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thats all that matters
Sup gaylords, I watched Alien the other day with my BF, holy shit is that movie beautiful. I sweat it hasn't aged a day. Also RIP Keith Flint, your music always gave me so much energy even when I was at my lowest.
Alien is one of my favorites
scrolling through scruff's global grid sure does make me feel great
honestly even living is a chore now so improving my body image is rough but a lot of people say hitting the gym and at least getting to the average weight is enough and a lot of those extra ripped dudes are either bs or just attention grabbers, I wouldnt worry about that
oh, I'm not worried about it lol. I'm content with me though I would like to be a little but less of a fuckin stick. Qork keeps me too busy to really do anything about it though, and to be honest, I actually don't care all that much....but seeing those guys just makes me more self conscious than I guess, is even worth having Scruff installed. But I love what scruff is about and that they don't use advertising (other than events) at all and I really dig that. I don't pay for premium or anything but it's a service I'm happy to use, though lately it's seemed more and more pointless. Lol
I've been wondering if I'm bi or pan. I kind of end up using them interchangeably, but maybe that's not the best? I like the bi flag though, it's pretty neato. I kinda wish there were more bi characters in media, whenever there are LGBT characters at all, they always seem to be leaning more toward gay. Maybe I'm just missing something though
Im more technically pan or something since Ill go for anyone but I really dislike the colors on the pan flag :V Also bi-bi man in a relationship with another bi man repoarting in
guess the only real solution is to write my own stories and make everyone hella bi
Girls are hot and that makes me gay
Girls are cute Boys are cute I'm not a cute girl
yeah u are stfu
it sucks being picky while being shit yourself im kinda into girls, more into people with dicks, but only if they're cute which im not, so unless someone is into hentai with crossdressing and gross man tags and wants to turn that into a reality, im shit outta luck
Well if any of you ever feel like you didn't do too well on a date, just remember that I once went on a date with a guy who brought up: incest (pro), student teacher dating (pro) and women (very against). And the list goes on. You probably weren't that bad. He seemed cute beforehand, alright? Also, hi, I'm bi
I don't know why but I've encountered quite a few gay cis men who absolutely hate women. It's puzzling.
For that matter, I actually met a gay trans man who was violently misogynistic. I kind of understand how someone might arrive at that mindset from being poisoned by dysphoria, but I hated that dumb motherfucker anyway.
"I'm gay because I hate women" was said in way that was meant to impress me, which makes me concerned that that's worked before. I spent about 2 hours after that date trying to process what the fuck just happened though. He thought there was going to be a second one
hi bi I'm hum
Oh no my one place where I was safe from your Dad jokes
Is this the final form of MGTOWs
Oh man now I have to start worrying about jobs and housing after uni, which is made even worse with having a BF who's estranged from his family
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