• "I'm good thanks, you?" And other British lies..
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"Nah I'm alright" "I don't want a cup of tea" "I will wake up in a minute" "I will do it tomorrow" "Crumpets are nasty" "The trains are good" Please add more below
Oi I have a loicence for that
I like your soundcloud
I hope you die, cheeky cunt I'm feeling great today Nah man, New Years resolution made me stop drinking Man, I'm like an hour away from a Wetherspoons Could really go for a glass of cold water about now
I'm just around the corner
"The French are such nice blokes"
We'll have two nice crisp glasses of beer, please.
I'm sure the bus timetable is correct and it will be here in any minute
Oh no, another mass shooting!
Theresa may knows what she is doing dont worry
Cheers love the cavalry's here
وَعَلَيْكُمُ السَّلَام‬
"Weather's nice" *Thunder storm and torrential rain*
Our trains are great.
"Let's go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to blow over."
"Can't complain"
''Good morning''
"We agree to a backstop in Northern Ireland"
"Lovely weather"
I had a job interview at a Lidl today with two managers at once. Once looked me in the eyes with no smile on his face and monotonously said "I love working here. The thrill keeps me going. I love to get things done every day." The other one said "I've just come back from four years leave, but for privacy reasons, I can't tell you why." They then went on to say that they were running a 'bad store'. Lying is how British people communicate. If you lose, you fall for it and fall down society's ranks. If you're good at spotting it, you become the general of the navy.
Pretty sure that's a Swedish lie
Oh hell naw Swedish trains from what I've experienced are better than UK ones by far. They actually arrive within half an hour of the expected time at least.
"The Falkland Islands should be returned to Argentina"
jimmy saville was great with kids
"Football's coming home"
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