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It's the personality that get people invested in them.
There are good streamers, though for most of them I had to watch a cringe compilation of DMCV and Sekiro on YouTube to find them. Not a whole lot of them are gossipers and tit streamers vying for viewers, it's just how stream services only like to get controversial streamers up there. There was one streamer who cosplayed DMC3 Dante for a DMCV stream, and she was fine despite speaking only in Russian so I had no clue what she said
games that tout 'couch co-op' like it's some kind of feature and have exclusively local play with no online features planned whatsoever arent necessarily objectively bad but they sure get on my nerves
I think that automation will just result in more people becoming social media moderators since that's a field that's seriously lacking in people. (That and other such fields where automation won't really have an impact, but many of those require invested training.) I don't know why so many people prefer streamers over lpers. Lpers usually edit their videos so you don't have to watch the boring crap. On top of that you can watch an lp at your own leisure rather than on the streamer's schedule. And then finally, most streams anymore seem to be packed full of donation/subscriber callouts and other stupid shit which actively detract from the stream. Seriously livestreams are total fucking garbage and I do not understand the appeal at all.
It's the community involvement. Do your LPers have a live chat, engage in small talks and test out community strats? Don't think so. But yeah the constant sub callouts are tiring and annoying.
My only real gripe with donations and stuff is when people use the text to speech for them. I'm fucking sick of watching a stream and someone donates $1 to read 'wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww' like come the fuck on if you have text to speech you know people are going to do this, and it ruins/pisses off everyone. Its not even the fault of the person who donates to do this because as far as I'm concerned they're probably doing it to prove a point. Don't have text to speech shit. Imo its the streamers fault and not the people who donate for petty shit like this because theres always going to be little idiot trolls that are going to do that. The only solution is to not have text to speech. Read your own donations out or have them pop up on screen with the text only
I hate it when people say "you madman, you linked me to TVtropes! Now I'm gonna have to spend all day here!" because it gives the impression TVtropes is a very captivating site, when it's just badly written You DO have to spend all day on it, but that's because you can barely understand some of the articles without another 12. Instead of explaining things where there is space for them to be explained, their overuse of quirky names leads to bizarre variations of "this trope can also appear as a Cheese Grating Enthusiast, The Wooly Refrigerator, or Flatulent Wolf Gang", and it's a frustrating read unless you already know all of them from memory That aside, TVtropes also encourages CinemaSins syndrome. Just because something can be deconstructed doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Congratulations, you managed to explain what a setup and payoff are, then pat yourself in the back, and act smarmy about something I'm pretty sure we figured out pre-Ancient Greece
I'm sick of these big epic yuge battle scenes, where a bunch of CG models just rub against each other. What makes action good for me is the viscera, the feedback, the payoff, the response from the characters and the environment or more simply, being able to see and follow the action, the closer the better. If you just have a wide angle on a giant swarm converging into another giant swarm, it might as well just show someone pouring a cup of oil into a bucket of water.
Live chats, no. Which are a feature I honestly couldn't care less about because most of the people who infest them are intolerable memelords. The main lpers I watch though are actually quite active with their communities and not only interact with said communities on a regular basis but hear them out as well. Testing out community strats is largely a no simply by nature of most of their lps being blind (the not so blind ones they tend to be open to input on though) and community strats have a bad habit of spoiling things. (Even when people are trying to provide help without spoiling, people go about it differently and between the lot of them end up effectively spoiling it.) There's actually quite a bit of community involvement with the lpers I tend to watch so I see no advantage for streamers there whatsoever.
I kinda see what angle you're coming from. Streamers often play multiplayer games, singleplayer are much less popular other than people tuning in to their favorite personalities, that's where LPers shine because there's much less interruptions, spoiling and the boring bits get cut out. For games with a lot of repetition, direct engagement with the streamer is a massive upside, for they can be influenced on what build they should try next, or solicit information from them. The amount of viewers and the level of chat moderation dictates whether the mood feels like a concert or a cafe live band.
A half-way decently edited video of highlights trumps pretty much any stream. It frustrates me when pre-recorded videos are largely unedited with loads of dead air ala a stream, except you don't get the live experience and community bonding anyway, so it's just laxy.
I mean, to be fair, they do regularly point out that tropes are not inherently bad. This isn't always reflected in the writing, but still.
TVTropes is alright. It's annoying when someone uses it as some sort of de facto bible but as a fun thing that compiles traits in works, it's enjoyable. It also helped me discover some obscure gems I ended up liking thanks to finding similar tropes I love in certain works.
TVTropes is fun for taking patterns you may have noticed in media, showing it wasn't just you, and putting names to them, but people who insist on linking to it to illustrate extremely basic concepts as if everybody didn't already know need to go outside more.
If you think TVTropes is bad about this, check out explainxkcd, whose contributors seem to think they're writing for toddlers or people who've lived in caves their whole lives. https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/2143:_Disk_Usage
explainxkcd has a really big issue with this dare to check the discussion on comics like "idiocracy"
This is for sure a purposeful design decision. If you go in with the assumption that "certain XKCD comics are hard to understand due to their jargon/complexity/whatever", then where do you draw the line as to which ones are complex enough to be explained and which ones are self-evident? This site just takes the logical extreme where all of them are complex enough to require indepth explanation. Besides, if you understood the comic, why go to the explainxkcd page?
I accept people's gifts of free coins in 8-Ball Pool, but I never return them. This will eventually make me the high king of Miniclip Pool.
Conversely, if you didn't quite understand the comic, would you wanna go to a place that thinks you need EVERYTHING explained to you, including the fact that digital photos are a thing a lot of people have stored, as in the example above? https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/2128:_New_Robot Or this, which spends 3 paragraphs explaining what search-and-rescue is before explaining the joke of both the main comic and the alt text like you're some caveman who doesn't know what humor is? https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/2127:_Panama_Canal Or this, which not only spends 3,5 paragraphs explaining a super basic visual joke but also goes 'well actually' on why it wouldn't in fact work? I don't mind a place like explainxkcd, considering how obscure some of the humor gets sometimes. I just wish its writers didn't treat its readers like they all have single-digit IQs.
That's the goal of the website. To me, it feels like they are running on the ideal of "if even one person still doesn't understand the comic after our page, then we have failed". And that's fair enough, honestly.
i mean, it's xckd. the author is already a pretentious prick so of course people that are going to explain his content are going to be the same.
I have nuts in chocolate.
Perlin noise was intended to look less computer generated but imo it looks so much more computer generated than just overlaying different resolutions of noise.
i've no idea what you're on about, could you explain in layman's terms?
Perlin noise is just super overused and the process of making it is a tad more taxing on the processor than I'd like for the not-really-all-that-natural-looking result it gives.
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If you're just slapping rawdog noise in a procedural texture and complaining that it doesn't look natural enough, you're the problem, not the algorithm. It's a primitive and should be treated as such.
Sadly I have watched too many GDC talks where indies praise Perlin noise like it's the secret ingredient to making procedurally generated content. It wouldn't surprise me if most were using it with bothering to understand it or actually do anything with it.
(also to be fair, Simplex noise is usually better) (but you still have to put actual work and effort into your fucking textures)
Ristar is one of the greatest 16-bit games ever birthed by man. But it's so underhyped and not-that-well-known that people don't understand that.
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