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No idea what happened to the other thread. I never ended up contributing to it except for "are bi people allowed?" and then never posting in there again. But yeah, I'm a BI guy with a good lean towards other men. I'm thinking about going to the Gym to improve my health and socialize more, but I'm notoriously socially oblivious at times (autism) and I'm worried I'll do something wrong. Am I being overly anxious or is this a normal anxiety to have?
hi im lesbian idiot
Oops. Wish I could append the title. But lesbians are welcome too!
it's fine because lesbians are gays
We also have the UGATCO discord that kinda took over the thread after it slowed down, mostly shitposting and talk Haven't got the rights for a permanent link but here's a day long one: https://discord.gg/KMmDJW
im gay
Gay Chat v.13 its here u fuck but if u want use this it doesnt really matter gay chat is pretty much dead now
Done and done! Also, Discord is being investigated by the FBI but there aren't any better alternatives for chat so I just put a warning about it. Hope that's ok.
I'm a bisexual woman in a relationship with an asexual woman, hoi.
I don't believe you
my pool of dateable humans is pretty much limited to gay girls who are also okay with dick on a girl so, what, twelve people worldwide? rip
gayest girl here girls are hot boys are hot you're all cootie petooties
if I did that, you'd turn straight
a fate worse than death
Greetings. I like dick I have built and am trying (despite how little I play games) to get through my now significant, possibly comprehensive, collection of all the games on Steam that focus on male-male relationships. Or even almost focus on male-male relationships. Played: Highschool Romance - not actually gay per se, it's a crossdressing fantasy ("sent to an all-girls school"). Pretty good, as long as you're into this Major\Minor - very furry. Not that sex focused. Has gay furry characters. Pretty good, needs nudity miraclr - Divine Dating Sim - Nice idea but like max 1 sex scene per playthrough? The story is not that interesting. It's OK, you may like it more than me. My Magical Demon Lover - fucking brilliant. You're a magic twink, you need to choose a demon from 3, and have sex with them a lot to learn magic. Lots of sex. This is basically the perfect game Requiescence - young ice mage twink goes through scary magic cave. Lots of writing, lots of characters with different motivations, and lots of sex. Forget what I said before, this is actually the perfect game. Use key to get adult version from itch.io To Trust an Incubus - nice characters (demons from space), full voice acting is really quite something. Story isn't great. There's a decent amount of sex, but oddly the story spoiled it for me. You have to buy a walkthrough as DLC. (I didn't, so I have no idea if there is any ending that doesn't end in the protagonist being told he is shit at science and should leave) Additionally: 'Brilliant Shadows - Part One of the Book of Gray Magic' is actually a lezzer game but I thought it was really cute and quite enjoyed playing it In progress: Cursed Lands - a large indie RPG unwisely implemented in Ren'Py. far better than it has any right to be. I've seen very little nudity so far and yet I'm invested. TODO: Angels with Scaly Wings - a furry game. No idea if it has any porn. I will give it a fair shake. Animal Lover - "Evil forces have turned these five hunky beefcake time-displaced boys into animals" - I'm not sure the protagonist is male, but I'll give it a try Demonheart - warning: female protagonist. but i'll give it a try. Changed - I don't know, this seems like someone's fetish. I'll try it. Chasing the Stars - looking forward to this - big steampunk BL VN with cute art Chess of Blades - need to play this, same dev as Requiescence Coming Out on Top - some bara stuff. this will be a difficult wank Grand Kokoro - Episode 1 - magic emo twink? I can give it a go Heart of the House - "Choice of Games" game, those difficult multiple choice text based things that always support every type of romance Heirs and Graces - bounced off this VN; not sure about it.. Hustle Cat - a dating sim, like the art. Not explicitly gay but hey I'll give it a try Lagoon Lounge : The Poisonous Fountain - furry VN, i'll try it Loren the Amazon Princess - prequel to Cursed Lands The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria - "Choice of Games" Love Bites: Vampires! Started it, enjoyed it so far, need to get back to it. I was chatting up a buff mysterious scientist Magi Trials - magical girl transformation. is this by the same devs as Highschool Romance? very similar art Monster Prom: it's supposed to be good and v queer friendly My Life as a Maiden - accidentally enrolled into an all-girls school due to feminine appearance. Yes, again. The Mysteries of Baroque - "Choice of Games" NO, THANK YOU!!! - the description is spelled correctly and yet meaningless. I think it is a gay VN with lots of gay, so I will play it The Orpheus Ruse - "Choice of Games" Pale Spectrum - Part Two of the Book of Gray Magic - i played the prequel and really liked it even though it ain't male gay Planet Stronghold - might be shit Quantum Conscience - old with not good art, but it might be good?? Satellite - tomboy or FTM? Don't know. Not male gay but looks promising, I'll give it a go. Second Chance - FURRIEST GAME EVER. Seduce Me 2: The Demon War - i wish to be seduced by this demons, even though this is a 'female-focused' otome game w/female protagonist. Unlike most games like this, it seems to have nudity. So it can't be that bad. Starlight Drifter: looks like my kinda thing, but unfortunately it's only straight relationships or f/f relationships. I'll try it. Quite booby & space suity Tomboys Need Love Too! - well, despite my predilections, I will do my best to help Stuff on my wishlist: 'sweet pool' - looks like a good gay VN. came out december, haven't bought it yet. Something To Do With Love - VERY furry, eta may 2019 Winds of Change - Early Access, HIGHLY furry. Probably good Beyond Eden - looks a bit dry Boyfriend Dungeon - 'coming soon' What!? My neighbors Are Demons!!? - Coming Soon. i'm interested. Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme - looks too shit to spend money on
hi im gay i also run ugatco im single, applications to be my bf are now open ;)
U... UGATCO? No, Gayvage. Seriously though thank you for the Discord group. I shall treat it with utmost care ♥️ Where do I fill out an application?
PM me on Discord uwu
asexual lads allowed?
butter ass bitch
i miss fuckin around in this thread you guys are cool
Man this is gonna be an all-nighter it looks like https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/143792/35af38af-0ea2-40b1-a07d-73039b88ee41/downloadfile.png
ur cool, too
I remember posting here daily like 5-7 years ago and all the peeps then. Pretty much all of them disappeared so quickly, have absolutely zero contact with any of em Oh well!!!
video games
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