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Poooooost shid that gets you ANGRY
When you're successfull during your entire time at school and do better than most people, and then you leave childhood and venture into the strange world and fail at everything.
People keep running this stop sign in my neighborhood for some reason all of a sudden. It started about two weeks ago and it's already caused 3 accidents and a ton of near-misses.
I'm a little miffed because I just finished the last test for school, but I might get rolled back because I failed one of the 3 required trainers. I haven't heard anything from the instructors, but I have a feeling they'll tell me at the last minute and I'll have to waste another month before I can move on.
hey Let's watch a retrospective video of a game I never played/game I played, but maybe didn't like and I want to see the perspective of someone else and see if my opinion changes now. "Hey guys remember GAME, if you know about GAME, YOU DID love it, YOU DID play all the time, YOU DID these things, and please, let me suck the dick out of game for 40 minutes about minimal stuff that other games did but I really like this one because it's a masterpiece THAT EVERYONE PLAYED AND LIKED, so practically there's no reason for a retrospective"
well fuck you too
To clarify since I was being purposely ambiguous and broad. I don't actually have a problem with a majority of teenagers. The ones that only really irk me are the ones that clearly show no self-awareness if they're being obnoxious, blatant disregard for taking a subject somewhat seriously, have questionable moral compasses, and show little to no care if they inconvenience others. They're mostly just a pain to work with if its some shmuck that dropped into work right after being let out of highschool for the day, and are the obnoxious, loudmouthed, abrasive type that slog through their work day at the slowest pace possible. I remember a particular time where we had a group of guys standing around taste-testing baby food that one bought, after my crew was in crunch mode and falling behind because we were down people; not a single one was sent over or even did anything to assist, even in the very least.
An ideal home would be through a FSBO/land contact, specifically one that's a mobile home on its OWN plot of land. I can't find one that's both not 40+ miles away AND is NOT in a park with apartment tier lot rent. I'm probably never going to own my own home.
I hate the post limit.
to be fair there are a lot of adults like this too
Finished the teaching session as part of group project,only to found out that we have to do this shit for 2 fucking month Just end my suffering
"not everybody is rich like you" Im not rich I just worked and saved every penny for years to be able to afford a new car
Saw an article today about how more city council politicians support gender neutral crossing lights. Now it isn't something that I really care that much about beoynd "sounds fine I suppose" and it isn't really what annoys me. What annoys me is whenever people see these kinds of "let's be nice" articles and then go on about how people are so offended nowadays etc. etc. while at the same time going on about how it (in this case having gender neutral crossing lights) doesn't matter at all. Like this comedian (and this is the reason why I'm complaining about it. Had to vent (also it's in Danish, sorry. But you might catch him saying meetoo at one point)). This pretty much sums up what goes through me whenever I hear rants like that
Co workers not wearing any masks when we cut or grind pavers every day. Then people give me constant shit for wearing a full face respirator "look at transplantedhead he's such a hypochondriac" ect. Enjoy your silicosis.
Same what I used to see with people in the welding industry. Some of them just have their arms completely exposed and sometimes are stubborn enough to do a short weld without wearing their mask because they are so 'experienced' Well I wonder oh I wonder ten or fifteen years from now on when they suddenly find themselves at the doctor with either blind(or bad sight) or even skin cancer. Just because your a tough bean with some experience in their pocket doesn't mean your allowed to ignore safety rules
This whole shitstorm over the arby's waifu is unbelievable. How in the fuck do you go from a innocent, completely neutral chibi drawing to shit flinging about "enabling pedophilia/loli". It's not even fucking comparable, it's literally just a character drawn all happy and is in no way sexualized (in the original at least). And then you go the idiots latching on "muh capitalism BAD" just for extra validation points. Twitter is a fucking cesspool.
Third time I've seen this fat cunt on his shitty ass car accelerating when he approaches the pedestrian crossing. This time five people and I tried to cross, then he came in and, thanks to a distance less than a meter, didn't hit anyone of us. He always does this shit. Fucking cunt el ahueonado.
My entire apartment smells like coffee. I don't have coffee, I don't like coffee, and all my windows and doors are shut
College trying to fucking sap out my money. (Gonna be long) So,there is 1 class that have an assignment that im completely unaware because nobody ever mention it,and both my gmail and univ acc has notification about it. My friends assume that i already know about it,until i got confused with this This assignment only known by the student that have been in this course,and since im new in here+account transfer problem on server (which mean no info),this one blindsides me. The thing that get me really fucking angry is my teacher. I remember she said that in this course,i have to be active. Now,i asked her to explain a bit about this assignment and her response? "Its your business to find out,not mine" Fucking ironic,coming from the one that encourage me to be active. Now,i fully reached my limit on my absent counts (max is 2) and if i absent again,im automatically have to repeat her class next year. And no,im not allowed to fill the attendance report and attend the class. On last note,i hope whoever fucking designed "absent limit" shit will die a slow and painful death. On my eyes,this system is nothing more than an elaborate way to squeeze out money from students.
