• [video] Body-Cam Footage of Miami Police Screaming in Lil Pump's Face
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https://youtu.be/y_hPNj82XEY "Go look at the cameras! I swear to God that's not my bag!" "I don't care! It's your bag now!" It was later revealed that was, in fact, not his bag.
fucking pigs dude. There are some good cops out there but the instant you to get populated, socially contested regions they're just fucking scum who are trying to get a big arrest under their belts to get credit. No better than a fucking gang
Uh huh...sure. Wonderful generalization, glad you used the video to really double down on that ideals you have. Cop in this video is being unprofessional, both sides are screaming and yelling like fucking kids. It is embarrassing for both parties, just more so for the cop.
That calm down scream almost got me rolling.
Cop shouldn't be a cop if he can't control his temper in such a non-threatening and minuscule situation. He just exacerbated the confrontation.
Total pig, it's amazing that people wonder why people look down on police when this nut is probably gonna keep his job and and face minimal repercusions if any what so ever.
Assuming individuals like this represent several large groups of people is of course not logical. This is confirmation bias at its finest.
anyone other than police would be ridiculed for being a complete fucking retard when screaming "CALM DOWN" at the top of your voice in someone's panicked face and expecting it to calm them down
But this guy is being ridiculed
You're right, in the context I meant someone would immediately be like "Woah dude what are you doing, that's not how you calm someone down", and there's a ton of people there
Well the job is largely the same across the planet so it should naturally attract the same kind of people(Good and bad mind you)
You're a dumbass and have never dealt with police before. In his shoes, no shit he's getting worked up. I've been accused of possession over shit that legitimately wasn't mine and the ONLY option you have it to make it explicitly clear what items are and aren't in your possession. I dodged a felony over a cop pulling the same kind of shit with me, lil pump ran this as well as he could. The only embarrassment here is watching you go our of you way to justify unprofessional and -illegal- behavior from the cops.
This is also a good example of what people in cities like Compton have been going through for decades. In places like those, there's no such thing as "be nice to the police officer and everything will get resolved!" In places like those, there are wars in the streets between the police and the citizens. Then people wonder why groups like NWA scream "fuck the police" instead of trying to "work with" the police to resolve their problems. Behavior like this is the norm for police officers in those areas, and during the decades before such heavy handed police scrutiny, and cell phones, and went massively unchecked. Of course, I never lived in any place like that, thankfully.
Planet? no. That police department? That county? That state, and even the country? That's where it becomes logical. Police are a team. They work together to protect eachother from criticism and prosecution, they work with prosecutors, judges and other people who might challenge them in a well established power structure that prevents any shit from falling in their direction. You know how there's a big focus on "power and privilege" in some far left circles these days, criticisms of privledge because of gender and skin color, shit that's so vague that it's never applicable to individuals? Yeah, this is several levels above all that, it's obvious, it's well documented, and the primary population of"good apples" that exist in modern police forces is the kind that keeps their head down and tries to ignore all the abuse of power and corruption shit that's going on around them. Real good apples probably aren't police anymore because the structure kicked them out for trying to argue with a corrupt coworker or blow a whistle.
Ah yes, prove your point by name calling. Please continue to prove that you are just another little edgelord. I'm just not going to judge an entire profession based off of one situation. I can look at situations objectively without getting butthurt and making sweeping generalizations. Only dumbass here is you for making assumptions and internalization about my run ins with the police. Never once did I try to justify anything in this situation, quit making shit up lol. His behavior wasn't professional and obviously he didn't act ethically. Hardly illegal. Doesn't make it the situation any better. He painted himself in a bad light and damaged his dept's reputation.
Hardly illegal, but he certainly should not keep his job. I work at a grocery store; you think they'd give me a pass if I started screaming at a customer? No, I'd be fired. Why should a police officer be held to a lower standard than that? Also only a few people are judging this entire profession from this (and they're wrong), but that doesn't mean there aren't a really high number of cases of stuff like this where the police officers who harass, harm, and jesus christ actually sometimes murder sometime innocent people. I take the chance to thank any police officer I happen to have the pleasure of speaking to for helping keep my city safe, but if those same guys I thanked immediately turned around and started screaming at someone for no good reason, I would still expect them to be stripped of their star for being an unprofessional, poorly-trained, hotheaded baboon.
Lost any seriousness with the first sentence.
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