• [Video] "I'll just eat until I'm dead" - 600lb gamer addicted to food
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Man he's just given up on everything.
rising up like dough
I'm kind of amazed he actually has reasonable mobility. Often people that huge can barely stand but he moves reasonably quickly. Feel sorry for his dad. Yes he's enabling this but still. The guys attitude is terrible though, he doesn't seem to give a shit at all about his size and even seems to blame his dad for getting him the food.
600lb = 272Kg for lazy facepunchers
This is so infuriating to me, being able to see shades of my own NEET older brother in this dude. The understanding that his dad is enabling him, but the complete lack of self-respect, or drive, or whatever to do anything about it. It hits home a little too closely. I don't know what does this to a person, and it's really tough knowing that someone is so unwilling to take care of themselves, or work to better their situation in any way. It makes me so fuckin' sad.
How the fuck do you find any kind of fulfillment in that lifestyle? I had a gap year when I dropped out of college, tried to find work, failed and thus I spent that time just playing video games a bunch and you know what? That was fun for about a week. This guy not only ups the ante but weighs fucking 600 pounds to boot and LIKES IT.
I really need to work out. I'm a neet on welfare, so what's my excuse not to
Oh god he dumped salt onto a triple stacked mcdonalds burger what the fuck.
"If I could keep eating and not gain weight that'd be fantastic." Yeah no shit lmao
A lot of people(myself included) have issues with putting ourselves out there in society, I don't know whether it's depression, fear, or a mental condition that limits our ability to strive and live independently, but it's easy to get locked in a state where you resign yourself to what would seem to be a preventable fate.
That constant sad expression on his face of his really hurts to see. Makes me wanna do better.
Educating people about nutrition, exercising and healthy living is not fat-shaming. Education actually does something, fat-shaming is just mean and dumb and probably counterproductive, since it makes overweight people feel worse about themselves and less motivated to improve.
Yep, I can relate. I was miserable when I was a shut-in for half a year due to my massive anxiety issues. As soon as I was healthy enough again, mom convinced me to get right out and start volunteering again. And you know what? I not only immediately felt better, but within six months two of my three volunteer jobs led to actual paid positions. I'm going back to school in May and will hopefully get full-time at my main job within the year, and I'm exercising regularly for the first time in my entire life and hope to do my first 5K in the spring. And I can tell you right now I wouldn't be in this position if I had sat on my ass for a year and done nothing but play video games and surf the web.
God I absolutely hate the family that always enable these fucking people on these shows. Toughen up and stop enabling them to eat themselves to death. What are they gonna do, get up? Bullying people doesn't help and if anything just makes them develop more mental issues, and wanting to escape reality even more for many. If you want fatties to lose weight you encourage them in a way that doesn't just completely shame them or else the above is very likely to happen, making the situation even worse. Watching so many episodes of these shows myself you notice a pattern where they all had some kind of mental issue or childhood trauma as a kid and used food to escape. Bullying people can easily make them develop further problems.
wtf That's like, 4 of me. D:
There's literally one way around that. Get out, and do stuff. Become exposed to stimuli that currently are irritating. By doing it enough, you develop a "thicker skin" and can take more of it before being exhausted by it. Cognitive Behavoural Therapy is a fucking must in the west. We all have blind spots and gaps in our functional brains, and CBT is a fix for that, as well as for avoiding trying circumstances that are, before the extremely recent last couple of years, were common place elements of human interaction. I was an introvert, that is something in your power to change and control.
These posts hit home for me 2018 was a mess of a year for me cause I had so much free time and wasn’t able to get a good job almost all year. I became so used to just playing games and watching videos , till I actually had to liquidate my game consoles to pay bills and couldn’t really game anymore other than my pc. It really fucked up my motivation to do anything I wanted. I stopped editing videos, making music, pursuing any of my hobbies. Just this week got a new job with a company that is treating me right and I can already feel my motivation to do the things I love slowly creeping back. It’s scary how easily you can fall into a dark pit like that.
It hurts because the dad genuinely loves him unconditionally but is afraid of hurting him by trying to be forceful. He has to realize putting his foot down will ultimately save his life, his son has zero income and he literally dictates what he eats and how much he eats. I feel really bad for the dad but he can change this all single handed even if it would upset him, better his son hates him for like a year than him ending up dead before he's 40.
I can't imagine how he actually feels. I put on a bit of weight (lost what I put on though) and that weight made me feel physically like shit. I cut out most of the shitty fast food (have it from time to time though), cut out sodas, cut out most of the bad garbage, and within like a week or two I felt great. Eating all that fast food garbage really hurts you after a short period of time. I can feel the difference between eating decently and eating like utter shit. I also really enjoy playing video games and playing online, but I've gotten into a routine were I feel off if I don't run or workout in the morning. If I sleep in till 12 in the afternoon instead of getting up at 9 I feel like I wasted away my whole day. It's so weird going from a completely dysfunctional schedule to having a good schedule were you have a lot of positive activities involved. Don't get me wrong, I have my days where I just chill and binge watch a show or play video games all day. But, to do it every-single-day like I did in the past would really drive me nuts. MMO's were a big downfall for me a long time ago, glad MMO's kinda lost their charm for me and I stopped playing them all together.
Which ones heavier?
272kg is heavier than 600lbs, because kilograms are heavier than pounds
he's me multiplied by 6
Put some meat on them bones.
i'm working on it
272/6 = 45kg ???????????????
i'm actually like 57kg or there abouts, but yeah
the flexing gods i wish that were me unless you're a manlet.......
5'11 so yeah i'm a manlet
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