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It's decided then, we're getting it back boys!
keep asking and the H&S subforum will be next
So uh, some user is spam rating every single post in this thread dumb and I don't know how to properly report them.
I was gonna say just report one of his other posts but of the 15 posts he's made 11 are gone because of Garry condensing the forum and the rest simply don't seem to exist. When you click on them in his post history they just link to the top of the page. So I dunno what the fuck is going on.
I can't see much either so I'm enquiring who banned them to make sure its permanent (their small history of posts is literally just all obnoxious shit)
One of the strange things is that it's not entirely clear why I was banned from the TF2 threads. ( A quick example of what I mean: When I got banned I went to the refugee camp to ask why. A mod said it's because I was irritating, and that there was a lot of examples. I asked him about that, but he didn't give a single example. One part of the problem is that his response is too vague, so it didn't answer my question. Saying "this is because you are annoying" is like being told "you are under arrest for breaking the law". These types of statements avoid mentioning what actually happened. Saying that someone broke the law does not tell you what law they broke; likewise If I said someone did things that are annoying that doesn't tell you what those things are. It's incomplete information. Bans are supposed to function as warnings as well. A vague warning is not a good one. People will have trouble understanding it unless they already know what it means, and if they already know what it means they aren't the ones who need the warning. Another issue is that he wasn't willing to clarify or give out the examples he mentioned. Unless he was working off hearsay, then he would have that stuff readily available to him. So given that it's not exactly hard to copy-paste things, he should've easily been able to give it out. Note: the refugee camp discord has now been deleted.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/114748/a198651d-c663-4131-b53b-769672d7c4fa/image.png Quick thing, was the ban here because they just talked about pirating in general (not just spotify but also netflix), or because they specified with programs and kind of how to do it? I thought it might've been the link but that's just the "you are a pirate" song :V tia xoxo
It wasn't much of a discussion. It was a "Oh let me be a right cunt in this thread and brag about everything I steal". It also caused the thread to go into a stir and focus entirely on this guy so to hell with this dude.
The reason you were banned from the TF2 forum is that you presented non-nonsensical arguments lacking actual evidence, ignored other people's arguments that had evidence, you'd write giant walls of texts on why random crits were OK but somehow that wall of text would be substance-less word salad. You literally took any opportunity to spew your inane and uninformed opinions on game balance that would teeter on comical. We all assumed you were a troll because you literally changed your avatar background to crits. You were the TF2 forum's Tudd. You popped in, spewed shit, ignored evidence, and mind you this would drag on for literal P A G E S. We would have 3-5 pages of nothing but people, who have been playing the game since release, trying to debate with you and it went absolutely nowhere as no amount of research and evidence was good enough because you would brush it off as "you haven't provided any evidence ;)" and you earnestly believed you supplied actual arguments and not schoolyard bullshit. The fact that you still can't comprehend why you were banned from the TF2 General forum confirms that it was the right choice.
So wait, did he make sensical arguments? Now i'm confused.
autocorrect mistake
Back in my day if you were banned, you were banned from the forum. Now were doing thread-specific bans? What's the point?
considering some users only post in certain threads exclusively, it's kind of like a ban. I see it more as a warning system really. Users display perfectly normal behaviour (well, surely not in ASIC's case) outside of that one specific thread, but in that specific thread/subforum they're being idiots. Hence, they can be banned from posting on that subforum in particular. Personally I think it's yet another sorta modernism that doesn't make much sense. There are in fact users basically exclusive to some subsections (polidicks/rust/GMod all have a vastly different array of posters) but it's very rare to have users that exclusively post in any one given section/thread. So, if that's the case, then you ban them in general anyways because it doesn't really make sense to just ban them from that one thread, in my mind. It makes sense in reddit's case as each subreddit is almost like it's own forum. But each subforum here is exactly that, a subforum of the larger forum, facepunch. They're all interlinked by the common thread of the section they're in (SH/Polidicks/General are all under "Facepunch", Rust/GMOD/Prototypes are under "Facepunch Studios", etc.). If a user's being shitty enough to warrant a ban in one section, they probably deserve a site-wide ban anyways.
