he's done. Not saying I don't want another series but as the start of a new show I thought Season 1 was pretty weak and felt like it was just trying to catch up on his appearance on Daredevil.
I can't believe we'll never have our Punisher X Riverdale crossover.
Just have him wear a mask or something then, and do a reveal where he's got an ultra fucked up face for only a few scenes. The way they did it here is just lazy.
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