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https://discord.gg/FftyAP4 working during Sundays
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107219/ff1eda92-ed74-45ba-a093-2519a8e6e67c/is he made of hot dogs or are hot dogs made from him he screams for he does not know.jpg
wtf i made a thread too
Tomorrow brother and I will see the Broly movie. Its a latino tradition to see EVERY Dragon Ball movie ever, I think my mum took me to the cinema to see the Z movies as a little wee lad and since then I haven't stopped.. I think?
i hereby declare this thread the customer edition thread
goddamn that agdq donation tracker was on fire
you wield the true power now
gn, remember to stay hidrated
I want to feel bad for maddox, but every time I almost feel bad for him, I remember that he fucked over a bunch of people for no good fucking reason and I just can't.
e stands for good night
discord's gif button is responsible for the recent rise of lame reaction images from tv shows
It's like seeing the Twitter replies in action. Though I mostly see people shitpost with it.
I'm just using it to post cute stuff, also flying home soon.
Basically I'm fucking gay
Hi fucking gay, I'm airport.
Haha, my main PC is fucking alive again. Two days not connected to any power, a reset of the CMOS, and a hearty whack on the side got it to comply again. I swear this damn thing is undead.
Ah yes, the two greatest words in the English language: "emergency lights".
The universal solution, just smack a bitch.
Just bought the tickets. Now we wait for the movie... What I dislike the most is that the sub versions of movies are always at 9PM.
dragons dogma a game where you make the perfect wife thne share her with strangers
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ex_DEhq6C8 tfw qpu aligned
hello 🐶
Well, a customer just called me to inform me that yesterday we made some massive mistakes at the register when she made her purchases. I'm not exactly surprised since our inventory system is just all out of wack in general, not to mention a lot of items being mislabeled. Just promised her I'd do everything in my power to try to fix things and find a way to compensate her because I empathise with her situation. It's a bit unfortunate for me because this is 0% my fault plus I'm working solo today (we were already understaffed even when we were two employees present at any time) so I might have to stay a bit later to help her out. Thankfully I don't mind as much when it's my last day of work for the week but it's just a whole "meeeeeeeeh" situation overall.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1717/ce832e87-12fd-49de-939f-c96afcaf4e09/1748781_0.jpg Oh good heavens, look at the time
I'm really not liking the changes to UI for Android 9, feels floatier and less intuitive. To stop apps from the list of active apps, for example, one can only swipe up, rather than left or right as in previously
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