• What will facepunch be like if we're a nation/country?
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Of course, Garry willbe supreme leader, Hezzy will be head of the gestapo and police, and a senate for the mods. What will our country look like?
Lacking a significant enough female populace to maintain the population
So we'd effectively have no functional leadership in that regard Awaiting orders from the supreme leader that never arrive Which'd make even the House of Commons look sophisticated and polite
In our oligarchy, at best, every citizen is unhappy with proposed legislation that gets closer to being implemented as each day is followed by the next, but such unhappiness has not yet reached a level, and it has been suggested it never shall, where the citizens actually go beyond voicing their complaints. Plus, country comes before citizen. That's what they keep repeating. In our Brave New World-esque country, the way to control and compliance is through distraction, and I'll be damned if if hasn't worked wonders for the oligarchy that continues to consolidate its position. Small clusters of people have attempted to shift the focus of the populace, though they are typically met with disregard from the objectively superior citizens that have secretly accepted the inevitably that awaits. Outwardly, they are blasé. But inside, they are infected with an eternal melancholy that they are desperate to never be seen by anyone. You once asked me what I believe will be our future. Where will our invasive glorious nation end up, what will future historians discover when they explore our culture and our inevitable fate? I am both afraid to speculate, but more so I am afraid to put it into writing, into tangible proof of my doubts. I lack the nationalism prerequisite necessary to truly fit in, and for that I know my days are numbered. I hope only we get to communicate one last time before that final day presents itself.
a typical republic in which the council members are all OIFY posters mandatory OIFY orgies every 4 weeks
a nation that is currently on death watch as everyone waits to see if the president is going to nuke his own country or not
third world
communist english smalltown
At least we'd have potatoes
gay and retared
Not the Irish members.
An eternal DMT trip
We'd be rated the top dysfunctional country in the world whose population is anxiously waiting for their god overlord to announce whether or not he'll destroy his own country and everything in it.
It'd be a bit like sealand only less cool and just kinda shitty.
Who will be the military
So we're the United States. 2017-2020.
You have been reported to the facepunch authorities and will be send for re-education
the OIFY
The oify will be the criminal underground
Can't wait to commit war crimes in the name of Facepunchia
Vuu and that guy who said public masturbation should be legalised.
First country to make anime illegal.
Don't worry loli will be punishable by slow torture and then death
FPArma/Military would very much know what a War Crime is hehehe.
Using grenades to clear weeds and plants from my garden.
Joey Skylynx for General of this he Army FP Arma as the armed forces Aquarium thread as the Navy Anime avatars Air Force Zombinie, Grenadiac, and I manage the armory and R&D. We require additional funding for the procurement of weaponized autism.
postal as deputy and craptasket as sheriff maxofs2d as local baker
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