• [KH3 SPOILERS] A recreation of a certain Disney scene
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...holy shit...
Files directly from Pixar this song gives my bad memories... every single time in the toy store...
It's amazing how far we've come in real-time rendering. Even if it's relatively easy to tell each other apart which one is in-game and the one from the movie, the game comes really damn close with the lighting, shading and clothing physics/animation. Especially the part where she starts making the ice stairs and castle.
I really want a new Shrek game right about now
i cant tell if they kept the hair mistake at 3:04 or not
If you slow it down to 0.25x speed you can see they actually changed the camera angle a bit to make her head hide the clipping
That is some terrible clipping.
Can't believe it's already been 6 years since this movie came out
wow so its been 6 years since one of my friends changed his avatar to cropped Elsa porn and got super buttmad when me and my other pals poked fun at it
Fuck me, Kingdom Hearts III looks gorgeous.
Wanted to not to click it because of spoilers, but then again the trailers did put up 99% of all the Disney worlds so why not?Unless I'm totally wrong and there are a few worlds the trailers didn't give out. Knowing it's Frozen in the thumbnail I kind of figured it'd be "Let it Go". But man holy shit. I know the design is very stylistic, but damn if the game did a spot on impression of the scene. Was that also Idina Menzel doing song again or a recording because that's almost close to the original recording. Not that I was a fan of the movie anyway so what do I know? We've come a long way in the video game industry if we came mimic a movie's graphics almost to perfection, especially a Disney movie which are known for quality animation.
Holy fuck. Unreal Engine really shows its power here. Would be really cool if they haven't had to use camera tricks @ 3:03 to hide switch to another Elsa model with different hair but I guess the technology isn't there yet. Now imagine if Disney didn't treat gaming consoles as the only gaming platforms...
I hope this is a sign that Kingdom Hearts 3 will have less moments like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZFRkIRS8No
It's just not possible to pull something like that off without full hair simulation which isn't viable real-time. It's too computationally expensive to calculate. It was very clearly intentional on the part of the animators. They do a lot to draw your focus away from the magic until the clipping has happened so you don't notice it unless it's pointed out. They most likely originally tried to get the hair to go over the shoulder but it just didn't work out. There's no way it's a mistake that was missed.
the mouth movement in the game looks off, did they animate her to the Japanese version of the song?
At first I thought it was about her right thumb briefly clipping into the ponytail lol Yeah something like that isn't an oversight, I'm guessing they already had the body motion done and it was easier to hide it than modify the motion at that stage
Yes, I had no doubt Kingdom Hearts III was going for an absolute graphical fidelity when it came to the Disney movies they picked. Especially since they chose to adapt only Disney-Pixar movies this time around (much for my annoyance, I'll admit). It's also worth mentioning that the series have always reached its low point in adapting Disney movies mostly when it came to crowd scenes. As in, in the Kingdom Hearts universe there are no beings beside the named characters. At any given time. If it'll have plot fidelity as well however, well that's another matter entirely.
Sorry for bumping but we've got fooled. It's a pre-render. A few frames got Autodesk Arnold watermark on top of it (render node lost connection to license server) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGcInOrqJpg
I had a hunch when I realize character models are lower quality during combat segments, I thought it was just LOD. Dang, this is one heck of a marketing trick to make the game appear more exquisite by not going all out with the pre-rendering so it appears to be in-game (also probably for consistency sake given how much cutscenes there are). The illusion would shatter with PC release.
Could you imagine how seriously awkward it would be if you were singing and then some creep like goofy and his weirdo followers, a half naked duck and a child suffering from starvation showed up?
Hearts... are like onions. *insert footage of Sora closing his eyes and resolutely bringing his hand to his heart*
I figured something was off pretty early on. It's not just this scene, but a few scenes are clearly pre-rendered because there is a noticeable quality difference in them compared to the in-game visuals The watermark thing is hilarious though, I wonder whose 'oops' that is and if they'll just leave it in despite being able to patch stuff like that out because they probably think most people won't notice it.
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