• [VIDEO] Dunkey's Best 2018
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I love his Best Of [YEAR] videos because he never fails to mention a game I haven't heard of at all. Good shit. Also this pushed me over the edge, I'm definitely grabbing one of the Jackbox Party Packs for my Switch. Any idea which one is the most fun?
T-Shirt Slogan Contest is by far the most fun I had out of all of them.
The jackbox PARTY PACK will be free on the Epic Store on Jan 24th. Not sure how good it is but it will be free.
Unfortunately I don't have a great way of streaming my PC to my TV as my Steam Link has gone missing.
Glad to see Celeste in his #2 slot, that was my goty last year. Strong recommendation for god of war too, I'll have to buy it soon
Surprised to see ZeroRanger on there. I really enjoyed that game, but haven't heard anyone talk about it.
Fibbage, Quiplash and Drawful are the most fun ones I've played with friends. We've played each of those dozens of times and still have fun with them. Unfortunately I don't think any two of them are in a party pack together
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