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Oh yeah glad you mentioned that, I remember it being the case too during 2000s to early 10s 4chan too yeah. Guess it's better to clarify modern day /pol/ became satirical to genuine. I think if there's one thing that makes OIFY less suspect to the same fate, it's because it's mostly only known to the older members, and newer FP members are attracted more to its games like Gmod, TF2 and Rust more than anything else, the second being perhaps general, LMAO specifically. And if there is one distinct thing, even if Poe's Law is applied, there's a certain 'air' when it comes to /pol/ posts and it's very easy to tell which one is genuinely trying to spread genuine political ideals and, ones that are just being funny edgy jokes, which is often more obvious on how people post in the OIFY.
"I'm loyal" we get it bro...you ugly...you barely gettin offers
Probably in this universe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRJcMIDx5Wc
1 of the 6 we're currently in. Almost everyone around me has praised them and talked about how """"""amazing"""""" they are despite their actual horridness.
Video game marketing is unnecessary these days,at least for already established IPs and for well known studios. Apex Legends literally came out of the blue and gained 10 million unique players IN THREE DAYS and it's all because of the surprise of a battle royale game that attracted Titanfall fans and then attracted more people by word of mouth. Its the same with how Minecraft and Roblox became so huge,through word of mouth,through people checking the game out on social media. The only marketing the game got was a few big name streamers and YouTubers getting paid to play the game but this strategy is used for every new game released by an AAA company these days so its nothing compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on making E-Sports leagues and junk food advertising (cough Overwatch for example cough). A lot of people claim that a lack of marketing kills a game's sales,but there have been hundreds of examples where game despite being hugely marketed fails hard on it's face (Mass Effect Andromeda,Halo 5,Evolve,E.T. the game that almost fucking killed the video game industry).
OIFY works good as a containment board but a few members in particular can't keep it just to the OIFY. Sure, if you're posting in the oify itself it's fine, no problemo! It is a shitpost designated area. But that's not the problem. Newpunch added a rather nifty feature, pinging. " @Qbe-tex is a fag-lord. " being an unproper use of it, for the sake of argument. Of course, saying something like that, or hell most call-outs in fact, is a bannable offenses, so the system won't be abused. This, of course, is nullified by posting " @Qbe-tex is a fag-lord" in the OIFY, because no rules. So now, you've intentionally dragged someone who doesn't participate in the OIFY*, so you get a notification, end up clicking and woah now you're seeing botched surgeries, how nice! Pings in the OIFY shouldn't work, period. The OIFY does not have nearly enough people frequently visiting it to justify letting users ping each other. It's mostly the same 6-8 users posting there. If you start banning users for pinging people outside of the OIFY, that means you're banning on the OIFY, which kind of defeats the purpose of OIFY. TBH though I think Nachy put it best really: There's also a large difference in /pol/ and OIFY, /pol/ actually does house some abhorrent people with genuine beliefs, OIFY is just a satirical board where users can let loose with anything goes. It's a bit different compared to its CCOF-centric days, but it still retains mostly the same spirit. Interact with most of the regulars outside the board and they're just regular ol' chill folks. There was one user in particular who I just, was 100% sure was a prick based on OIFY posts, but then I chatted with him in the fp disc and well, turns out he's a totally normal dude. OIFY is a good venting chamber, I can't quite describe it but the ability to be able to shitpost wildly helps somewhat. It's very weird, I'm aware, arguably childish, but I don't know! Ultimately, outside of that pinging thing, it's kind of a harmless shitposting haven, if not a very erm, lifechanging one. Remove the ability to drag people who are not in the OIFY into it and it should work fine as a containment board. On the few occassions that users from there end up shitting up the main forums (like Bee York), they're usually banned quite swiftly, since the rules in place are harsh enough to filter out shitposters quickly. I feel although, for the sake of clarity, that I should say I've posted quite a bit in the OIFY. I'm not going to act like I'm a saint here either: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/114748/fd4d547f-5fb7-4829-81ce-9abc42abd54d/image.png here's me abusing the system I literally just fucking complained about. *I mean, you can click "Mark Read" but most times you don't even notice where the ping comes from, it's not something that's immediately noticeable.
Every company has their pros & cons, Apple’s are just more extreme. To say they’re anti-consumer is ignoring their track record in privacy, security, and update cycles. I also feel many learn to hate them for killing stuff like floppy drives, CDs, Flash... but never think back to realize we now agree with them. Just like with a Surface Pro, you’re not paying for the internals as much as you’re paying for the convenience, as well as the research and development costs that went into the display, materials, and making it all work—except they also have a monopoly on proprietary software. They have been raising prices with the decline in computer sales tho’—because users like me don’t need a new device to do the same thing.
you mean the ones that make their old devices slower?
I mean the ones that shouldn’t even work on old devices but they support them anyway. At least it’s optional in the interest of stability, my Nexus 7 doesn’t even boot after updating to the new OS. Contrast that with iPhone 5S from the same year still being supported.
literally only kept up to date to look slower than other devices. This is not a virtue on apple's part
Here's an unpopular opinion related to the black eyes peas: where is the love was their worst song I mean isnt it just a cover anyways? Their first big hit, their claim to fame, was a group of 'artists' singing someone elses song. It's not even like they were a band performing it, its like 4 people that just do vocals when they barely rap or sing, I just dont know why this song went off so hard and it was the main reason why they were so popular the following years. I'll take any of their other songs over that song
Instead of ending support to make them look outdated because... ? Next you can speculate their evil plan behind defending user privacy.