Got louder tinnitus in my right ear yesterday, and I don’t know how long it’ll last...
you dirty capitalist pig
I hate the shared laundry facility of the apartment complex I live in. Like, if everyone just used it the way it was meant to be used then there'd be no problem. There's two large tables for folding clothes, but nobody uses them. Instead, they fold their clothes on top of the washing machines because they're closer to the dryers. This means they're blocking off approximately three washers and six dryers instead of none of either because they can't walk 8 steps. Of course on the extreme off chance you actually need to use any of the facilities you came there for it's important that they act like you're the rudest person on the fucking planet because they had to suck their fat ass in for six seconds to let you awkwardly squeeze around them. Although I can't blame them too much because the laundry folding tables are the unofficial apartment complex jungle gym for everyone's sopping-wet children on skateboards to fuck around on. The laundry room borders the pool so there's just puddles everywhere you have to be careful about. For some reason kids just become idiots in there, too. I don't know how many times I've lifted a heavy basket of clothes only to have some apple-cheeked, morbidly obese, inexplicably shirtless 7-year-old toddle obliviously in front of me so absorbed in his fourth ice cream bar of the day that he can't tell that two different people are yelling at him to move until his mom finally gets frustrated enough after 45 seconds of shouting "Holden!" that she finally picks herself up and physically collects her offspring. Additionally there's very clear rules that you're not allowed to have animals in there either but you get shitty people with their "emotional support St. Bernard" to shake his pet dander and slobber all over your clean clothes. What's a leash? Oh he's just being friendly when he jumps up and rakes his unkempt claws down your body, don't be an asshole. Haha he's barking really loud at everything, everyone else should enjoy this too! Thankfully it's open 24 hours so I just go in the middle of the night when I can. Any other time of day isn't worth it in the least.
Sorry John but you were the coffee all along
Verizon should be sued in every fucking way with their bullshit overpriced plans. 600bkit tether cap is UNUSABLE. Not even a basic fucking email client loads well on it. I sat for a good 2 minutes waiting for the email website to load, but it doesn't because of the 3 billion jabbascript shit it always needs for some god damn reason. Meanwhile a friend on another carrier pays a little more for 2 more phones and gets MEGABITS in tethering and has never gotten throttled.
Fucking guess what? Today absent is counted as 2 Which means i already exceed allowed absent limit 3 out of 2 There goes another goddamn year and money Now i don't know whether to continue or drop out from this campus
Considering youre extremely unhappy you should drop out. If you stay in it, then come back here and complain about it more its pretty evident youre wasting your own time there
So our street’s council recycling bins were emptied recently. I wheeled my bin back to my home, and the very next day, I discovered that a neighbour placed a plastic bag full of empty soft drink cans in my recycling bin. The problem is that the recycling trucks will refuse to accept the recycling if there are items enclosed within plastic bags (they put a sticker on the council bins to tell you this). Anyways no big deal I thought; I’ll come back when I have time, and cut open the bag so it’s just the loose cans in my recycling. At least that neighbour was trying to recycle. When I came back a few days later, I found that more things had been placed in my recycling bin by a neighbour. Except it was bags of general waste. Inside of my recycling bin. The person who did that is a complete and utter dipshit, and I have no idea who did it, because I live in a unit complex. I am not going to fix someone else’s literal trash. So I wheeled that recycling bin closer to a neighbour’s unit who I suspect as the main culprit, and found a spare recycling bin elsewhere. But I shouldn’t have to do that. They make recycling as easy as having your own recycling bin which is picked up fortnightly, but people still manage to fuck it up by failing to follow the very simple rules: no general waste in the recycling bins, and loose, cleaned out items only.
Tbh,im doing fine judging from my grade and my classmates. Shit that get me mad in here is the money-squeezing system and some teacher that gives insulting answer when i asked em. Aside from that,everything is good Also,one of my classmate actually go out to speak with said teacher about me,even though im not asking for it. Turn out,the actual absent limit is 4 Seriously,im feels pretty damn relieved that i don't have to repeat this class on next year. My thanks to whoever spoken to that teacher since im pretty sure my teacher will gives half assed answer
I want to take a baseball bat and hit a lamp post REALLY FUCKING HARD
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