• My body has been acting strange for a while now, what gives?
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I've been concerned with how my body feeling lately. I've never felt something like these in a short span of time so it's legit freaking me out. Somewhat in order, this list is the following of how I felt during the span of a month: Had a really bad heartburn the next day after eating food from a restaurant. First thing to happen before my body continues to act strange. Headaches, feeling weak, and eyes feeling a bit hot in general. One time going to the restroom, the urine had a really strong odor. Had constant feeling of having to poop. Not being able to sleep for more than 5 hours, 2 days in a row so far. One of my hands going red and hot. (tiny rash happened,  but it already healed) 3rd, slept for 6 hours. Body hurt as soon as I woke up. (1 hour and 30 minute nap after being awake for a while) Pulsating feeling that goes and go on my arm. 4th, only slept for 5 hours. I've tried to ignore the above feelings while this has been going on, but the following list is what prompted me oh shit something is wrong with me: 2/4/2019 - Felt sudden weakness, I pee way more often today and its always clear Went to urgent care cause I was scared af cause it just happened suddenly. Urine test result is clear, blood test shows lymphocytes is a bit high. (they mentioned that I might have a viral infection in its beginning stage) 2/5/2019 - Felt a bit weak when I started to eat breakfast, didn't really finish my breakfast. Went to a doctor and started to feel okay when I entered. I get my blood drawn again so he tests it for thyroid activity and deficiences. A1C, which is blood sugar the last 3 months, level from yesterday's blood test turns out to be normal. Few hours later I started to piss 4 times all in the span of 10-15 minutes, and they were colorless. Bladder is weak, it can't get the last bit of urine out. 2/6/2019 - Bladder is still weak, can't get the last bit of urine out, it's leaky. Throat feels off (other than being kinda warm, can't really describe more than that) and eyes feel kinda hot. 2/8/2019 - Felt sudden sharp pain around my lower half body, a few hours later it happens again on lower body but this time it's a bit more below. Also felt pain that came then instantly disappeared both on my arms and hands. Started to piss between short timespans again, and they were almost colorless again. Blood test from 2/5/2019 tells me my bloodstream is normal. The underlined parts are recurring more often. TL;DR: I've felt symptoms(?) ranging from bad heartburn, feeling weak, pulsating feels on my arms and hands, to peeing a lot during short timespans every 1-2 days. (from really pale yellow to almost colorless) and having sudden pains sometimes. I don't have diabetes as shown by the blood test. Despite all the tests saying my blood is fine (asides from one thing), I still pee a lot and feel weak often. I don't overdrink fluids. Does the high lymphocytes hint at something? They didn't pinpoint the exact virus. Either way, this has been making me feel kinda miserable the past week and I can't tell why this is happening.
Maybe...it's fucking crazy......but maybe see a Doctor?
Sorry to hear you're feeling shitty, but we really can't give you a better idea of your health than your doctor.
The excretory issues such as the bladder, colon and gut pain sounds like there's something gravely wrong. I don't want to incite panic, but in my opinion you should try and get a second opinion. Go to an entirely different facility if you can. If possible, try and specifically suggest some form of imaging be done on your abdomen.
I aint no professional doctor or anything but if blood tests and urine test are normal, I guess try to get yourself a MRI just to scope things out if you're very cautious about things. Could be low Testosterone or maybe even not enough vitamins are present, could even be allergies. Ive had some weird allergies that made my eyes burn or mess with my vision or just how Ive overall felt even with being tired and other things.
Drink more water, take vitamins, and go to a doctor
What everyone else said. Once you started feeling strange pains and you were urinating that frequently, you needed to have scans done, you can't wait on this. They should do an MRI and an ultrasound on your bladder/colon/groin and make sure there's nothing serious going on. You didn't mention a fever and your blood tests were normal, so it's unlikely an infection and something more serious. Not trying to scare you, but please go back to a doctor and update them on your symptoms.
Did they test your pee? You might have a UTI
Summon JohnnyMo @Zonesylvania
Yeah I felt suspicious of my blood testing turning nothing when I still feel odd, so I'm thinking of getting a scan. Only issue though is to trying to convince my parents for me to go to an MRI/Ultrasound. They're going to think it's overkill. @Curls I've been starting to drink a bit more water today but I probably don't need to take vitamins since there's no deficiencies shown in the blood test.
Did you take any antibiotics recently? My sister took some for IBS a couple of months ago and it killed a ton of her gut flora, causing even worse abdominal pain, along with nausea, chills, loss of appetite, and a bunch of other nasty symptoms.
