• [VIDEO] This Is How To Play Video Games If You're Totally Blind
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It really demonstrates the importance of excellent sound design. One of the biggest reasons I don't like having music is because I can appreciate the sound better, and when its good it absolutely changes everything about the atmosphere of a game.
I wonder how this guy would react to a game like Thief where sound plays an even bigger role than most games.
Man this guy's determination and skill is both astounding and heartwarming. Playing shit blind is hard, I can attest. I once tried to play Half-Life blind cause i have some like 250+ hours on the vanilla sp. First thing I did out of the train was try to strafe jump around like I always do, and I didn't hear the land sound after a second and was like "ah shit" and yea I flew off the fucking catwalk pretty much instantly. I wonder what Barney was thinking. Maybe he felt guilty for letting Gordon out of the tram.
Watching him play SC6 is honestly so fucking cool. And he's an Aris sub. Do you have any recommendations for open-air headphones? I can't really do normal headphones anymore cuz it's just making my tinnitus and hearing problems worse, but I have such a hard time deciphering sounds with just tabletop speakers.
I use Philips SHP9500S (Seemingly not sold anymore) Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X Both are equal quality and comfort, both were $73 at the moment, however I'd absolutely get the philips over the other because they're Smaller form Adjustable Detachable cord The AD5's are amazing but it comes with a cord long enough for a child to jump-rope with
So I guess I should just be looking for better desktop speakers then and just keep a pair of headphones around for when I want to chat.
aw shit. I don't get tinnitus or muffled hearing after listening to stuff but it does happen a few times a day at random even with no sounds around me. I get this screeching loud tinnitus that makes me physically jump. it muffles my hearing and lasts about 30 seconds and then it's back to the baseline tinnitus which I don't notice unless it's 100% quiet. my ears are already doomed, aren't they? I wish there was an easier way to measure the dB of headphones while they're playing because I'm trying to mindful about my volume already but I dunno if I'm within acceptable ranges or not
Man, that is one cool-looking fight stick he's using.
I bet if this guy gained vision he would be a monster, combining all the audio cues with visual cues. This was a really great and wholesome video, loved that this guy is able to live his life, have a gf, have a job, have his pets. Really defeating his disability.
Reminds of that poor facepunch dude that slowly lost his eye sight. Sadly I don't remember his name, anyone knows?
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