There's a clear pattern in this forum of people getting banned over controversial/ignorant posts that derail a thread. So basically you have people getting banned not because they broke a rule, but because of other people's dumb overreaction to their post. Personally I don't really think that's fair but what do I know.
Your pattern of repeatedly asking over and over "why was i banned ;-; pls give me fifteen concrete examples of specifically breaking the rulez" is incredibly irritating and gets absolutely nobody on your side.
I don't think you all understand or grasp how much of a basket case ASIC was in that TF2 thread. It's not banning, it's barring someone from posting in a thread because they simply cannot help themselves. Somewhat in this case either side could not help themselves. Though rare we've done this before, it's because the other option is pressing the ban button - don't talk to me about whats fair. If you think moderating is all about pressing the ban button, i have bad news for you. This isn't some foreign concept, it's pretty much this. https://i.imgur.com/3lsjolJ.png Are u going to question some actual decent moderating? lol
allow him to post there and instead get pbanned when he cant stop fucking up and then the problem is forever solved
Yeah but this is for BAD users / trolls / assholes ASIC couldn't take any hints about how much grief he was causing, that would have been too easy and unfair.
Hmm if only we had a thing called a block button 🤔 too bad FP has never had that
Yeah real smart big brains, bet you thought this post was clever users that blocked asic still saw his posts when others quoted him
What am I supposed to say in response to all this? (I can respond to 2 bits of this though). I believe what you are saying isn't true. But I can't disprove it, at least not in a reasonable time frame. What you are saying about me is too vague to address. I can ask you to prove what you say. But similarly this would be unreasonably hard for you. I don't think you could do it in a reasonable time frame. So what can we do? I can ask you for a single or few examples of what you say. We can go in some dumb back in forth argument, where we both claim to be right. That's all I can think of. On ignoring arguments. I'm not sure exactly where you are referring to this happening, but I can explain why it happened. I don't purposefully ignore people. But I often talk to a lot of people at once in arguments. In the random crit thread for example, I was talking to (IIRC) over 20 different people. I simply can't respond to everyone, and given enough posts I will start to miss things. The background was a joke. Other guys did things in much worse taste (like calling me a child molester), so I thought it would be ok.
Wow that totally doesn't sound like a design flaw or anything
probably take it to PMs
Yup, had this done to me by Postal. Except he also banned me for month on top of it.
(At one point?) that was actually his unban condition for me. I do not think those users would block me, even if it blocked quotes. It's not about capability, it's about desire. And they did not want to leave me alone. It is like they would go out of their way to be upset. I can give a lot of examples of this. A broad example. In the random crit discussion thread, there were several users who spent most of the thread insulting me. That's two months. They clearly lost interest in the thread topic. At the beginning when I realized this I suggested that they leave, but they didn't want to. A more specific example. A month back I made a thread, and a bunch of them showed up to insult me. They even called out my thread in the tf2 thread.
I'm more surprised this ban has lasted for years, ostensibly, but also it's getting kind of personal at this point, so I suggest ya'll... also since we're talking about ASIC can we apprecciate the fact asic made a thread who's ID was "buttt" because that is just great and I thought it was funny 🍷
I'm fairly certain that I gave the mods hints, even a while before they banned me. Like in the random crit thread, I know I told a few mods about the threadshitting some users were doing. They didn't do anything about it, and just let it spiral out of control.
Genuine friendly suggestion ASIC, but you should probably take a bit of a break from the forums (or at the very least learn to control yourself to not fixate your time on the TF2 thread). I don't believe in things like users not being able to respond on things that reference them or dogpiling them in general either, but for the benefit of yourself and everyone it's best to let things go, move on and wait till everything cools off. Clear your head, self-reflect and let time ease things for yourself. For better or worse FP (and I think every community in general) always had users with reputations attached and become a punchline on a joke if they have a persistent or significant presence. It's one of those things you can't control when something just happens with you and the community. If there are any genuine vitriol and actual flaming involve, I think you can report or contact a mod about it. If you don't think they're giving you fair treatment on those, you can probably discuss those directly with examples here.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/273775/eebbec92-2027-4192-b556-db7145dfcd93/SEE I TOLD YOU.gif
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