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It definitely isn't a call out. If I banned people for "call outs" every time I was mentioned in a thread it'd be rightly ridiculous.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/114748/240db09c-6e70-45e4-a7b3-35700a3cb54e/image.png clearly making fun of a post's absurdness by directly linking it to ASIC. The latter two exmaples, however, fall under more of a "off-mention" category, so I can understand the lenience. They're still derogatory towards ASIC, mind you, and what makes it worse for me isn't so much the content of the posts, but more that ASIC can't reply. Because he's ban on sight. So people can say whatever they wish about him and he won't be able to even reply back without being perma-banned. They're not directly calling from him to post on the thread. Yes. However! They are somewhat insulting or otherwise imply something about ASIC and he can't defend himself. This is something that everyone in the TF2 thread knows because, and let's be real, ASIC has a reputation. I don't exactly expect them to be all "he who shall not be named either", I'm just saying it goes in-line with previous call-out bans and would otherwise be a reasonable ban.
I thought a callout needed an @ mention for it to qualify because you're actively bringing their attention to a matter that doesn't implicate them at all.
If ASIC is who I think he is, he was literally always a balloon. 50% sure its an alt of an alt of the dude who used to literally believe digimon were real. I could very well be wrong though.
No lol that isn't pentium. You are 100% wrong
LMAO pics is in dire need of an actual idiot cull atm
fyi that just redirects to the first page on my end
That links to the OP
what the fuck is up with the engy posting in LMAO pics
2147483647 is 32 bit max signed max, maybe it's glitching the forums.
Inacio's post disappeared but it linked me to a banned post of a photo of 3 pigs and I'm assuming that's the post being referred to https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58209/dedb0152-41cd-4c44-91df-9f1b22133bb8/Pig.PNG
uh so both of Inacio's posts are gone but honestly I don't get why that post deserves a ban its just a cheeky optical illusion that gave me a chuckle the first time I saw it, the most egregious thing about it is that it's been posted before
LMAO PICS v194 this is the fixed link, page 29
guess the intent matters but yeah, I got to admit it got me good. Still can't unsee the disgusting thing I was imagining.
sorry, i deleted it because sirius has already banned the guy (but he didn't see that i was asking for opinions here), and so i didn't want to put him on a spot. but yeah, since you reposted it i think that posts like that are not appropriate, and i'd ban it. the problem is that i can understand that some people will find that funny, which makes this really difficult. can we compromise and reach a minimum number of reports per post to make a post bannable? or something else? any suggestions?
Since humor is mostly subjective, even the most unfunniest thing can illicit a chuckle ironically or unironically to a select people. So weird/cursed/cute content usually is fine for me, since most of the time they overlap with some form of humor. With that in mind I think a lot of things are fair game to be posted in LMAO. I think if there's a general consensus that an image is just straight up unwanted or off-topic, like when users usually dumb bomb them instead of just a disagree (since a disagree is just usually playing along with the 'joke' of how bad something is) and maybe around 10 reports work. I guess anything that's already kind of banned in the forums in general should count, such as just straight up gore/cruelty and NSFW (just purely sexual with no punchline)/NSFL content are the strictest guideline I can think of. Overall it just seems to be in the nature of the thread. While it's definitely the most active thread FP has, I think it deserves to have lax rules just due to the nature of its comedic topic.
I don't find that particular image funny but instead of getting assblasted over it I'd just scroll past it and that's it Plus I find all the cursed food/images hilarious, at least they're original and not a variant of some meme being posted for the 20th time in a day
The pig thing had me shocked but laughing after figuring out what it is. Yet someone was banned for it. People post 9/11 jokes and I don't see them getting banned, so what the fuck, New Mods. Like how the fuck is this okay https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1356/749b477a-fbfd-4739-a409-7397f62ee90e/image.png Or maybe Exhibit B https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1356/c0160f81-17a4-4b51-b088-7528f47602f7/image.png This chain-shitpost-train. So where is the fairness ?
Can we at least somehow get mods the ability to delete posts so I don't have to see nasty ass shit like that
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/326417/31fff474-8927-4c31-96e8-f8990b4aefef/image.png this guy must be silenced
This is a scary thought as back on vB it was common as hell to see 5+ on a single post when it was something really bannable. The usual however was like 2 reports per post though, people were just fucking lazy and instead whined in the threads about it which just made it worse.
Oh jeez guess I overestimated how many people usually report especially nowadays But yeah that sounds good. I guess maybe 3+ reports and the post itself being dumbed to oblivion (or just generally with serious undesired reactions) and of course the mod's own discretion on top is a good way to go for anything that may be ban worthy in the thread.
The other issue that used to happen back when I was on the mod team is that we used to kinda fight over the reports (well a few of us), they'd come in and everyone would be a bit too eager on them so they'd get slammed before anymore reports came in. Then there were other times where there were things in the queue that just stayed there, forever. Either because it was hilarious (seriously some of the stuff that got reported was just, why are you reporting this lmao) or just no one wanted to touch it as it was essentially the effect of political suicide, whoever touched it was in for a bad backlash day and this happened a few times, which was pretty unfair to the mod who handled it. Can't say if this is a still a thing that happens but it wasn't exactly good, it had a tendency to lead to poor judgement at times (guilty as charged, I made some REALLY bad decisions due to rushing a report) and in the last case, let things stay for far too long when they shouldn't. Just my two cents from what I remember experiencing, a lot of judgement goes into moderating and sometimes its not as smooth riding as it should be.
Controversial reports should result in a Half-Life Deathmatch tourney, with the winner picking which mod who has to take responsibility. The mod then must directly challenge the reported user to a 1 on 1 showdown to determine if they should be banned or not. On a more serious note, I only really report blatant ones like spam or straight up flaming, but whenever a mod does come in, it almost feels like a delayed ban button during those times which feels weird. Also I don't know if it's still the case for Newpunch, but I remember it being a minimum of 2 reports before a report actually does pop up on the mod's feeds, which was my own reminder that maybe I should give the report button a go whenever there's something blatantly bannable.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but for a short while didn't there use to be a small stigma that you'd be banned or at least publicly "called out" for reporting somebody? I could swear I saw Hezzy do it a few times to people that reported Tudd posts.
only in special cases (or if your reports are REALLY REALLY bad)
I 100% agree the guy is being a douche but its not a call out. A call out would be 'get your ass in here asic so i can yell at you'. Dude just cracked a joke involving ASIC. Again its not on but its not really a call out, and like I said last page if its becoming too much a problem I'm happy to step in and help
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