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RESEARCH YOUR PROFESSORS Look at their ratings online. Figure out how they teach and give assignments. Figure out how they grade. See if they can even be approached without being a total dick to you. Seriously, I have been in many classes where I wished I looked up the professor or even asked around before signing up for classes. A bad professor can make a relatively ok class into the bane of your existence. It sucks when you can do everything right and still have a professors shitty teaching practices to blame for a mediocre or bad grade. "Everyone went to the department to complain. Being the vindictive person he is, he went out of his way to give our class Cs. (No D's or F's, that would make him look bad) Seriously if he is the only option for BRM, WAIT UNTIL NEXT SEMESTER. We stayed hopeful and now our GPA's have tanked, including straight A students and future interns. 79.9 C" This was a review for a professor I was about to take a class with. I read this and even talked to the guy that was in the exact class this shit happened in. I switched for a better professor and actually got someone that taught me so much and I left with an A. I have more stories pertaining to this kind of stuff but seriously trust me. You are paying for school, which means you should at least be getting a competent professor. Do your research.
I fully agree with this, I was a fairly bad student at first en tended to cram all my semesters worth of learning in a week and it got me stressed to the point where id start crying because i spilled a glass of water. Dont get to that point, once i started spreading my courses and actually doing work over the year it was so much easier to stay motivated and stay mentally sound
Doing things everybody else here has said will lead to a very happy and fulfilling college experience; if you were a loner through highschool, you'll probably flourish in freshman year. Just don't fuck around with drugs and booze. Have fun, yes; relax on weekends, yes; but find your limits and abide by them like the law. At best, just satisfy your curiosities and then leave it alone until you're done with school. It is very very easy to fall into some extremely damaging habits and relationships that the high just isn't worth.
Lessons I learned after dropping out and then going back to university doing better than ever. Pay attention in class/take notes I regret being a spoiled kid who blew off classes because i didn’t care. Learn how to manage your time. Set a specific time everyday to do homework. You’ll actually have more free time if you do some work everyday, rather than cramming last minute. Be proactive.Start conversations with everyone during orientation. Join clubs/events, talk to everybody, this is important for your emotional and social growth. Start doing some sort of excercise. Yoga is fantastic for keeping your mental health in check while feeling good. Relax. Your life is so much more than college.
I don't know if anyone can help me with this since I'm a graduate student, but how do I go about looking for internships as an engineering grad student? It seems that everywhere I look is only looking for undergrad so I'm at a loss as to what to do.
Find some mentors, doesn't have to be your advisor or even another professor. Having a mentor you can go to for in-person advice/guidance is extremely helpful. Even if it is just another person a little ahead of you working on the same degree. A good mentor won't only help you academically but they will also help you network and improve as a person in other aspects. I benefited more from having a trusted prof to talk to in undergrad than I did from many of my actual courses.
People have already given a lot of different tips. Probably, what I add will not be new. But just be yourself and try to do everything in your power. Enjoy life and make maximum efforts to study, but you need to remember about good sleep.
Do paid internships before you graduate. I attribute a lot of my own success to my ability to persevere. I have social anxiety disorder and had zero connections, but managed to get three excellent full time internships. If I could start over as a freshman again, I would focus on addressing my social anxiety instead of obsessing over my gpa. I'd join a Toastmasters club, improv club, and career oriented frat.
Keep in mind your withdrawal periods for all classes. Its usually around the 60% mark of the way through the semester. Withdrawals are nice since if you realize that you weren't prepared enough for a class, life comes up, etc, you can at the very least save your GPA (High GPA = Better transfer scholarships) I know that Illinois has Phi Theta Kappa, if you're in a state that has a program like that, they award you scholarships that you wouldn't normally get for being in their honors program.
Is Community College only worth it if you eventually transfer?
It sounds simple, but ration the time you need to spend on homework/essays a few days prior to the due date. It will keep the stress off, plus give you some wiggle room if something comes up or you need to fix something. So many of my friends stress out pulling all-nighters right before something is due, but life is much easier if things are done in advance.
If studying abroad is an opportunity available to you take it. Having international experience particularly in countries a little off the beaten path looks really good on a resume. Study hard and know where you're going to prioritize your efforts, at the beginning of each semester I'd pick a couple classes that I'd bust my ass in and one or two that I'd do good work but not necessarily my A game in. Shoot for a 3.0+ and socialize as often as possible. The larger a network of people you know in both your field and ones related to it the better. Also party hard dude, it's a great way to meet people and there's an insane amount of fun to be found in just going with the flow. Try new things I can't stress that enough! Do some stuff that's out there and remember the three rules: No deaths, no pregnancies, no cops. You'll have a killer time.
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