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When I first went on OIFY I really thought it was the lowest of the low, fucking retards with keyboard, but the more I looked into it I was like "Is this really the coolest place on the internet? This doesn't look like the coolest place on the internet this looks fucking stupid" I questioned my judgement. 4 years of conditioning by the almost hitler like Facepunch moderation on oldpunch led me to question OIFY. "Is this a place where you can post anything you want, and I mean anything?" I had been banned for fucking talking to my friend in WAYT (fuck you for that Craptasket you know that was retarded) So I dove into the shit I posted a few test threads very tame very minimalist, not offensive, and kind of vague. This was back on oldpunch. It was so mysterious. Nobody posted in my threads for some reason. I was far too boring. Nobody cares about your opinions in OIFY unless they are "funny" 2010 shock humor and offensive so you start to not have one. I started around the time the preying mantis avatar guy kenny awesum (or something) started posting 2 everywhere. I think it was the count to [number] thread. Pages of Goatse. I didn't know why. I really fucking didn't know why. I thought it was the stupidest thing I had ever seen, what the fuck is the point of posting the same picture or spamming pages of text for literally no reason. I never posted a single Goatse, I never posted porn (gay or not gay), I never posted gore. I tried to avoid the gore. I would scroll past very fast trying not to see. I think gore is the stupidest fucking thing to desensitize yourself to. It's like trying to become a sociopath. (Samg381 was guilty of this as well as Feeble Oaf along with some others I think Mewkat and maybe Curls once or twice) Some people tried to fit in with the rest of the norm of posting gore in gore threads, but to even some of the hardened users, it left a sickening feeling. To some everybody were pussies. But the more I was on there, I started to realize the gimmick. They were all retards who spoke in shock. I thought, "but this is mindless garbage". However my time as an OIFY user was short lived back on oldpunch. It was shortly made available for everyone and I as a dirty blue looked through it with wonder because this was the legendary OIFY I had heard about. I fucking loved the OIFY banners and flashing colors. To me it was the best looking site. After the switch to Newpunch, OIFY came back, but it fucking sucked. No colors, no inventive title banners. No original content. It fucking blew. I don't remember posting in OIFY for the first time. It just happened. I decided this section was the most mysterious to me and a culture that was just fucking odd, nowhere else on the internet other than /b/ and I wasn't lowering myself to 4chan. I was going to figure out every recess of Facepunch that I had invested in for a few years at the time. I thought the place was fairly tame. Gay porn, Spiderman Turn off the Dark, 2, Furry Porn, Anal Prolapse... "This fucking section" I thought to myself. I think it was after the video subforum shut down, I can't fucking remember. It's so fucking weird. Why the fuck is everyone fucking acting like morons. This stuck out to me as there was no entry barrier. Anybody could shitpost in OIFY as long as they were acting racist, homophobic, or shocking. I realize it wasn't always like this. I didn't realize this at the time and ultimately it was the mystery of the retarded subforum that drew me in. Why were respected users spamming shitty pictures, why were people being so fucking blatantly racist. I assumed it must be a very specific culture. This fucking section was so fucking weird. Why the hell was everyone posting such stupid mindless shit. I had to figure out the inner workings of this forum and fast. My debut thread on OIFY was "I am the best Sam" because calling people "nigger" and "faggot" was the norm I was repetitively getting called nigger and faggot. Such is the norm of OIFY. It's almost like the "nigga" effect, and calling somebody a nigger or a faggot was a term of endearment in OIFY. Insulting someone was not taken even the most remotely serious. I called out Samg381 Sam and any other Sam I could find. Meanwhile what I was doing is that I was plugging my legitimately racist brother (yes he's actually racist) so I could eventually interview him or possibly show how fucking stupid he is. Soon I became a fairly regular visitor of OIFY. Now that my main subforum Videos and that sort of Crap was shut down, I turned to almost the drug like behavior that is an OIFY user. In almost every post I spammed every single thread with how racist my brother was, as something this structured was sure to grab everyone's attention. It was more of an experimental series of postings that just built off of each other. And sure enough it fucking grabbed their attention. The fuckheads were listening. A side note, when you post on OIFY basically what you need to do is post something blantantly stupid either bad english or just lower case in general. Bad grammar bad ideas, bad posts. That is OIFY's