• [VIDEO] Teaser for Tommy Wiseau's new Movie, Big Shark
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wb-Utg5ges&feature=youtu.be https://66.media.tumblr.com/386934c1d3e45fe8d17d110d68148bfe/tumblr_pmpxv42MOf1qlxibz_540.jpg
Say what you want He still makes better movies than most of the shit we're seeing out of big budget studios right now
me underwears are ready
it better become a cult classic
speaking of wiseau, how did Best F(r)iends do?
fuck yeah Tommy and Greg back together
No idea about box office but to be honest it was fun. Part 1 and Part 2 are really different films. Part 1 has an interestingly weird almost horror movie thing going for it at times despite ostensibly being a crime-thriller. Part 2 is a more straight-forward crime-thriller though it just goes off the rails in the final act. Watched both parts in the theater, both times it was only a dozen or so other people but we had fun and everyone there was cracking up over it. I remember at the end of the first part some guy just stood up and shook his head going, "Why do I feel like I just dropped acid?" It was surreal and fun. Also, Tommy actually sorta acts. Sorta? Like there are moments he is almost believable as a creepy fucking mortician. I won't call it good, its not that. But its a different kind of bad from The Room or your average B movie.
Is there not a single image where Tommy doesn't look like the biggest dolt in the world?
So like from what I recall Tommy was in a bad accident at some point, like he was hit by a car or something and it fucked him up bad. So his constant melting appearance is a result of that.
Ironic shit-filming is still shit-filming.
The Room was great because Tommy tried to make a serious drama but wasn't born on this planet. Seeing as he later tried to sell it off as having always meant it as a comedy makes me think this movie will be terrible. And not the good kind, the Tyler Perry Presents kind.
Still more entertaining to watch than a by the numbers whollywood film by director who just wants a paycheck, with a script that tries to both appease the US and the Chinese crowd.
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