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Foot fetish is too widespread. Feet aren't even sexy ffs
The parts of the brain that get signals for the feet and genitals are close and the wires get crossed sometimes, that's the origin of the fetish.
I love this new maths meme. One for the history books. content: porridge is for freakazoids
@AtomicSans a) you can eat food that tastes good that is not fattening b) preparing food is not a waste of time, first of all its a hobby, second of all its an essential part of taking care of yourself if nobody else is doing it for you c) eating is actually very good for you and provides you with essential energy to carry out day to day objectives to your full potential I'm trying to highlight the importance of not just eating here, but also doing things that are beneficial towards you in general. Shouldnt really be dismissive of them. If you really have trouble eating then go get help about it. Being dismissive towards diet being of any value, or doing any objectives that have a reward by the end of it, is going to hold you so far back. This isnt an unpopular opinion, its a response to a post at the end of the last thread
I'm mostly frustrated because I've recently had to start a diet that forces me to cut out almost all the foods I enjoy at all. It's really irritating to be constantly craving things like bread and I'd rather just not have the biological and physical need to eat at all. I feel like I'm in a no-win scenario where I either eat foods I enjoy and get fat, or eat things I don't like, be healthy, and be constantly hungry. Cooking isn't fun for me. It's horribly tedious and a reminder that I spend like two hours of every day dealing with food that I could be spending doing actual work. And my problem isn't that I have trouble eating, it's that I eat too much and I'm a fat fuck because of it.
Do you like Soylent?
Never tried it
I don't get why people saying eating healthy and making food is a mission (unless money is a problem). Just search around for quick to make meals that's low in calories and whatever other stuff you wanna cut down. There's stuff you can make in like 20 or so minutes pretty sure, one hour a day spent making food. And there's a lot of surprisingly good stuff. Or if you're fine with reheated food just make a bunch in one go and freeze it for the following week or so.
I hate stuff like Stevia, they taste nothing like sugar. I'm more happy drinking coffee without sugar than with a replacement.
Sugar in the Raw master race.
Healthy eating is easy as piss as long as you stay open minded. Sometimes it just takes cooking an ingredient a different way to turn it from rancid to delicious.
Yes!!! When it comes to diet coke/coke zero, i'd rather just have tap water honestly
Coke zero/sugar free coke tastes fine Please don't kill me
Seems like every artificial sweetener has the same unpleasant, "thin" aftertaste.
Coke zero is so much sweeter than normal Coke Thanks aspartame
Tbh, once you start drinking it more regularly, the aftertaste is pretty much nonexistent and regular sugary sodas don't taste a whole lot better. It's a bit like getting used to alcohol.
As someone who is very fat and spent 2 years relying on soda and coffee to stay up and eating like a pig, one of the easiest ways to get used to just water again and also avoid overeating is drinking a couple glasses of water before meals then another after. If you're overweight/obese and you have difficulty curbing sugar cravings, try a 24-48 hour fast, it's hard during the first 24 hours (you can try coffee or tea without sugar/cream if water isn't enough for you) but once you reach the 48th hour it gets easier and sort of put your body into a 'rebooted' state. This will reset your sugar cravings, re-adjust ghrelin/hunger hormones from your body and get used to eating smaller portions. Also try not to eat while distracted, just focus on the food and chew thoroughly, it'll help you on feeling full. And as others mentioned, some healthier meals (that also tastes good) aren't difficult to come across by. And if your favorite food is something guilty, try to limit it on one meal a day, or try skipping a single meal in a day so you can get away with it without the excess calories.
Im progressively eating healthier but it really does become a time issue/hassle if you don't really enjoy it. And as a very selective eater, it's always been difficult for me to find a reasonably healthy diet that works for me. I'm getting there, but I can absolutely understand the mindset of just wanting to put the whole affair behind them.
As do I, thats precisely why I'm trying to get the point across that diet is important I've always been a fussy eater and several times even questioned if I have an eating disorder because I refuse to eat most things then eat excess of stuff I shouldnt eat, but it ties in with other issues such as anxiety/depression, and eating healthier and better has an overall beneficial effect on your mood AND health. The last thing I'd want someone in a bad position health and mental wise is to just give up
Never quite fond of "this is how they should fix x game/show" 'critique' vids. No, your derivative version isn't strictly better, discounting oversight in other issues that will spawn from that. The only one I will trust is a postmortem.
Elvis is pretty average when it comes to singing
Courtney love murdered kurt cobain
i didn't even think that was unpopular
Yeah, but this push for sweeteners is seriously killing sugary foods, such as juices or cereal. Maybe we'll seen the end of regular coke in favour of zero alternatives. I haven't seen an ad for regular Pepsi in years while the Zero gets all the love and tv time it needs. One part of me hopes that we don't get rid of sugar entirely, some stuff are unhealthy as fuck but tasty (in moderation they shouldn't be so horrible to our bodies) such as cake or some brands of cereal.
I mean if we're gonna make hypothetical scenarios instead of one tasteless cube fulfilling all nourishing needs I'd rather have tasty food be calorieless
Do y'all get a different Coke Zero recipe or something? Because I picked up a can of the cherry zero this morning and I honest-to-god didn't even taste any cola, let alone cherry. Just as flavorless and bland as I remembered.
Don't get me wrong I love coca cola, but nowadays im getting at that old man level of sugar just sucking, if i drink it i just feel like needing to brush my teeth within the first few sips, so I only ever drink coca cola with a meal and that meal has to go down well because I usually opt to drink water with food to help it go down, i really gotta be careful with how I eat So outside of nice meals at restaurants I rarely drink coke. Coke is best with that excess sweetness to contrast a nice salty/seasoned/spicy meal, the sugar in contrast with the salty/spice just makes coke AND your meal taste better. Outside of that situation though I'm just happy to drink chilled water.
The "aging" population here is not a problem.
economically it is because of how pensions work but as far as population decline it is probably isn't a major issue like people make it out to be
Wouldn’t really call that unpopular. Even David Bowie didn’t really have that spectacular of a voice. But they were both pioneers and were pretty revolutionary for their times.
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