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hello facepunch , i am wonmdering if im allowed to sell my coins i will trade them for steam game please mods let me know if its not allowed ! but dont ban , https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/148372/b2ac731d-48ff-4922-a7c9-064cb5367b57/image.png tnx .
Give me all 512 and i'll gift you Warframe
man NO ! that is a free for play game
I have wares if you have coin.
Give me 20 coins and I'll send bad rats
Give me coins and I'll let you see my butt
bad idea, wait until the cryptocurrency market fails and facepunch coin rises
So if i give you one coin, do I get one ware?
its not an begging thread so dont beg for free coin, game offer only
Give a coin to try it out!
i can give 250 coins to someone of he's willing to suck my dick
I already did >:(
make your own tread , get out off here
Please wait 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.
you should give me diamonds they're a girls best friend
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/133590/c01da5c8-8753-4293-8a05-4443cb031cd1/image.png everyone give me all your coins NOW or i'll start blasting
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/148372/0cb37d62-0a3f-4bbc-916d-bbe532dc99cf/image.png i stoled your steam url , you can have it back for 10 diamonds
hey cheers dude I'll do it for 25
you actually did but too bad slutbanger9000 is a better id
I sucl your dick with no diamomds
Give me your 500 coins and you can have my steam account with over 500 games
I think you should be giving me some of them coins, so I can yah know, keep you safe. There's lots of dangers around these parts. Bad part of town and all, sometimes people just turn up, mysteriously clamped.
Hand over the coins, or the pup get's it. https://youtu.be/5mR7aky1AqE
shoot it, i hate dogs
Coins are valueless, just give them to me
I'll give you bad rats for your coins
I'll give you 0.1$ per coin.
sir , ill will do 0.07 $per coin
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