basis. This was the norm. Since when do you as a poster post shitty grammar or bad english? Never i'm sure. But these things had grown out season by the time it was 2017-2018. I think I posted the best Sam thread in 2017 though i'm not sure. I'm sure that it wasn't like this on old, oldpunch back when the place was actually pretty good as a secret. People actually putting effort into their shitposts, so that they weren't just aimless faggotry. Over time I became sort desensitized to the language, not in real life just on the forums. I began to lose track of who posted gore, and I didn't fucking like it. Gore can suck my balls. I got depressed I think. I would not go on facepunch for long periods of time. Last year was a rough one for me, and like mental health shit makes me isolate myself and all I would come to is OIFY, fucking OIFY. I began to despise OIFY very badly. I didn't respect many people on OIFY, though some people had grown on me. The Bird Woman(previously bird man after posting titty and has been posting an infinite number of Ricardo Milos webms which are the fucking best), Curls (the best poster on facepunch), Qbe-tex (the innocence of OIFY), and others who were fucking fucked. The things that OIFY had were inside jokes inside inside jokes that were based on pure autism, but we all got them. But since there was so much repetition of retardation, it became hard to even narrow down where the inside jokes ended and the racism started. Though if you could handle the offensiveness, which only select few quickly did, some people ended up shoving politics into their anger. Some people had the 4chan effect where people joke about something so stupid on /pol/ that they actually start to believe it. This is fucked. I went in completely neutral, and out completely neutral. You guys remember that anonymous politics thread? Well i'm sure a few people on OIFY were some of the more radical opinions, but you never know, it's 99% most likely some lurkers who are too afraid of posting publicly. I think what OIFY needed was some leadership, rather than allowing a bunch of people mindlessly posting shit. That could have saved OIFY, but no everyone went back to the gore threads thanks feeble oaf. Anyways I would like to apologize to everybody who has read my disgusting slop of shitposts that was meant to assimilate to this fucking retarded culture. I was even in one of the screenshots in Forum Discussion about the Nigger threads I made making it to the front page. I had no idea people could see this shit outside of OIFY and I was shocked at the time. I think half of the autism stemmed from allowing old users from oldpunch who were afraid to post for years free reign to post whatever they wanted. So many Nigger Nigger threads, so many purposefully bad english where i'm playing a character who is inherently racist/homophobic though doesn't know how to put his thoughts into correct english. I just wanted to figure out OIFY so bad. 2 Years Later, I think I did it. Such a meaningless accomplishment. I figured out OIFY. But at what cost? Also I scammed facepunch of 290 coins from the badage boys anniversary thread that got pinned for a month in GD. I have no idea when the anniversary was and neither did anybody else apparently (curls was in on it as seen by his reply)
Are you trying to jump start your Vice journalist career or something? Can I get a TL;DR because the way your wall of text is fragmented makes it boring and impossible to read so I end up skimming most of it just to read incoherent babbling.
was expecting meme vid to show regression of your voice every day on oify im disappointed
too short didn't read?
OIFY? Never heard of it
who are you?
I blinked. What did I miss?
ffs I wanted to read it
I miss being a gold member, I was to late to transfer my 05-account and now I'm just some scurb.
some (((leftist))) who has never met you before in my life
you did say some good stuff there like the whole thing about how there had to be something about the humor you weren't "getting", i mean why would people be doing this if there wasn't? i don't know if you had anything good in the other 23 paragraphs because i stopped reading
yeah my bad man, I kind of went on a tangent
Your paypal has been charged.
oh no i ruined it
Who gives a shit? If the paragraphs are spaced well, post it.
Sorry guys, I'm working on a fix for the OIFY. It'll be back up soon. ~Grape Kong
I put it back up
I owe it all to big dick Nick https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/716/29875424-e29a-4ed8-8509-7abd84b70ac9/51wSywK9P4L._SL500_AC_SS350_.jpg
whyd u snip ur post and make it into a thread
cause i'm retarded
My mind is forever tainted by the unholy trinity of bodily fluids, this is where morbid curiosity takes you. I always preferred the absurdist humor over shock value during my time on OIFY, where do I post my silly made-up stories now?
I see you didn't correct that spacing, huh?
Listen here fuckhead
you making blog oists now?? what are you fucking ryugi?
bad post,
ill beat you up kid
Grieving is well and truly over. No more of these threads.
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