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I love Plague of Gripes but man that was uncomfortable to watch.
Kind of the point, yes? Getting clubbed over the head by certain aspects of the fandom when you're just trying to learn about the game or see if all this stuff is your kinda thing or whatever is p much the discord experience right now, ergo video.
I barely heard of Plague of Gripes beyond its name and minor drama inside its circle but this pretty much explains the list of "it is but it isn't" some people are tagging on this one. To be honest by the thumbnail I thought it was going to be another of those videos about a certain part of the fandom eclipsing the rest and the narrator speaking about himself but projected from his OC® - do not steal. tl;dr for the curious but worried about your list of suggested videos: Venture Bros but every 10 seconds King Vegeta becomes 5% more furry.
This guy has always been pretty weird. But wow that was weird.
actually that was less weird than usual since Plague was actually making a point for once. the ones where he isn't, that's when you gotta REALLY watch out
oh neat what an interesting video
It's funny because "it's supposed to make you uncomfortable" but it doesn't go far enough, to the point where, for furries, it's just normal
The dude is obviously a furry himself so of course not.
He denies this vehemently and I find that hilarious.
the weird perspective In this shot makes the trainer look like he's a fucking giant https://i.imgur.com/OlQ0whj.png
Pretty sure this whole thing is a joke on the Harkness Test.
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