• [vid] What's inside an Arcade Machine?
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Fuck I hate this guy.
Damn I thought he was gonna find the 10 bucks I spent playing Metal Slug or like get sucked into cyberspace but instead he just destroyed a cabinet which made me feel about as bad as if he had fucked my mom
You cheeky.....
This makes me so sad. One of my dreams has always been to own an original arcade cabinet. To see one in such a good condition like that be destroyed really hurts me. That was vintage, that was a piece of so many childhoods and arcade history. To just destroy that machine for the sake of some video makes me not only angry, but sick.
You didnt give me enough funnies and coins
He's real shit at editting too if he wanted to be productive he could have edited a fun and informative video together. lots of people do it. But instead he's just kind of braindead and doesn't know what he's talking about, while destroying something and not actually educating anyone on a topic.
I knew from the god damn setting of the video this was Utah, Saint George. Its a bunch of rich mormon business assholes who got rich off of the tech boom. Aka completely amoral, clueless, and emotionally underdeveloped trashcans. This video lacked any kind of self-awareness which is par for course with rich mormons.
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