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I swear to god I'm going to stab you if you keep bringing up the chain.
It's a great song!
Yes please I like pain
its not violent if we're both screaming wait what
@Hezzy , they're doing the weird shit again
ANYWAY. Now for something more RELATED to the forums. How's everyone feeling about the [video] tag rule? IMO it's actually nice to just do ctrl+F [vid and away we go.
completely understandable, but it seems like half the time it's the mods themselves turning the thread into a WAYT-tier garbage pile
Ban mods 2019
how about a section.
Don't be silly
it does make it much harder for the 4000 videos to slip through annoyed grunts video section extension (big thanks to annoyed grunt BTW tis a lifesaver)
this is what you all wanted
I poured soda in my travel mug. I went to take a sip just now, pressed the autoseal button, and got a blast of carbonated air in the eye.
Something I noticed. “Call Outs” - These are posts that call on a user to explain something even though they’re not involved in a thread. Please don’t make these unless your post actually contributes to the thread. This definition is very narrow. I can tell who ever wrote it probably had the "EXPLAIN THIS TUDD" phrase in mind. Is that the only thing that is considered a "dumb call out"? If I am remembering correctly "dumb call out" bans were used when a person made criticism or "e🅱️ic zinger", and it was directed at someone not present or uninvolved in the current discussion. Or it was criticizing (or "sick burn"-ing) them for something unrelated to the topic.
It's like someone burst into my house, chopped off my leg, ran off and I ended up with a crutch as a replacement Basically hardly an ideal fix but probably the best one available considering current circumstances I still want my leg back, Garry, where is it
being built in the development subforum
He had some major health issues as well.
Oh frig, that was meant to be on WAYT. Dunno how that happened. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/198768/f4e71813-cb38-4885-a72e-9e4ea6af844a/image.png
How has garry not fixed this yet?
I knew Facepunch's acquisition of Contigo would end in disaster.
what if ResetEra bought Hydroflask or something
Then you would only be able to fill the bottles with outrage and pretension.
aahh fucking shuuut upppp
I love this new mod team, they're really perfect for 2019's FP I think.
let's talk abOuT tHe fOrUmS
mods r never wrong
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