• RTX Global Illumination On vs. Off: Metro Exodus Technical Analysis
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https://youtu.be/-mEP5k_-zso that's not bad but
I think this really needs to be something the lighting artist can control rather than flipping a switch, being 'physically accurate' isn't always better. The bounce light can sometimes mess with what's highlighted or darkened for (de-)emphasis. I like how it looks indoors (even though it can get a little too dark) but outdoors it varies on how much color contrast it takes away.
This isn't a problem with the technology itself. The issue is that Exodus lighting wasn't designed with this in mind.
This was one of the most non-technical technical videos I've seen. Mostly talking about parts being lighter or darker, little about the questions I have such as whether the roughness PBR values effect the diffuse values of the bounce.
Am I just retarded or does it look sorta better with RTX disabled in many cases?
Could be wrong, but I honestly bet the artists really hope nobody turns it on. It fucks with their work so much. Ngl, post processing tricks will never add that much. Art direction and design is always what actually matters and where games will actually improve - as well as pipeline optimisation allowing you to create more detail faster. But that doesn't make good marketing for video card makers does it
Taking a game that wasn't designed with RTX and just slapping it in will make some things look worse. Imagine someone took Windwaker and made a mod that made all the textures perfectly realistic, it'd look bad and weird. You have to design the game around the technology your using, you can't just throw anything in and expect it to look good. With RTX you would need entirely different lighting placements and different materials for the light to bounce off.
Ray Tracing is definitely where things will go. period, and someone was going to take the hit first, and this time it was nVidia. REC 2020 will be a thing, and all the other stuff futzed around with now mostly in technical concerns. I wouldn't expect anything amazing now, but there will be a killer app and there will be the adoption thereof.
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The clash in artist's intent and the tech affecting the visuals is there but it still is a neat thing to have as a stepping stone towards future works once the technology is more refined and the hardware needed more affordable. The small things like the shadowing outdoors and the natural looking lighting in some in-door areas shows a lot of promise and if refined it'll be both less tedious work for the developers and better visuals overall.
Ok so here's what I actually wanted to say: I think it's pretty obvious that the artists and engine designers have already put in a lot of work into the "faked", non-raytraced GI solution, which is why the RTX version doesn't seem all that impressive in comparison. Sometimes it wins, other times it looks a little off, and sometimes you can barely even spot the difference between the two. Especially when RTX seems to be limited to just a single bounce and low sample counts. I really hoped to see some scenes mostly lit by dynamic lights to really show the light bouncing in action, that might've shown some bigger differences. Even then, some engines have prebaked GI solutions that can handle semi-dynamic scenarios like that pretty well. Don't know if that's the case with Metro though. But it doesn't seem like the game was designed with realtime RT in mind anyway, it's more like a tacked-on afterthought just because Nvidia wants to push it hard with every major release. The only case where the RTX version really stood out to me in a good way were the outdoor scenes with a lot of sun hitting the snow. You can really notice the bright bounced light illuminating objects from all directions. But overall, it doesn't seem worth the performance hit at all.
This video is much better at showing off the benefits of RT global illumination: https://youtu.be/eiQv32imK2g 12:00 if you want to skip directly to the RT part. I think the corpse at 16:50 is particularly impressive.
Yes, thank you for this! Both technical, and making some real observations on what it's changing. As always, the better source is in the comments.
Man I’m so glad I decided to build my PC when RTX came out. I spent more money that probably wasn’t worth it overall, but I’m kinda excited to try this out.
This video has fuckin sold me on raytracing.
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