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I killed old thread. Here's the last past (me) from previous thread There's nothing wrong with having a preference for Asian girls anymore than there's anything wrong with having a preference for blonde girls. It doesn't make you creepy or racist
If that's your preference then go for it, but as with anything else in the whole sexual preference category you should keep it to yourself or be prepared to be shunned.
I'm dumb
I agree, but if you're someone who's dated only asian chicks, it's obvious you have a preference, and i dont think that makes you creepy
I'm not racist, but I love pineapple on pizza
Yeah but in aggregate it the effect is pretty creepy for Asian girls and really you shouldn't transplate ideas from porn and try and transfer that to actual relationships because people are a lot more complicated than that, especially when a lot of race fetishism is based on narrow stereotypes that usually betray the real life diversity in people.
WTF does this have to do with thinking Asians look good?
Common folk willl think sex tourist if you flaunt your thing for asians lol Hate to break it to you but the world isn't fair and failure to uphold appearances around these 'issues' is social suicide depending on your environment. read as advice not opinion.
What do you think a sexual fetish is?
Yeah that's the biggest issue right there Saying you don't find black women attractive is essentially saying you're a racist in some people's minds, and even the rest won't exactly come to your aid. Best to never tell anyone
I wouldn't expect someone to have a preference for blondes because they think all swedes make great meatballs and fuck like Kennedys. It's literally a physical appearance thing.
Too bad blatantly going for appearances is a red flag too
Not to be racist, but Asian people S̴ͪ̓̔̃̉̐ͭͮͯ͋̎̍̂͋̚̚͏҉̛͎̳̣̤̜̱͍͍̮̹̫Ủ̢̢̥̭̟̦̮̯̗̃̿ͣͫ͌̑͗̆̎̕̕U̵̟̫̠̪̎͋̊̋́ͫ̈́̍ͫṴ̵̧͙̦̦̹͓̬̻̜͍̖̜̦͊̂ͤͤͪ͂̈ͬ̃̇̍̓͠U̴ͬ̌̋ͣ̏̇̃̃̑̒ͧ͋̊ͫͨͮ̓͆̚҉҉͈̮̲͖̘͕̱̻̻̗͇̩̙̝̟Ư̴̦̙̥̬͎͕̞̻͔̭̠̥̹̜ͤͫ̽̀́̏U͗̀́̿̆̑͑ͣ̇ͭ͐͌̿̚҉̶̣̼͔̲̬̱͉̜̤̗̭̫̱̣͚̯̰͇̣̀U̙̳͇̼̹͛̌̄ͧ̆͊̉͂͌ͧ̅͜͠͡Uͪ̐̎ͯͪ͆͆̏ͤ̋̆̽ͬͧͨ̕͞҉̣̦̙̝͍͔͎̮͕̲̝̯͇͙̠̖̣Ũ̷̴̮͈̲͎̫͖̩͓̙̬̲̲̺̃̇̊̃̊ͬ͜͡ͅǓ͖͔͕̦͎̙̯̣̘͍̃̂͒̓̂͗̉̔̃̓̆͌̕͟Ū̴̴̧̖͍̞͍̰͍͍̘̗̀̆͌͐̕͝ͅU̲̦̠̹̖̞̻ͩ̿̽͊̆̐̈ͩ͐ͣ͆̓̓͘͢͝U̜̼̹̞͍̼̳͕̲̭̠̬̹̬̠̻̞̬͖ͨ̃̀̓̿ͮ̉͊̀̀̚͝
It's not just a physical appearance, race is a loaded bucket of worms and it tags along in dating/relationships. Full disclosure because it honestly feels like a key perspective is being lost here; I'm an Asian girl, for some people I don't look it because I'm a tom boy, and growing up in the US wasn't conducive to a rail thin frame. that hasn't stopped it from turning dating into a minefield, I've had past boyfriends/SOs/dates make bizarre fetishy remarks about "bagging an Asian" and characterize me as some sort of exotic delicacy without an ounce of self awareness. A few times I've had people "call bullshit" on my race because of my appearance. I've had guys come onto me /send DMs with the presumption that me being asian means I'm a "cute submissive waifu Uwu" like where my parents came from makes a me separate breed of dog of a different temperament. And no, you can just buy hair bleach at walmart.
mall goth is gonna come back and its gonna be awesome
Shunned by who? lol why would someone shun you for your tastes thats stupid
A big part of that preference prob comes from porn or pop culture
Liking asians because you have this conception theyre sexually provocative is different to, say; fixating on specific features of asian people as if its a fetish. Like if you have a fetish for ivory hair, slanted eyes, sure, that ties into partialism but idk - 'asian people' is not a fetish really now is it?. I think people all over the world are attractive, doesn't mean I have a human fetish lol. Fetishes are far more peculiar than thinking a race is attractive Think of fetishes, you've got Bondage Age play Voyeurism Asians I think one of those doesn't quite fit..
