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I gave up on GTAO a while ago, it's just not worth the grind now. And IMO quite a few of their recent content updates just feel copy/pasted. I've had much more fun with modded single player (LSPDFR is pretty good). But I think online can be fun in short bursts if you have a group of friends to mess around with.
ye GTA Online is most fun with friends cause fuck trying to do heist with randos the more i fuck around in online the less interested in replaying the single player i become, its my fucking curse I just want to drive around like a complete fucking idiot in a godamn mad max car without paying the millions of ill-gotten hackerbucks in my virtual bank account
I'm kind of the opposite now, after spending so much time in MP I pretty much exclusively stick to SP. I think GTAO started out pretty fine, but everything is so out of control now with pricing. Of course that's not saying you -have- to buy it all, but it's still such a massive grind to make any progress. And without any friends it's a waste of time, since that community is so awful.
Remember the mod for oblivion that gave horses arsholes
More on the expensive side, but Apple's earbuds are crazy good IMO.
oooooh my god re2 it's so good, i'm gettin the same vibes i got from REmake back in 2002 (and that's p much my fav RE version)
Chilean politics are a complete joke. I want to feel involved in the political world, but it seems it always ends to "meme - meme reply- ad infinitum".
just vote for the environment party, that's my plan for the foreseeable future
That party gets nore than 10% of the votes? Last election two hard communist/socialist ran for presidency and they got less thab 5% combined
whatever the hell Deponia: the complete journey is its currently free on Humble Bundle rn get on that shit
ours has 1 seat in parliament there are 230 seats https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/114748/6c38d79d-649f-44a0-9a58-62c918a1e09b/image.png :heart_eyes: I do legitimately believe the PAN makes good efforts. With their one seat they've managed to spread buncha water fountains for animals around city centers, so that at least they don't die of thrist. It's by far the most ambient inclined party, naturally, so it's the one I'd support. Realistically though, when I'll vote, I'll prolly just vote for the one in power ATM, they've done a good job so far.
neat, they seem to be doing a good work despise their low numbers in parliament. Maybe they can slowly build a follow up and gain two or five seats.
And I'm back in Sweden again. London in itself architecturally and infrastructurally was nice, but the mornings and afternoons was hell for a hillbilly like me, especially the London Underground. This is what I'm used to: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e7/Main_street_Nybro_Sweden.JPG This is what I arrive to: https://airqualitynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/london-underground.jpg https://static.standard.co.uk/s3fs-public/thumbnails/image/2016/05/06/15/tube.jpg?w968 Just holy shit, on the first day I was stressed out of my mind trying to follow my collegues, arrive on time and get a sense of where I was actually going, while feeling like I was about to get trampled by the like 5000 other people trying to do the same
I remember being attracted to Jamie Lynn Spears and feeling weird about it because she was underage but she's a few months older than me. That's when it's okay, kid-brain.
never should have come here
Modern Haley Joel Osment looks like a guy I'd want to shoot beer cans off a stump with.
So much for playing Anthem today. The damn servers are so overloaded that I can't even login on my Origin account.
Share thoughts later! I enjoyed Andromeda enough that I'm still hopeful for Bioware, so I'm very curious for Anthem
Don't worry, I will. If I ever get the chance to log in.
woo back home now i can make some coffee and fire up REvilhazard 2
I got the anthem closed alpha ages ago but didnt play it
play me
play yourself
I feel fucking s t r o n g. I haven't done this exercise in forever. I'm ready to show my physique and make even Aquaman jealous of my "abs".
Hello .
Hola. How ya' doing?
I'm good. Playing Street Fighter EX.
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