• LMAO PICS v195: crime fortress 2
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MAIN RULES Normal FP rules apply. No complaining, no bitching. If you do have any objections/complaints/confusion with these rules take it to a mod. This thread has enough trouble getting derailed. Derailing/Bitching/etc AND posting content is STILL BEING AWFUL and you're banned. Replying to a LMAO pic once is not derailing, going down a chain of replies one after another without posting content will get you all banned. WHAT CAN I POST? Post funny images. Videos are ok, too, so long as they are funny. BUT no gore, distasteful, racist, stuff you wouldn't post in front of a mod team, etc No offtopic shit. This isn't a thread for discussing video games you like/hate or something you really liked when you were younger. This also means it's not a thread for cool cosplay pictures or for showing of some neat artwork (legos, sculptures, etc) or pictures of pets doing nothing funny. There are other threads for that, USE THEM Seriously if you don't contribute to the thread you may get banned - SO POST CONTENT. Loss posts no longer get you banned. Post cursed images at your own risk. WHAT CAN I NOT POST? Videos hosted on Reddit autoplay for some unknown reason. Do not embed these, but use a link instead. Posting enormous gifs will get you banned. Post .webm instead. Replying to someone's post with a reaction image is fine. Using an image macro to tell someone to shut up or call them a faggot isn't. Only report stuff that breaks these rules (reposting is not a valid report reason), we ban for dumb reports (like reporting a moderator for laughs please don't do this thanks). We have about half the mod team regularly reading this thread. Don't panic! PREVIOUS THREADS! -194 - LMAO PICS v194: yes -193-LMAO PICS v193: no - 192 - LMAO Pics v. 192: 🚗 IT'S TWINGO TIME 🚗 - 191 - LMAO Pics v. 191: New year's edition - 190 - LMAO PICS v190: you guys take too fucking long - 189 - LMAO Pics ver. 189: Memes never die... they're just missing in action - 188 - LMAO Pics 188: I never asked for this edition - 187 - LMAO Pics. "Nobody Else Posted It After A Whole Hour" - 186 - LMAO Pics ver. 186 - ⚡ Electrifying the Future ⚡ - 185 - LMAO Pics ver. 185 - The spook is over - 184 - LMAO Pics ver. 184 - The real skeleton was inside you all along - 183 - LMAO Pics. VIII Halfway through October and already sick of pumpkin spice - 182 - LMAO Pics. VII Comedy's Bare Essentials - 181 - LMAO Pics. VI "That Darn Crown" - 180 - LMAO Pics. VI "I LOCKED THE DAMN THREAD." - The Shitpost Archive https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1250/7b2c308c-f5f0-4fe6-84df-3fd3404d2a42/image.png open the register bub, this is a stickup
https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/0/02/El_Caballero.png Ya boys better go back to bed or you're in for a bad time
https://twitter.com/dril/status/1093699479654416384 https://twitter.com/dril/status/1093700250101927936
“You’re about to have yourself a real bad time, partner.”
https://youtu.be/nlxfDvSyPKA old mold
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/111851/007e650f-c929-4708-b3ff-1f920c88586a/pyro is not balanced class.png
https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/thumb/4/4c/Macho_Mann.png/250px-Macho_Mann.png I'm ready to throw down with any of y'all fellas if you ain't a coward.
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