• [VIDEO] Switch Emulation 40-100% Performance Improvement in Most Games
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Pretty fucking amazing, though I wouldn't have it replace my actual switch
Isn't this based on Citra, the 3DS emulator, which itself is based on some shady stuff?
The Switch is more than just its games, so I don't think the emulator aims to be a "replacement".
aye this itches me pegleg, can't wait to set sail. yaaarrr... Oops, I mean, hah, technology sure is amazing, aren't they?
Isn't 'shady stuff' how emulators basically work though?
Man, Nintendo never have time to rest when it comes to emulators. They're always one of the first in the console space to get their systems emulated. Not sure why, is it because their system architectures have much in common or are people just more determined to reverse engineer their stuff? Or maybe internal dev documents get leaked more easily?
Nintendo always goes for significantly lower specs than the other consoles, which makes them cheaper to produce, and they often make their money back a lot quicker if not immediately, over other consoles.
Makes me wonder though, how many people who use these emulators actually rip the ISO from the games they own? I know I've done so for a couple in the past to save time, but I can't imagine the percentage of people doing it legit to be remotely high.
It's definitely used as a scapegoat for most people, especially on YouTube and Twitch. "hmmMMMM why do you have an iso of Super Mario Sunshine on your desktop??" "i copied it from my game disc bruh" "oh ok"
Oh yeah probably, I mean I've possibly maybe downloaded the ISOs of games, some of which I have the physical disc for, but probably maybe chose not to rip them.
Shame there currently seems to be no support for xenoblade chronicles 2, but time will tell.
Even if it eventually becomes completely accurate, the fact that the Switch is a handheld plus its features like the joycons means it won't be obsolete.
I admit I am thinking of getting a switch emulator, but I only wish it to play Breath of the Wild at a wonderful 60 FPS. I already have it, it's just that playing it on the switch (big screen) or on the portable game console leads me to having to suffer. I know it's a bit irrational but I truly wish to try it sometime on heavier and more capable rig.
Open-source emulators like Dolphin go out of their way to develop techniques that don't use copyrighted binaries and other types of digital stuff. For example, some time ago it was necessary to dump files from an actual Wii console, in order to emulate sound properly. It's shady, but it's legal. On the other hand, there's stuff like CEMU, that's rumored to be based off devkit documentation and software
I'd guess less than 1%. Keep in mind that in order to technically stay within the boundaries of copyright you really need to make the copy yourself. I doubt 99.9% of the people who have cartridge roms have the tools needed to dump them.
Cemu's current state makes it a nearly flawless experience, if you got a decent mid-range PC you can play it at a smooth 60fps on 1440p/1080p (potentially 4k too but you might want to stick to a 30fps lock if you don't got a top of the line rig). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyz5zG_txsA Follow these guides if you want to get started https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31T6eFYqm8s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9Kdlijo4Oo
Cemu's pretty great for botw. You can also use the ps4 controller's gyro to do the same controller aiming in the switch.
I didn't realize botw was running 30 fps until I read about that after playing for about 20 hours. The only places where it really shows fps problems is korok forest and riko village.
IMO Nintendo console gimmicks do a better job deterring people from emulation than any anti-piracy measure, especially with the handhelds. That said I am excited to see this emulator develop and will probably check it out when the compatibility is better. Won't replace my Switch either but I'll probably use it to play modded games.
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