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Oh boy some people are gon be maaaaad.
How can anyone stomach that dialogue?
Honestly, there might be lot of downfalls for this series but I think the worst one, for me at least, is still the visual clash of styles. You have those beautiful Disney/Pixar designs, simple yet memorable and then there's that fucking anime bullshit of slapping like seven different things and paterns on everything, namely the fucking clothes. That tiny bit of artistic touch I have screams in terror whenever I see shit like this. Everything else is just a cherry on top of this shit cake.
Mega-crossovers aren't automatically bad. You can cram 200 licensed characters into a scene and have it make sense -- look at the ending to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? with the fuckton of Disney and Warner characters appearing in a completely sensical context, not to mention the whole movie being a literal crossover between our ordinary human reality and the fiction of 'living' toons. The Smash Bros. franchise gets away with it because a) the fiction is that they're all toy figures playing ultimate toybox tournament fighter, and b) nobody really cares too much about the single-player storyline in any given game and it doesn't try to out-clever the player and overexplain itself. Where shit goes off a cliff instantly is when whoever is writing the whole thing takes it too damn seriously and tries to justify why everyone is here. The various anime series universes belonging to CLAMP titles came together in the X manga and god it was a nonsensical pretentious mess that was nearly impossible to follow, for example. Kingdom Hearts is a mess of plots trying to out-clever each other. I admire clever storytelling tricks, but KH's plot looks like an Escher picture run through a hypercube and then turned into a deep-fried meme. I shouldn't need to watch a 30-minute video just to understand anything that's going on.
Unless you were a kingdom hearts fan as a kid, I don't see how you can enjoy the series at all. I tried jumping into the first game when 3 was announced, but it was fucking awful. The whole time I was thinking "Really? THIS is what people love so much?"
i bought kingdom hearts 1 when it first released along with a ps2. i really only bought it because "final fantasy combined with disney? cool" then thought nothing of it for years after finishing it. now more recently, i tried reading up on the story and catching up on the other games in the series and realized all the oc story and characters suck ass. also no final fantasy being in kingdom hearts 3 is a big question mark. also https://clips.twitch.tv/ArtsyColorfulLasagnaNononoCat
Did dunkey delete the video? I can't see it
I like the idea of a disney crossover video game, but the FF part always threw me off of Kingdom Hearts
The dialogue gives me hurt.
I jumped into Kingdom Hearts for the first time last summer, and I had a blast playing them. The first one and Chain of Memories doesn't hold up that well, but KH2 and onward are still good games. Despite it flaws, I really like the story. As dumb as it is, you get attached to the characters. I watched Disney and anime when I was young, the series is like a loveletter to both.
As big of a KH fan I am/was I gotta agree with Dunky. KH3 really fucking sucks but the funny thing is I replayed KH1 and 2 and really really enjoyed those but KH3 just feels so lifeless in comparison. They rushed the development hard.
As a fan that played the 1st kingdom hearts (my parents gifted it to me after i saw a tv commercial of the game in beta version), i'll say i've still enjoyed 3. I couldn't play other games after BBS because of the stupid multi versions so i had to wait the collections (even that i was not sure to buy 2.8 because Dream Drop Distance looked so... awful but i played it and it paid off the experience i guess) The story isn't complicated once you play\bother watching stuff but of course it doesn't mean it's not bad. The franchise has always had its big share of flaws in each game between dialogue, translations (shoutout to Chains of Memories for giving us darkness stench and recoded for the HURT), gameplay mechanic etc. In the end, i still love Kingdom Hearts, it's my dumb fanservice game that made me smile like an idiot when i realised i could have Donald and Goofy as my allies
I grew up on Kingdom Hearts and the der I grew, the more ironic my love for the series became. The story is fucking awful, but that's why I love it. The gameplay is what truly keeps me coming back, though. Hitting shit just feels good and as you level up you basically become a god before level 60.
