• When the experimental removal of the Videos subforum end?
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@garry , you removed the Videos section to see if it would have been a good change. Several months later it's somewhat tolerable with the [Video] tag but I would say the vast majority of users would prefer it to be back.
@garry @Hezzy Since OP mentions don't work
Like Garry would ever see this, he doesnt even use the forum.
Honestly I think you'd have better luck flicking a penny down the well for how well overwhelming community opinion effects the forum's direction.
The mobile site is still fucked. Despite the fact that the vast majority of web traffic is on mobile devices. And has been for years. He also doesn't know what reddit is for despite the fact that he thinks it's for long form discussion (Where he got this idea from is... questionable) . He's legitimately lost touch in an embarrassing way.
I think a more pressing question is: will the forums will be shutdown?
He's so lucky to have found independent success, how could Garry work in serious environment like running something like battle.net forums.
So it's not just me. Damn pages keep refreshing every so often for no reason when I browse on my phone. I have no idea why - no other site does this.
If Garry behaves in real life anything like the way he behaves online, he is way too much of an immature fucking baby to ever hold a job where there's somebody above him to call him out on it.
Such a shame.
Two victories in one week, nice
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