I'm not racist but Asians are pretty cool.
I get the unhealthy fetishism for asians exists, but for me it just comes down to me finding the particular features of asian people attractive. Nothing more, nothing less.
I find people who unironically believe we should do away with freedom of speech and/or enact some manner of capital punishment for people having the wrong ideas equal parts pathetic and horrifying. "Buh, but being polite no work!!1! When Trump get impeached, we should make MAGA hats ILLEGAL and put his supporters in CAMPS." Fuck you, be better. We claim to be better, so be better. I want to believe these feelings are bubbling up out of anger and frustration and that people don't seriously believe we should make thought-crime a real thing, but anyone who legitimately believes this shit has become the monster they seek to destroy. Some people are just shit humans who are too far gone, but human beings are infamously fluid creatures. People can change and grow and evolve and better themselves, ignorance can be fixed without cold-cocking someone in the back of the skull with a bike-lock, and sometimes peace and love actually are the answers (as hokey as that sounds in today's climate): How One Man Convinced 200 Ku Klux Klan Members To Give Up Their ..
It just depends why you're into them Is it because you find them beautiful? Not a fetish Is it because Asians are supposedly submissive, a rare exotic dish to show your friends? Definitely a fetish
Yeah, I may have a soft spot for short, dark haired, bright-eyed pale chicks with medium-to-big tits, that doesn't make it an eponymously named fetish, nor does it make it any creepier when I flirt with such girls than when I do with tall dark-eyed blondes. Just like there's a difference between having a preference for chubbier people and being a fat fetishist. One is something that will make you slightly more attracted to and interested in certain kinds of people, the other is more of a sexual obsession. The same goes for non-physical traits, too. Being more interested in people who are intorverted doesn't necessarily mean one wants to prey on them. They might just be more comfortable with that sort of person than in those with a booming personality. So I don't see anything wrong with preferring traits that happen to be mostly represented in certain ethnicities. That's not the same thing as constructing a false image of everybody in them based on stereotypes.
I don't think there's anything wrong with finding certain racial traits attractive, as long as you don't base your sexual preferences off of stereotypes or racial assumptions.
Ice cream is the ideal dessert since it's the best contrast after a full meal, due to being easy to ingest, and cold being a good contrast to a hot dinner. Other kinds of dessert feel like side dishes that happens to be sweet. (Other desserts are still awesome such as cakes, but it's more on that they feel like something better to be eaten by themselves as a snack or being lunch themselves, else they're too heavy for full meals at dinner.)
I swear, this week end I'm going to buy myself a pizza and put on it chunks of both pineapple and bacon, plus some pepper and eat it. I'll probably end up disowned by my countrymen, but I adhere to a strict "If possible, always form your own opinion on something first-hand" principle. If you want, I can promise to post a photo as proof
If your fellow Italians ever disown you, just let them know this exist and they'll quickly forget about pineapple pizza because they'll witness a true abomination https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e5gTx1fVU4 (also bacon pineapple pizza is awesome)
I excommunicate both these heretics
No, I totally get that a large part of the population of people who self-declare that they like Asian girls is creepy as fuck, I'm just saying that one does not necessarily imply the other. I think, conversely, that it's racist to assume that there's nothing someone could find PHYSICALLY attractive in Asian people. If I were to say "I like blonde girls with huge tits", the response might be "Hell yeah dude me too", but if someone says "I like Asian girls", the assumption is that it has nothing to do with physical appearance but instead some weird racist mental hangup (which is probably deserved since there ARE a lot of weird white guys out there like that), but the benefit of the doubt is given to white girls but not anybody of any other race. Really the same thing applies with liking black girls ("Oh you have jungle fever??"), Latina girls, Indian, etc. etc. etc. The assumption is that since non-whites aren't considered conventionally attractive, anybody attracted to them must be some kind of fetishist. Where I'm coming from: I just read an article on some clickbait website about how Mark Zuckerberg listed "asian girls" under his interests on his Friendster profile back in the early 2000s before Facebook, and the author of the article was shaming him for it, and implying he's some kind of sexual deviant and a racist. This is a total possibility (and, given experiences like your own, perhaps a statistical probability), but I contend that it's not a necessity. My Fiancee is Thai, and she's the exact opposite of all those stereotypes you listed, and I love that about her. I'm not with her because of some fetish or because I believe she'll be a quiet subservient housewife, but because I love her and think she's beautiful. She's too much of a bad bitch to fall into those stereotypes
on the topic of ice ceram, I've already said this, but I like everything about ice cream expect the cold. Yes, I am aware, it's supposed to be cold. It's in the name, Ice Cream. But it's usually so unbearingly cold that my teeth can't handle it and start hurting like FUCK. Specially after a hot meal, that shit's dangerous! If I got icecream at home (and decide to eat it) I'll heat it up. If I have to get it elsewhere I just wait for it to melt.
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