• [VIDEO] Thirsty women of my YouTube comments [PaymoneyWubby]
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https://youtu.be/zZK0JujTtho Today we take a trip down memory lane and read more comments. Enjoy!
What the hell, are there normally this many thirsty people in the comments of a channel like this? I expect those levels of thirst out of teenage boys on a channel with 24/7 cleavage shots not some dude commentating youtube videos.
Oh it's horrible because he has a google voice mail that he checks on stream sometimes and he gets girls saying "Wubby, i'm single and i was wondering if you would date me" and the follow up of their boyfriends calling into the voicemail "wubby stop calling my woman" and tons of other weird shit.
Girls are horny idiots too, and very often much more sexually repressed as teens..... So I guess they just go express that latent thirst in YouTube comments sections instead of going on pornhub or something.
This guy isn't even attractive though
Not to you maybe..
I'd say he looks like discount TJ Miller but considering how that dude's career has going he's sure to become the on-brand TJ Miller soon.
Confidence goes a really long way. I speak from experience.
Considering how I was about to post he was fine but just doesn't warrant fangirlism on the level of someone like Ed Sheeran, I realised how stupid I was
Neither are you
Wow thats harsh shit man
I did a small VR series with a YouTube dude and me being unused to all that, I got really confused when I had like 5 girls confess their love to me and say how hot I was. Keep in mind, this was all in VR so they literally had 0 fucking clue how I looked irl.
So even a Facepuncher was affected... Must be bots.
bruv women go cray for gingers. I have 3 male ginger friends and they never had a sortage of female attention. they're like the rare pepe of pepes, to put it terms you'll understand
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