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It's finally time to publicly release an open beta for the Newpunch Droid app! What is Newpunch Droid? It's the new and improve fully native app for the Facepunch Forums. No webview wrappers! This app is right now in beta-ish Yes, the app is not done, but I felt it could be benificial to have people use it and test it, to better find bugs, and make sure every thing runs smoothly. The app is pretty limited as in, you cannot login. Some embeds are also not implemented yet, but most of them are. Wait, garry made no public api? How on earth are you doing this? Good question! I've made a web scraper for the forums, that pretty much turns it into an api. This does add a bit of latency, but not too much. This api is fully open source, and you can even host it yourself. I'm planning to add options in the app to select what api source you want, so don't have to rely on my own hosted one. What about iOS? I can happily tell, that there is actually planned one! I'm using the Flutter framework, that allows the app to run on iOS. The only downside right now, is I don't own a MacOS machine, to test it on. Alright, alright, but where can I get the app? You can get it on Google Play right now! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.apps.anker.flutterpunch Please note that the app is in early stages, and things will improve.
Neat! Dark theme when ;)
It is planned, but it's now highly prioritized. ;)
Have you considered putting this on fdroid?
No I have not. But it wouldn't be a bad idea. And thanks! I've also looked into how posting works, and it's going to be a bit more complicated than first expected.
I'm using Aurora (yalp based), but I know he mentioned it was open source, and I try to use fdroid when possible. Not really a big deal I just think it would be neat.
Thanks for the kind words! I hoping I can figure out how to make my own text editor, that can support the post format newpunch uses. Worst case would be making a "webview" editor, that uses the editor that fp uses, and do it like that, until i figure out a better way.
Embed test https://twitter.com/dasmikko/status/1093403614629036032
Now the app has simple embed support! When you click on the embed, it will try to use the correct app. Like if you click on a twitter embed, it will use your twitter app. This means a new update will be out soon! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/662/2f786ad6-1df4-4f0c-9d2a-6343f0a5d85c/2019_02_09_21_51_33.mp4
Another small update. Got tired of the loading animation, and felt like the app need a way to refresh the current page, so I implemented pull to refresh! Update is being pushed to Google Play. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/662/b146d12d-ca01-49e7-81bc-5fb6280c043b/Pull to refresh.mp4
I've finally gotten logging in to work! Now it just needs a little more polishing, and I will release a new update. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/662/20659213-6660-4dd1-8ad1-5814432da426/Screenshot_20190212-164713.jpg
After some polish, it think I looks pretty sweet. (And yes avatar is animated) New update is being pushed. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/662/adc2304a-b180-45c8-9e17-9718cd92fa0b/Screenshot_20190212-212314.jpg
Oh man, this new app is so much better than the last one, can't wait for the end results!
For some reason can't sign in through my email? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58144/358dd7d5-0cdc-45d3-b202-8a92bc5f89e2/Screenshot_20190212-223154.png
Can I have the link to that friend
Thanks! This means a lot! Could be possible. I would just rather focus on the core features right now. Oh shit, forgot to test google login! New update is being pushed right now, that fixes this. I was also thinking, would you guys be interested interested in donating money, into me buying a Macbook, so I could also make the app work on iOS?
I have added a donate link to the OP, paypal.me/newpunchdroid
Rating posts is mostly done now, it just need a warning message if you try to spend coins for diamonds. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/662/24ab3d20-7486-4f48-9a60-b999d9f7d7c8/2019_02_14_06_49_00.mp4
New update is being pushed, containing post rating! Should be online in the next few hours..
I've been experimenting with improving the post headers, so I would like to know your opinion, on this style. Should they be slimmer, or is it just too distracting? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/662/e2cebb7a-6321-421a-b76f-174853edd006/2019_02_14_16_59_17.mp4
Names are a little difficult to read overlaid on the backgrounds like that.
A black outline around the name could easily fix that. Besides this one point, I think it looks pretty snazzy!
flashback to 2011 when I was like FUUUUUUUUCK cuz my family has an iphone plan and all the cool FP apps were for android iOS navigation for newpunch is even more difficult than then cuz of the user backgrounds and the notification tray not even displaying looks like a good app tho props
Yeah, I'll have to tweak that a bit. A possible solution, and thanks! The app can theoretically run on iOS too. I just need a MacBook and an iPhone to test on. Unless someone else wants to build from my source and release it to the Apple store.
iirc it costs like $100 a month to stay up on the app store so Im not expecting a port as great as that would be
It's only $100 a year.
This is shaping up nice but please God expedite a dark theme. A black/red or black/green like I run is vital for comfortable browsing in my eyes. I get that's a surface level design choice and this is early stages for the app but I can put up with a LOT of jank if it means not wanting to puke while browsing. I'll keep the app around but probably won't use till this is fixed. Great job so far though!
Then I can happily say, that I will start working on showing the alerts that are here on fp, then I will start implementing a dark theme. I realized that, it would be easier to make it now, rather than later, as it's easier to style things twice while making the features now, rather than the whole app on a month.
The alerts feature is going steadily forward! Still need to cover all alerts, but it's starting to look like something. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/662/1fa5ec1d-8f31-4664-a5d2-3560d61cdb76/2019_02_15_17_07_30.mp4
Wouldn't it be better to pin the alerts on the main header next to the reload button?
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