Not taking any medications, forgot to put that in OP.
I will echo what others have said in terms of going to another doctor. Poop and urine being affected implies renal and hepatic involvement, but we can't run tests. Pressure your doc to do more.
I want to preface that I am not a doctor but I have spent a LOT of time in the hospital with various health issues over my lifetime and can hopefully point you in some direction as to what doctors to look for. Do you feel like your symptoms get worse when you are standing and moving about? How is your blood pressure when you are sitting as apposed to the standing? Do you get rashes from the heat or when taking showers as well? Are any other GI symptoms happening such as nausea? Do you feel lightheaded at any times during the day?
@Dan The Man Last time it had a strong odor, it smelled as if it was really old, so probably that. @Schibbie Doesn't get worse while standing. Don't know about that as I only did it sitting, will try to see what it is while standing once I go to a different doctor. No rashes gotten from heat/showers. It's usual constipation and gas, but no nausea. 2/4 and 2/5 were the only days I felt lightheaded for a bit.
You said symptoms started after eating at a restaurant next day? What did you eat, and where from?
Elevated lymphocytes is your white blood cells which can point to multiple things; an infection, virus, inflammatory bowel, histamine response, mast cell activation ect. The fact that you have headaches, dizziness, bladder retention problems and body temperature issues could point to something screwing with your autonomic system. This all could just be a simple virus, infection or reaction to something you ate but there's multiple tests you can pressure your doctor for if you feel you need to: CT scan to check for areas of possible inflammation as well as your liver function. Urine test / 24 hour urine test to check for mast cell markers. More complex blood tests that check for viruses / infections. Stool sample test to check for parasitic infections. As far as doctor referrals I'd ask about an autonomic doctor or gastroenterologist/hepatologist if they still can't find anything. For now try and stay hydrated by drinking something with salt such as a low sugar Gatorade and see how that makes you feel. If the symptoms take a nosedive or you start vomiting with no breaks go to the ER. It's unfortunate but you really have to fight for your health and not have doctors pass off our symptoms and tests as being "inconclusive". Nothing is inconclusive, if you ever hear those words go to a different doctor, it means they don't know what to do with you and don't want to be held liable. Hope you find out what it is and get better!
When you're back, could you please inform us what your course of action is, and following that, any further updates on your condition? I honestly hope it's absolutely nothing and we're all being paranoid, but we won't know until you get them to help you.
Facepunch can't diagnose your issues, especially when they're so non-specific.
I hate to sound like an asshole but i'll never understand what compels people to seek medical advice on a gaming forum of all places instead of just doing the logical thing and going to the doctor. Like what the heck could we possibly say that be better advice than a doctor could give? Like even if we DID know what was wrong with them they'd still need to visit the doctor to get medication and testing and all that shit so why not just cut out the middle man, us, and go straight to the doctor?
Well he IS from the US.
I wish it was a bannable offense when people just say "go to a doctor" in threads like these.
Making threads like this should be a bannable offense. You're an idiot if you think a gmod forum is a place to seek medical advice.
Any medical professional on here would have their license taken away and be unhireable in the field if it ever came to light that they diagnosed someone and gave them help through an online medium without any tests or baselines, with only their word to describe their symptoms. Any doctor or person capable of diagnosing should *ONLY* be telling them to go see a doctor because they *know* they cannot legally or ethically tell them otherwise.
Getting a diagnosis off the internet is literally dangerous and can be actually life threatening People who try and self-heal end up fucking dying of a very easily preventable disease because they misdiagnose the fact that you think that "go to a doctor" is a bad post shows that you clearly don't understand how harmful self-diagnosis can be
must be puberty
You're gonna have to have a damn good explanation as to why "Go to the doctor, they're the experts not us" is not good advice and should be bannable.
There's a difference between posting medical problems asking for a genuine diagnosis and posting medical problems hoping someone will go "oh yeah I had something like that/know of someone who had something like that, it was ____, you should look into that". You can still encourage someone to seek actual professional medical help without just being completely useless about it, there is a middle ground here.
Anecdotes are not a diagnosis. My leg cramped up once but that doesn't mean I should be telling people with leg pain they might have cramps or some shit.
You guys seem to be imaging a situation where the options are "go to a doctor" or "follow advice from random people on the internet". I'm picturing a situation where the options are "get advice from the internet" or "do nothing" because not everyone can just drop their life and go to a doctor, not everyone has the time or money. If it was as easy as just seeing a doctor, why would you post asking for advice from the internet in the first place?
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