Kingdom Hearts 1 was amazing when it comes to the story. The Disney aspect of the game actually mattered since the major antagonist group consisted of the main villains of each disney movie. In KH2 the story wasn't that good BUT the gameplay of Final Mix was 10/10. Then KH3 and I'm not sure about it. It's way better than the crappy side games for sure but I think it's the stupid amount of triangle moves you get and the story just being a giant mess. The details in KH3 are truly fantastic though god damn.
I still think KH3 is my favorite KH in the series so far. Yes, it has a ton of issues, but so do all of the KH games. The gameplay is more refined than it ever was.
I thought the intro video was great
I might be missing something since I've only seen videos of KH1 and maybe a synopsis for one or two of the other games but as far as I know KH has always been pretty sparing with FF content. The Disney and OC content make up like 99% of the games.
ff characters had a much larger role in kh1 and kh2.
yeah, but other than leon they always felt more tacked on then any other characters
Not as large but still important in KH2 with Cloud, Auron, and Tifa.
One major issue it seems is that in the past year people have really started to make fun of how absolute shit the KH story is, and then KH3 comes out as a super story heavy game that will leave you in the dark in a lot of places if you're not up to date with the complicated, convoluted, and nonsensical shitshow of a story. I was interested in buying it because i always wanted to try one of the KH titles, but after I heard it was so plot heavy, I might as well have just watched the Transformers movies for the romance plots.
I mean, if you usually try to get into a story based series by playing the latest entry into the series, of course a lot of things aren't going to make sense. Story is only even complicated if you're trying to wiki summarize it. Just simply even playing the games in order is more than enough to understand what's going on (There's even a game literally called "The Story So Far" which has every game in the series)
and there's a story recap available in the kh3 menu
I think it's pretty telling that nearly every single person I have ever seen trying to defend KH has said that they played it in their developmental years. I don't think I have literally ever encountered anyone that played KH for the first time in the last 5 years and thought it was good. I really think it's a series that just happened to hit this perfect storm with a very specific audience of people who grew up with exactly the right media and played it at exactly the right time when they were young enough that they didn't really pay attention to anything but "look it's goofy but he's friends with an anime!!!!" I am convinced that like 99% of the emotional power of these games is actually just from their dedicated fanbase projecting childhood attachment onto them.
That's just as much of a reach as saying the only reason people don't like it is because of being insecure with things they deem childish or strange. People just see different things in media. I love the story and characters to this day, not just due to nostalgia
I think people have finally grown up and realized that ultimately the iconic mishmash of the series is finite in value. At some point, there will only be so many times you can retell a hyper-condensed version of a popular Disney film before the gimmick wears thin, and there isn't an endless supply of films at the ready, ultimately it's just glorified advertisements more than ever. And now it seems people are willing to start calling out the series for its very messy approach to storytelling, and its flat characters. Somebody described the series as something that numerous people have grown up with, but the series itself hasn't grown up with its audience, or matured with games as a medium. I would say that perfectly summarizes the state of the series.
I love the series but I always wonder what were the points that the story was just being bullshitted or if the majority of it was planned after a certain point of time. KH1 was really self-contained, but Chain of Memories could be argued as the point where most of the story that we have now was planned. The series is just dumb flashy fun in the end that you're meant to laugh off at this point, and I'll continue to love it for that.
I tend to see a lot of "no you don't actually just straight up enjoy it for what it is, you only enjoy it because nostalgia/delusional fanboy/ACTUALLY JUST PRETENDING" posts when it comes to Kingdom Hearts. I dunno what's so hard to understand about people enjoying different things whether it's silly or not. And there's always "if you think this is good you must automatically be ignoring all of its flaws" mentality. Most people outside of the lowest common denominator that exists for any fanbase tend to acknowledge it's convoluted and/or silly as far as I've seen. I haven't played Kingdom Hearts beyond Chain of Memories on GBA, but I get the impression that jumping into a third game out of context with zero context or attachment to the characters involved is going to make anything sufficiently anime seem really stupid. It just feels like every time a Kingdom Hearts game hits the spotlight everybody starts tripping over themselves to dunk on those Kingdom Hearts fans who just haven't realised that that thing they like is actually stupid and dumb like you're the first person to crack the code and figure it out.
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