I'm not racist but what the fuck is an orange?
I really dislike it when restaurants have ridiculously long, 10 page menus. You go out to eat and you just can’t decide what you want; you are absolutely overwhelmed with choice so no matter what you do get, you’ll probably regret choosing it over something else. Doesn’t matter if it’s the local pub, an Indian restaurant or an Italian restaurant, they all do the same thing here. I’ve heard that quite a few restaurants in continental Europe, and France especially, tend to have menus with something like 3 entrées, 3 mains, 3 desserts, a house white and a house red, and that’s it. And I would love something like that. An entirely menu that can fit on a single page while remaining legible. And hell, if they still want to offer a larger variety of dishes, then have different menus for different days or different weeks. It’s a trend that goes beyond restaurants too, of course. Everything from breakfast cereal, to toothpaste, to versions of video games etc. It’s fucking terrible.
When it comes to kitchen knives, i feel like a longer handle (specifically, something comparable to a bastard sword) would be extremely beneficial when cutting certain foods. I dunno, i feel like when i'm working with tougher vegetables, having a katana grip would make my life a lot easier in terms of food preparation, but the hand-and-a-half length would mean that I could still cut meat and generally most things food related with one hand.
I hope Bernie Sanders/AOC, Juan Guaido and Benny Gantz win primary seats in their respective countries. After Trump, there is a real chance here to fundamentally refresh the politics of world-leading nations and other geopolitical giants. Out of the darkness of recent years there is a noticeable appearance of a familiar breed of politicians who are very reminiscent of Obama in many positive ways. And it's a welcome sight.
Obama was a proponent of neoliberalism like the Clintons or really any mainstream democrat. People tend to forget that because he was charismatic and appeared much more competent than Bush and especially Trump, who both have the reputation of being idiots. He's not a progressive at all, contrary to AOC/Bernie who advocate for significant change rather than sticking to the status quo.
I'm actually amazed at how poorly designed iTunes continues to be. It's in a state that was unacceptable more than a decade ago.
There is literally no reason for it to be as bad as it is/has always been. Forcing people to use the program is one thing but the fact they're forcing so many people to go through this shit, implies basically that apple fans either dont know better, or theyre aware and they have to deal with that shit they know sucks despite otherwise liking the device. Any angle you look at it, itunes and its levels of shit are just an embarrassment to those devices
Reddit is only good if you can find a niche but active subreddit. Unpopular opinion, I like the soundtrack to "Pokemon: The First Movie" and I think the animated film "Tales From Earthsea" by Studio Ghibli is an alright movie despite not being an accurate adaptation of the source material.
Many applications are like that these days. Eg the YouTube app on iOS is so poorly designed with vague gestures, video playback controls that obscure the video and have really slow animations to fade away, and links to other videos and comment replies taking up 60% of the screen, and are very easy to accidentally press. People talk about hostile design in architecture, but I swear hostile design is even more prominent in software. Or the best case scenario is that software designers are just clueless.
My Nexus 5 is still going strong in 2019 and it's much older than your 7 is.
I don't get it when people try to over analysed some art work and try to make it sound deep when its very plain and simple
on the other hand it's impossible to truly know whether that's the intended way to look at a work or otherwise, and one can ask if intention really means more than what you can personally take away from it. otherwise this is a pretty popular opinion at least around here
It actually bothers me when titles don't follow proper capitalization protocol. The Creamiest Dads Inside All of Europe, by Edward T. Doogals ^ That is a proper title. Sometimes there are Cookies And yellow is A Color maybe, by Notta Good Thinkr III ^ That is a freakin' train wreck.
Considering all the different takes on Transformers, I feel like the next inevitable TV series should acknowledge all the previous takes on the toy line in the form of a multiverse, but that's probably just me wanting to see a Beast Wars voice actor reunion.
bOtH aRe FiNe In My OpInIoN
all interpretations of art are valid
I think what's worse is people not wanting to admit that they've never learned the first thing about painting, read one paragraph about subtext in writing, or attended a single lecture on film, but still acting like the fact they don't see deeper meaning in something means it doesn't exist, not that they might not have a clue what indicates that it exists, because they have only a surface level familiarity with usage of the medium I believe this stuff when people can back it up, "I don't see the meaning here because X and Y" etc. When it's an effortless snipe, I'll take it as "I feel stupid that I can't see the meaning these people are talking about, and instead of putting in the time to think about it, I'm gonna try to make them feel stupid instead" It's the best of both worlds, you get to feel smarter than the people analyzing a thing while needing none of the effort it takes to actually analyze it
I have no issues with that, but when people try to over interpret a pretty linear and clear cut story/music/art/photo etc. and at times even the artist says that's the reason he imagined it to be, and people write a whole essay denouncing it and give their interpretation, it just seems very obnoxious.
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