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good night
This place is going so fast, nobody will know I'm Captain
mt gf calls me into the loungeroom. theres a big fuck off cockroach on the wall so i go to spray it without any foresight. it flyings off the wall as soon as a i start spraying directly into my mouth, i spit it out and it climbs onto my shirt. i brush it off and it is no where to be found, completely disappeared.
helo thar https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/226487/98ee12a8-eee5-48d1-a705-7c9e040bb09e/JCDenton2.png
Behold, I am now in Britainland
using data?
swedes, brits all the same no sir don't trust a single one
You should probably ask who's hair it is first before you get all rude about it?
why are you here
It feels good to finally have good internet https://i.imgur.com/q8BCliq.png
Maybe caffeine is now bad for me I used to have some cappuccino and sit down and write pages, now, when I have caffeine in my system I feel less able to use my brain in general. I don't get it
If I have caffeine, I want to take a nap.
Your body can, over time, build up a tolerance towards things like caffeine. As a result, once that tolerance reaches a certain point, the effects of caffeinated drinks will either be non-existant or act differently compared to what you're used to. In this case, it used to help you focus when writing pages, but now it doesn't.
i have 10 diamonds, hmu with some cute animal pics if you want one
I have no money so I guess I'm not having dinner tonight...
https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/286904679290503168/534432886439280640/tumblr_pgpafi1YW51xoyw8po1_400.gif Snow pupper.
that is a v good snow pup
do FP coins work?
job trip, staying in London until friday
I'm guessing you don't have the means to make something at home instead of ordering out?
don't have anything to cook, and don't have the money to go grocery shopping or order out.
Well, shit. I hope you can figure something out then, hopefully you can find something that doesn't need to be cooked and can at least hold you over for tonight.
oh dear, that's an awfully long time to be staying in london
The fact that netflix still has a DVD-by-mail service for the MAJORITY of it's titles is absolutely fucking pathetic
about 22 more hours and I'll be 25 I should probably be adulting now
I am SO CONFUSED so mmod is compatible with minerva so I download minerva and start the mmod version compatable it crashed on startup so I start vanilla minerva so it can generate any files it may need to and it starts fine then I start mmod again and it still crashes so I go to the mod db page and get a patch still crashes so I look in the readme and it says if I get this error that means its installed on the wrong drive so I check and no it is all correct so I validate game cache 2 files failed to validate okay that was the issuNOPE IT STILL CRASHES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6QBqCNuB3g
http://puu.sh/CAO8I/691cb30c12.jpg i'm so fuckin PUMPED WHERER'D I PUT MY $18 DOLLARS
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