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Well, shit. I hope you can figure something out then, hopefully you can find something that doesn't need to be cooked and can at least hold you over for tonight.
oh dear, that's an awfully long time to be staying in london
The fact that netflix still has a DVD-by-mail service for the MAJORITY of it's titles is absolutely fucking pathetic
about 22 more hours and I'll be 25 I should probably be adulting now
I am SO CONFUSED so mmod is compatible with minerva so I download minerva and start the mmod version compatable it crashed on startup so I start vanilla minerva so it can generate any files it may need to and it starts fine then I start mmod again and it still crashes so I go to the mod db page and get a patch still crashes so I look in the readme and it says if I get this error that means its installed on the wrong drive so I check and no it is all correct so I validate game cache 2 files failed to validate okay that was the issuNOPE IT STILL CRASHES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6QBqCNuB3g
http://puu.sh/CAO8I/691cb30c12.jpg i'm so fuckin PUMPED WHERER'D I PUT MY $18 DOLLARS
WOW OKAY so I had to install the singleplayer Source SDK Base 2013 for it to work. MMod for hl2, its episodes, lost coast, and update does not need SDK base. Minerva by itself does not need SDK base. MMod Minerva needs SDK base. No where is this stated in the readme and I had to dig through gameinfo.txt to find it. NICE
can i go live with you il lhelp do the dishes also hello 🐶
me no gay grrr
Theres a retarded cat on twitter its a good twitter account
I think a Municipality in my city began using drones with facial recognition to stop crime, when I check the news and sources, I'll come back.
fucking bored aaaaa
Holas. How's going?
I'm playing Mother 3.
No Crying Until the End
But what about Chapter 1?
finally coming to finish me off
Come do it shift thanks.
This is important https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/57873/65743620-27ca-4180-9999-6cbd734d4249/20190122184209_1.jpg
Compared to this time last night its almost summer like because they remembered to turn the heat on. It was so cold that my mouse was making the same skittering noise that a squirrel or chipmunk would make. Poor little guy was pleading with me to do SOMETHING about how cold it was. Only thing I could do was wrap a sweater around the lower quadrant of his habitat(so the openings in it for air were not obstructed) to build up some warmth for him. Thankfully the little fella is fine now but holy shit did I feel lousy because I was at a loss for what to do.
I'm not allowed at the fair the local Catholic church holds here in August after I called a priest a nerd on Reformation Day.
could someone put me to sleep with a really gay punch to the face thanks
here it comes
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