• [VIDEO] Every Xbox owner when they got Kingdom Hearts 3
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Who plays the third entry in the series without checking out the first two or at least checking out if you need to know the story?
considering what kh3 pulls you'll need to know things from every spinoff too that'd be 8 games I think, unless you opt for the remixes with exposition cutscenes from some of the spinoffs and all that
Fallout 3 was the first game.
Witcher 3, Souls 3, Morrowind, CoD3, Serious Sam 3, Far Cry 3 They all can be played with Zero consequence to the story due to either having none, being separated, or by only mildly referencing it sometimes
Kingdom Hearts 3 is actually the 12th original entry in the Kingdom Hearts series, not the third. The third is Kingdom Hearts 2, ironically.
I'm glad they didn't go the exclusive route though, I woulden't be able to play it otherwise.
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